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PPT presentation, about Theme 8 of "Our Treasures" Comenius project, showing our school as a European knowledge center.

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2. School DetailsFundaci Privada Cor de Maria dOlotEsglaiers, 1, 17800 Olot,Avda. Reis Catlics, 19, 17800, OlotTel. (0034) 972 26 13 91(0034) 972 26 08 31Fax: (0034) 972 27 29 53cordemaria@cordemariaolot.cathttp://www.cordemariaolot.cat 3. Situation Olot is in the province of Girona,a province of Catalonia, north-east of Spain. 4. SITUATIONOur School is placed in the old centre of Olot (approx. 28.000inhabitants), in La Garrotxa, province of Girona.There is an exceptional landscape around the city; some of it belongs tothe Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. 5. About our schoolCatholic independent school of Marys Heart order. It was thefirst one founded in 1848 by Joaquim Masmitj i Puig, apriest who wanted to give education to poor women.The school receives financial subsidy from the Generalitat,the Government of Catalonia.Fundaci Privada Cor de Maria dOlot was created in 2002.It is a foundation made up by seven people (nuns andstudents parents) who take decisions. 6. Education levelsNURSERY SCHOOL3-5 years oldPRIMARY SCHOOL6-12 years oldSECONDARY SCHOOL12-16 years old 7. Our school education project encourages growth of students in all its dimensions. Therefore: a) Helping students develop their physical, intellectual and emotional skills. b) Educating their social dimension and promote their integration into the world in a responsible and constructive way. c) Promoting the ethical, moral and transcendent values and respect for all religions. d) Educating for freedom, justice, solidarity and peace because we are aware that the promotion of these values is particularly urgent in our society. 8. Aims To develop a project that integrates coexistence,coeducation, moral and civic education, education forpeace, health education, environmental education,intercultural education as well as values such as justice,participation, cooperation, respect...Celebration of the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace 9. To deal with diversity in the classroom to achieve basicskills, educational goals and contents, ensuring agood coordination and good pedagogical training ofteachers.Intercultural activities 10. To promote and strengthen innovation projects for theeducation of students and encourage the whole schoolcommunity, especially ICT projects, European projectsand foreign language projects.Video-conference with European students 11. Other Comenius Projects Discovering European Beauties by Bike and Keeping Fit2003-2006 Sport is Life2007-2009 12. Other Comenius Projects 13. Through the participation in a Comeniusproject: We wish to help our students and teachersbetter understand the range of Europeancultures, languages and values, andencourage the adquisition of the basic lifeskills and competences necessary forpersonal development, future employmentand active citizenship.