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  • 1. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Black Belt DefineTollgate Briefing Project NameDEPMS Project NumberName of BeltOrganizationDate UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO

2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Define Tollgate Requirements NG CPI BLACK BELT TOLLGATE REQUIREMENTSPROJECT DELIVERABLESNGB COMMENTSDEFINEProblem StatementMandatory Part of project charterGoal Statement Mandatory Part of project charterProject ScopeMandatory Part of project charterProject Timeline MandatoryProject Sponsor and Core TeamMandatoryProcess Map (High Level) / SIPOC MandatoryVoice of Customer / Voice of Business Analysis MandatoryReplication Check / Benchmarking MandatoryWas it done before?Strategic Alignment Cross CheckMandatory Is it important to org?Communication Plan MandatoryFor team/stakeholdersStakeholder Analysis Recommended Use to develop comm planStoryboard / A3Mandatory 1-page proj summaryBarriers/Issues/RisksMandatoryQuick Wins RecommendedLessons Learned Optional2UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Define Tollgate Templates NOTE: THIS IS A TEMPLATE FOR ALL NG CPI BELTS NG has developed this template as a basic format with standard deliverables to help guide NG CPI belts through the NG tollgate requirements for certification. It is recognized that each project is unique and has unique deliverables withunique flows. Therefore, this format does not have to be followed exactly to theletter of the law for your project.(DELETE THIS SLIDE FOR YOUR PROJECT)3UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Charter and Timeline Team MembersName Role AffiliationDACIBlack BeltDriverMaster Black Belt Driver Take awayProject Sponsor Approvermessage goesProcess Owner ApproverhereProject Charter(impact ofProblem problem)Statement:Business Case: Project TimelineGoal Statement:PhaseStartStopStatusUnit:Definemm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyDefect:Measure mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyCustomer Analyze mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yySpecifications: Improve mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Start: Control mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Stop: 4Scope:Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 5. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Cross Functional Team Team Members Name RoleAffiliation DACIBlack BeltDriverMaster Black Belt DriverProject Sponsor ApproverProcess Owner ApproverContributorContributorContributorContributorInformInformInformInform5Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 6. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Replication Check I confirm that: DEPMS (DoD Enterprise Performance Management System) has been searched for similar projects: Yes / No Replication: List relevant initiatives / potential replication projects found (if any): Project 1: (DEPMS # or other tracking tool project number) Project 2: Collaboration: Identify organizations that can/should be considered for working this project collaboratively: Organization 1: Organization 2: 6 Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 7. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Strategic Alignment The Define Tollgate requires a linkage to organizational strategy. Include an organizational metric/metrics for which your project willhelp improve Refer to your organizations Strategic Plan and/or other referenceddocuments7 Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 8. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Business Impact Insert as much information as possible about the potential operationaland/or financial benefits Include any assumptions upon which these estimates are based Example: Operational benefits This project is expected to reduce PLT by 35%, improve SQL from 1.2 to 3.0, save 20 man hours per shift Example: Financial benefits This project is expected to save $xx in FYxx 8Required Deliverable UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 9. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOHigh-Level Process Map (SIPOC) SuppliersInputs ProcessOutputs Customers Measurable Y:9 Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 10. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Voice of Customer / Voice of Business Critical CustomerVoice of the Key Customer Issue(s) RequirementCustomer /What does the customer want from us?What does the customer want from us? We should summarize key issues and We need to identify the issue(s) thattranslate them into specific and measurableprevent us from satisfying ourrequirements customers.CriticalBusinessVoice of theKey Process Issue(s) Requirement BusinessWhat does the business want/need from us? What does the business want/need fromWe should summarize key issues andus? We need to identify the issue(s)translate them into specific and measurable that prevent us from meeting strategic requirementsgoals/missions.10Required Deliverable UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 11. