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Olari, valcea county

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Olari, Valcea CountyCurea Ionut CatalinTabacaru Maria AlexandraGrupa 8311Anul III

LocationOlari village, it is an UNESCO World Heritage site since 2012. It is situated for about 3 km from Horezu in Valcea County which lies in sourthern Romania, in the historical province of Oltenia, with mountains (the Meridional Carpathians) and hills (the Sub-Carpathians) dominating its geography. Although well known as a tourist destination for several of its balneary resorts along the river Olt (Olanesti, Calimanesti, Caciulata) and for some of the most widely recognized symbols of the Romanian folk crafts (the Horezu pottery), Valcea county is still mostly an undiscovered touristic jewel of Romania.

TraditionsThe folkmen of Olari welcome you in their yards, where they work the magnificent pottery and make their livelihood, raising animals and cultivating gardens. There is no sense of commercialism: the craftsmen do not have shops and do not run businesses, they sell directly their and theirs familys work. These are kind people who sense the importance of their work, and pass it on to their children, who, despite working in big cities or studying at university in the countrys capital, come home over the holidays to work the clay, just as their fathers.

Horezu potteryUnique to Romania due to the chromatics and floral motives is emblematic for the region and is known worldwide. Preserving the local tradition and displaying Byzantine influences that have turned the craft into a brand for the Horezu valley, the Horezu pottery is shaped only on the traditional kick-wheel, with simple finishing tools. Its burning is usually made in horizontal stoves using the oxidation technique, thus resulting in red earthenware.

DesignMost of the ceramic objects are decorated in delicate, yet powerful geometric and vegetal patterns, artfully painted by the masters wives, using 100% natural colors and ancient age old tools such as cow horns and goose feathers.

OrnamentsA dominant symbol in painting Horezu vessels it is the rooster but also there are other figures like stars , snakes , trees , people, flowers, fish , double spiral , straight , wavy line , leaf , belt , sun , tree of life and peacock tail . There are two specific colors : red and yellow Horezu.

BusinessHorezu is a singular historical Romanian ceramic center in which this trade remained the main source of income for many families of potters.