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  • 1. Lets talk about our countriesMy town - RMNICU VLCEA MY COUNTY VLCEAMaria UCA

2. MAPLets talk about our countries 3. RMNICU VLCEALocated on the Olt valley city forthe is one ofthe most picturesque cities. First mentionedduring the reign of Mircea the Elder.In a document issued by the office rule in May1388, the town dates back to Roman timeswho built here "TRAIANA WAY". 4. MUSEUM ANTON PANNAnton Pann Memorial House is a monument of urbanarchitecture, built in the eighteenth century half-century, with kitchen and cellar. 5. ART MUSEUMMuseum of Art takes place in a house with a specificarchitectural structure built in 1940 by architectsGeorge Simotta and Nicolae Lupu, both targetingneoromaneasca. 6. MUSEUM BUJORENIThe village museum has been outlined its topicalprofile since 1974, like a form of a village museumdestinated to reconstitute, on a 8 hectars area, thefunctional image of a traditional rural settlement withall its social - cultural institutions. 7. VLCEA COUNTY Vlcea county has an area of 5765 km2, whichrepresents 2.43% of Romnia, and is divided intothe following administrative-territorial units: 2municipalities (Rmnicu Vlcea - County residentand Drgani), 8 cities (Brezoi, Govora Baths,Olneti Baths, Climneti, Horezu mines and Mari,which were added Bbeni Blcesti and that citieswere declared in 2002). 8. GOVORA It is a All-season resort, famous for the varietyand rich therapeutical properties of chlorine, sulfur(for external coures) sodium, iodine, bromine, andthe hypotonic rich in calcium, magnesium, sulfurless (for internal cures) known and used since 1866. 9. MONASTERY GOVORAGovora Monastery,(XIX) in 1640 was printed"Rule of Govora first book in Romanian law. 10. MONASTERY BISTRITA 11. MONASTERY HUREZ."The most beautiful and refined copy of Romanianarchitecture" Horezu Monastery built in 1693 byConstantin Brancoveanu in 1995 was included in 12. MUSEUM MLDRETIThe Museum Maldaresti was held in a picturesquenatural environment at about 3 kilometers from Horezuand gathered together Greceanu, Duca and MemorialHouse I.G. Duca. 13. MUSEUM TROVANTSOn entering the village from Ramnicu Valcea Costesti onthe left side of the ND 67, at an altitude of 620 m, are arrangedin the open air museum Trovants. If you dont know muchabout geology (or even if you do), the images featured belowremind more of the works of Brncui 14. TRADITIONS 15. VOINEASAIt is surrounded by forests of pine, spruce andbeech in any season resort offers an atmosphereof tranquility and relaxation. 16. CLIMNETIIn 1893, mineral water from Calimanesti-Caciulatawon THE GOLD MEDAL at the internationalexhibition of food and mineral water in Brussels. 17. MONASTERY FRSINEIMonastery ash, with the patron "Assumption" and"Birth of St. John the Baptist, is located inMuereasca village, 25 km from Rm Valcea . 18. MOUNTAIN COZIACozia Mountain stands on the left Olt river, near Climneti, 1668 m, a monolithic rock in thecentral - southern Carpathians. 19. OLNETIIn 1873 at the urging of Dr. Carol Davila weresent samples of mineral waters from Olanesti atthe International Exhibition in Vienna, where hewon THE GOLD MEDAL. 20. MOUNTAIN VNTURARITABuila-Vnturarita is located in the central-northernpart of Vlcea County and is part of Skull Mountain.