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This is a powerpoint of my front cover construction, from editing pics to applying different colours to texts... its all there!

Text of Front Cover Construction

  • 1.
  • 2. Firstly, I looked at different layouts of magazines, different colour and style bottom strips and side strips. Finally I made a decision not to use a side strip but only a bottom strip; using a side strip would be irrelevant and wouldnt suit the house style of the magazine.
  • 3. I looked at different fonts and colours for the masthead, I decided to use a font called Genuine because It was cool and suited the genre of the magazine; it was chunky and was relevant to the house style. To add to this, I tried it with a plain, solid colour; it never stood out and wasnt appealing; it was boring, dull and didnt look professional. I then looked at gradient overlays on the text
  • 4. STEP 1 STEP 2 First I typed in the text on a new layer and in a new layer I added a gradient overlay of a blue noise gradient. I then erased the background, and erased the parts in the middle of the text. I was left with two layers, one with the text and one with the background; I need to now erase the text so I could be left with the background which would be in the shape of the text.
  • 5. Here was the background layer that was underneath the text layer. I was very pleased with the groovy look, It was the sort of effect I wanted. However, at the same time I wasnt with the pleased because for some reason the letter V was too close to the A. I the separated them slightly with the Magnetic Lasso Tool on Photoshop. What is more, Is I added a circle splash on the corners of the text to give a cool feel of the magazine; also to reinforce the funky dance genre of the magazine.
  • 6. Here was when I sorted out the layout of my magazine on Adobe In Design, I looked back over my flat plan to make sure I was following what I had draw and designed; for instance, having the strap line in a specific position or having the masthead over the central image.
  • 7. I created pages for the cover, contents and double page article. I did this by adding pages on the pages options bar. Front Cover Contents Double page article
  • 8. I looked on different websites to see how I could add different effect to the Masthead; I wanted to make it different to other magazines, I wanted it to stand out and look like a graphic designer had made it. I also looked at different fonts so I could find the right one to suit the house style, however despite this I settled with the masthead I has designed on Adobe Photoshop.
  • 9. Here is my masthead that I constructed on Photoshop and my text was added on Adobe In Design, the picture was manipulated on Photoshop, I have the process of it on my blog (slide share). The background was made with the gradient tool on In design, it was a gradual fade from white to black and I added a colour overlay with the opacity set to 50; the blue tint carries on the themes of the magazine (blues represent how cool the magazine).
  • 10. This was This was the website that guided me when making a professional looking barcode, I have provided the link on my blog below. This specific site was very good in getting a good, professional looking barcode, there was only 5 simple steps
  • 11. Here was the barcode manipulation on Photoshop. I followed all the easy steps of the site on the previous slide, I found it very easy to make and the final look was professional and it looked like the real thing
  • 12. Added it to In Design, I used the arrow tool to make it the correct size. I purposely changed the colour of the issue 21 so it stands out; I will use these 2 text colours within the whole magazine to maintain and keep the house style and same themes
  • 13. As my front cover came together I was pleased with the look. In addition, I used a gradient background with a tint of greyish blue to it; it needed a base colour rather than having plain white which would be boring. I never used a dark background because then the texts wouldnt stand out as much.
  • 14. Why Have a Barcode?
    • Having a barcode is vital In keeping to codes and conventions of magazines, I have learnt is it definitely vital to have a barcode to make it look professional; I learnt that from making my school magazine (I made it on paint programme and it wasnt successful ).
  • 15. Text goes over the image, makes the text stand out Use of artist names, star persona targets their audience; makes you want to read on and see the stars images TAG: biggest makes the magazine seem more than it is; worlds biggest tells the reader how successful the magazine is makes the reader want to read inside.
  • 16. Here is my very nearly finished front cover, I added all my text and the feature article in the same font and colours to carry on the themes and house style. Moreover, I added the price and I moved the barcode from the bottom right to the top left (left 3 rd is part of the magazine you would see in a store) because from here the audience can see the price and see how reasonably priced it is; appealing to my target audience. What is more is that I added a bottom strip to add more text and also to hide part of the central image (the image just cut of there, It wouldnt look professional if I left it without a strip). I coloured the strip blue on Photoshop so the text would contrast and stand out; it would be hard sell, it would be clear and right in the audiences face.