Urban farming in Latvia

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<p>THIS IS YOUR PRESENTATION TITLE</p> <p>Urban Farming in LatviaMULTIDISCIPLINARY FLIPPED LEARNING WITH ICTERASMUS+ KA2 PROJECT2015-2017Daugavpils Saskaas School/Latvia</p> <p>Urban farming as such is not typical of Latvia as we have a lot of empty fields and farmland. </p> <p>Latvians like to spend their free time in the countryside.</p> <p>So, what we do we rent or buy a piece of land (or usually we inherited it) for gardening and growing food plants. And families grow vegetables, fruits (apples), berries, or do beekeeping or even raise chickens. This tradition is passed from generation to generation. It can be both commercial gardening or just a hobby. </p> <p>3</p> <p>First, we grow seedlings on the windowseel.</p> <p>Then, we plant them in our garden</p> <p>This way we provide ourselves with natural food. In a sense, it can be called allotment or community garden.</p> <p>And now we will show you some photos of our and our teachers gardens.</p> <p>8</p> <p>Also we pickle cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables to eat them in winter.10</p> <p>Some families do beekeeping, raise chicken or rabbits.</p> <p>THANKS!Polina VjatkinaArturs OzerskisIneta DukinskaNormunds Palabinskis</p>