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  • 1. Military Families Internship: Building Partnerships toStrengthen Families andCommunities Sally KoblinskyAlexandra BitontiFamily Science Department University of MarylandJayne FitzgeraldOperation: Military KidsUniversity of Maryland Extension

2. Context President Obama: Military families a national priority Healthy People 2020 Extensions Military Families Initiative University of Maryland Land Grant Mission 3. Military Families 2 million troops deployed in OEF/OIF55% married, 44% with children 40% National Guard & Reserves Challenges Short supply of professionalstrained to meet military family needs 4. Internship Program Goals Increase student knowledge ofmilitary culture and militaryfamilies Enhance professionaldevelopment Reach military families Build partnerships Improve community capacity 5. Internship Basics Capstone Family Science internship:120-150 hours Internship contract Online Army OneSourcecourse Bi-weekly seminars Military families panel 6. Internship Sites Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Fort George G. Meade and Andrews Air Force Base Operation: Military Kids/4-H Operation Homefront andOperation Second Chance Easter Seals Military and Veterans Services Women Veterans Interactive Foundation Serving Together/Montgomery County Mental Health State of Maryland/Marylands Commitment toVeterans UMD Office of Veteran Student Life 7. Issues Addressed by Interns Family Readiness Child and Youth Development Respite Care Spousal Employment Veterans Employment Transition Emergency Financial & Housing Aid Mental Health Issues Women Veteran Issues Transition to College Life 8. Warrior Family Coordination Cell Student Interns ExperienceAlexandra BitontiSenior, Family ScienceWalter Reed BethesdaWarrior FamilyCoordination Cell 9. WFCC Population Duties andResponsibilities What I Learned 10. Extension Internships with Military FamiliesJayne FitzgeraldOperation: Military KidsUniversity of MarylandExtension 11. Extensions Military Initiatives Operation Military Kids Military 4-H Clubs Military ExtensionInternship Program Project Y.E.S. Adventure Camps Army Youth Development 12. Extensions Unique Opportunities Help military children deal with deployments Reach military families in rural areas Reach Guard and Reserve families Support families of injuredservice members Connect military families withlocal community resources 13. Operation: Military Kids Intern Projects Yoga, Pilates, Zumba Art Babysitting Speak Out Health Nutrition 14. Midterm Evaluation: Military Families Internship Mean Ability to Learn: Military Culture & Families4.8 Written Communication Skills 4.7 Listening/Oral Communication 4.8 Creative Thinking & Problem-solving4.7 Professional/Career Skills 4.7 Interpersonal/Teamwork Skills4.7 Work Habits4.9 Organizational Effectiveness Skills4.8 Scale: 1 = Unsatisfactory, 5 = Exceptional 15. Final Evaluation Intern Goals: Level ofAchievement Professional Growth Military Families SeminarEvaluation Impact on Future Educationand Career 16. Recommended Strategies forExtension Educators Assess local/state needs for assistance withmilitary family issues Build partnerships with themilitary, universities, andcommunity agencies Help students to increasework force readiness 17. Questions Sally Koblinsky Jayne Alexandra Bitonti Military Families Internship Article Thank you!