Three Steps to Improve Fundraising

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A three part guide for improving your school fundraiser!

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  • Start EarlierToday, the trend is to start fundraising late. Don't do it! This is one of the best steps you can take to ensure success.

    Starting your main school fundraiser in the second or third week of school will maximize your profits. You will experience less competition from other fundraisers, and it will be far enough from the holiday season so you won't have to compete with major retailers and their holiday sales.

    HINT: There will also be a much smaller chance of delivery issues such as backordered or out of stock items and delays due to holiday schedules if you start earlier.

    Starting earlier almost always guarantees that parents and the community around your school will be energized and excited after a long summer break, so they will be ready to get started on your fundraising efforts!

    Let's face it, with many school districts facing massive budget cuts and layoffs, fundraisers are more important than ever! Whether students are selling cookie dough or items from a fall catalog, use these three easy steps to run the most successful and beneficial fundraiser for your school.




    3 EASY WAYS TO START EARLIER:1) Plan your fundraiser before the school year starts.2) Launch the kickoff the 2nd or 3rd week of school.3) Be proactive in making it happen! 1-877-7-BELIEVE

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  • Involve Your PrincipalPrincipals are influential! If they get behind the fundraiser, the students, parents, and community will be sure to follow.

    The best way to promote a fundraiser is with the help of the principal's email list, so utilize it if possible. An email that comes with the heading "from the desk of the Principal" will get people's attention. They will recognize it as coming from a credible source and parents will know it means business.

    Make sure you promote before, during, and after the fundraiser to ensure success!

    A great way to get the principal involved with the students participating in the fundraiser is to offer a contest. Something as easy as a Principal for the Day reward, Lunch with the Principal, or a dunk tank will really get students motivated about the fundraiser and ensure participation!

    For more great ideas on Principal and other incentive programs, you can visit



    4 PRINCIPAL INCENTIVE IDEAS:1) Ice cream party with the Principal2) Principal has to sit on the roof of the school for a day3) Principal has to be a student for the day4) Pie in the face is always a crowd-pleaser! 1-877-7-BELIEVE

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  • 3 INCENTIVE PROGRAMS THAT WORK:1) Class gets to ride a limo to lunch2) Top-Seller raffle3) Prize drawings for the kids

    Incentive ProgramsUse student prize program incentives and drawings to enhance your sale. A combination of immediate and long-term rewards for selling will keep your students motivated and excited about the fundraiser. A cumulative prize program, top-seller raffle or pizza party for the class are examples of long term incentives that really work.

    Daily incentives like drawings for the kids or daily prizes such as the Believe Charm Necklace promotion are great for boosting morale.

    The point is, these incentives are rewards for kids who are working hard on selling and ultimately raising money for important school needs. They are important because it keeps the kids excited about what's going on, which in turn makes your fundraiser much more successful.


    improving success 1-877-7-BELIEVE

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