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  • 1. Thoracic Pathology.JUAN ALFONSO CARDENAS RAMOSSeptember 2011Dr.Hector Manuel Virgen Ayala. Dr. Benjamin Robles Mariscal.

2. Thoracic Pathology.ANATOMY The chest wall is anexpandable cover. Lung ventilation was carriedout, tanks to a positivepressure generated insidethe chest. Font: m/pi/emed/ckb 3. Thoracic Pathology.ANATOMYAnterior.Shaped supraesternal 18 cmXiphoid processFont: 4. Thoracic Pathology.ANATOMYLateral.10 pairs of upper ribs.Font: 5. Thoracic Pathology.ANATOMYposterior Made up of 12 thoracic vertebrae. Underside.2 pairs of clavicles.Font: 6. Thoracic Pathology.Chest injury.This contributes to 50% ofdeaths due to trauma.Which may be mainly.1.-obtruccion of the airways.2.-thoracic unstable.3.-open pneumotorax4.-massive hemothorax.5.-tension pneumothorax.Font: tamponade. 7. Thoracic Pathology. Chest injury.Almost all blunt traumaresulting from automobileaccidents.Penetrating chest injuries fromknives bullets, etc. They aredeadly. Mortality% Isolated lesion4-8% With other organs affected 10-15% Injured several organs 35% 8. Thoracic Pathology.Chest wall lesions. Treatment:Fractured RibsAnalgesics or intercostal nerveblocks.The most common rage fromsimple fracture withhemopneumotorax, taking thepain as a symptom as the mainispiration.Font: 9. Thoracic Pathology.Chest wall lesions.Trachea and bronchi:Blunt trauma are usually due totracheobronchial compressionof the airways in the sternumand spine.Font: 10. Thoracic Pathology.Pleural disordes:Pleural effusion:Is fluid penetration of thepleural space, its calledPneumothorax.Hemothorax.Hydrothorax.Chylothorax.Font: 11. Thoracic Pathology. Pleural disordes:Pneumothorax.Appointed to the presence of airor gas in the pleural cavities andcan be spontaneous, traumaticor therapeutic. It can also meanair leakage or communicationbetween the spaces.80%- can be hemopneumothorax Font: /2010/06/pneumotorax.html 12. Thoracic Pathology.Pleural disordes:Hemothorax.Condition that results fromblood accumulating inthe pleural cavity.Font: Classification Ml Minimum350ml Moderate 350 1500 ml Massive. More than 1500ml 13. Font: Font: 14. Thoracic Pathology.Pleural disordes:Hydrothorax.A hydrothorax is a condition thatresults from serousfluid accumulating in the pleuralcavityIn malignan diseaseFont: cardiovascular disease 15. Thoracic Pathology.Pleural disordes:Hydrothorax.with nephropathywith pancreatitis.with cirrosis. Font: 16. Thoracic Pathology.Pleural disordes:Chylothorax.It is a milky fluidaccumulation, usually oflymphatic origin, in the pleuralcavity is usually bilateral butmay be more common in leftside.Font: 17. Thoracic Pathology.Diagnosis.In most of these diagnosis. are clinicalwith dulleness to percusionDecreased breath sounds.Radiography with plenty wateror air.Font: 18. Thoracic Pathology.Treatment. Thoracostomy. Font: p://