Full body resistance band exercises

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Resistance band can be used for working out different muscles in body. It can be used for exercising the abdominal muscles, biceps, thighs and other muscle groups

Text of Full body resistance band exercises

  • 1. Want to exercise your whole body in an easy manner? You may use a resistance band for complete body workout. It is an easy as well as an effective way to exercise

2. Stand straight up holding handles of an exercise band in each palm. The band should be looped on your feet. The arms should be by the sides 3. Keeping the biceps firmly in position curl up your forearms till it reaches close to your chest. Now bring it back to its initial position. Perform the exercise for 30 reps 4. Though this exercise is more often done by athletes for improving speed and strength of thigh muscles, anyone can do it for getting stronger thighs 5. Fasten a kinetic band between your thighs 6. Lean forward and place your palms on a wall for support. In this inclined position mimic the movement of running by raise your legs as high as possible. Do the exercise for around 2 minutes 7. Lie down on a mat with your feet fastened to the handles of a band that is attached to a low level point. Your body should be at such a distance from the attachment point that you feel tension force on your feet. Now pull your legs towards you abdomen by bending you legs at the knees. You may do it for around 30 reps.