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Stakeholder AnalysisStakeholder Explanation ofStakeholdersStakeholderProject ImpactLevel of Current Action Plan Stakeholder Current Attitude ScoreOn Stakeholder Influence onStakeholder For Name/GroupToward Project(H=3, M=2, L=1, (H, M, L) Success ofAttitudeStakeholder ( +, 0, - )+=3, 0=1, -=-3) Project (H,M,L)(list)Recommended Deliverable11UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 12. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Communication PlanTopics ofAudienceMedia PurposeDiscussion/ Owner Frequency Notes/StatusKey Messages12 Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 13. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Project Barriers/Issues/Risks Barriers Issues Risks Required Deliverable 13 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 14. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOProject Risk Analysis Example Address Risk speaking points hereBe sure to include the risk of potential IT solutions and mitigation plans (I.e., work- arounds), if any Data Availability (Schedule) Low RiskMedium RiskHigh Risk Project Scope (Performance) Risk: Process tracking which shows enough Risk: Current scope of process is very large withcritical process time information in some multiple sub-processes. Team unlikely to be able to9 10stages of the process may not be available. complete DMAIC process on currently defined scope. Mitigation: TBD Mitigation Plan: Team will scope this out of the Consequence: May have to spend 1-2 weeks 7-8process according to the following plan:to collect enough data to be statistically Complete process mapping Likelihoodsignificant. Reduce scope to Critical Path 5-6 Based on data, reduce scope to parts of process that most affect PCT within control ofContractor Process Mapping (Performance)the Project Team.Risk: Contractor Process impact on cycle time 3-4Consequence: If mitigation plan is unacceptable,could be high. Team has no control over team unlikely to be successful.getting information from the contractor and 0-2may not be able to get verifiable informationlevel in the time available. 023456 789 10Mitigation Plan: Team will scope this out ofLittle Low Medium High Criticalthe process. Personnel Availability (Schedule)Consequence: 1 week lost time on project Consequence Risk: Team Members have multiple scheduleconflicts during Month of March. Lack of team Process Mapping (Schedule)member availability and participation on team could Risk: Very large process to map. Team may not slow data collection during MEASURE phase. have time to define sufficient level in the time Mitigation: TBD available. Consequence: May have to delay MEASURE Tollgate Mitigation Plan: Scope to the critical few process paths Consequence: 1-2 week slide in scheduleRecommended Deliverable14UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 15. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Define Story BoardDefine1.2 Day Project CharterCCR Gap BUS CASE: Be #2 Fin Service Provider GOAL: Reduce Loan/Lease CT from 9.2 to 8.0 days by July 1 FIN IMPACT: $2.7M per yearRequired Deliverable15UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 16. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 8-Step A3 Project Summary Report Company: Department: Date:Prepared by:1. Define the problem situation 3. Action plans to correct problems 2. Problem Analysis4. Results of Activity5. Future Steps16UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 17. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO NG CPI Tollgate Tool8-STEP PROCESS 1. Validate 2. Identify3. Set4. Find Root 5. Develop 6. See C-Ms 7. Confirm 8. StandardizeProblem Gaps Targets CauseC-Ms Through Results DefineMeasureAnalyze Improve Control Project Charter Problem StmtDetailed As Is Process Potential Xs To Be Process Map Process Control Plan Defect Definition Map Brainstorming 5 WhysSolution Generation / Process Owner Goal Statement Value Stream Map FishbonePrioritization Accountability Project Scope Affinity Diagram Key Process Metrics Business Impact Strat Alignment Data Collection Plan Critical Xs Improvement Strategy Updated Financial Measure Systems Cause & Effect Matrix Improvement ModelBenefits Sponsor & Team Hypothesis Testing Implementation Plan Analysis Pilot RegressionReplication Opportunities Replication Check Data Collected X Improvement Target Time Studies Measurable Y Baseline Data Analysis Theory of Constraints Mistake Proofing Project Documentation Voice of Customer Descriptive Stats of revised policies, FMEA SOPs, procedures, and Customer Specs Graphs Risk Analysis Pareto Chartstraining Voice of Business Risk Mitigation Plan Project Timeline Est Financial Benefits FMEA Visual Process Control Risk AnalysisTools (Optional) Communication Plan Control Charts (as Risk Mitigation Plan Stakeholder Analysisneeded) High Level Process Process CapabilityControl Charts Map (SIPOC) Process Capability I accept the DefineI accept the MeasureI accept the AnalyzeI accept the Improve I accept the Control Tollgate TollgateTollgateTollgate Tollgate (Sponsor)(Sponsor)(Sponsor)(Sponsor)(Sponsor)(Process Owner)(Process Owner)(Process Owner)(Process Owner)(Process Owner)(MBB)(MBB)(MBB)(MBB)(MBB) (Finance Owner)(Finance Owner) 17 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO