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  • The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Profiles

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    September 2015

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  • Table of Contents

    1 Introduction Why use LinkedIn at all?

    2 Do Your Research Keyword Research

    3 Profile Image 4 Cover Image 5 Basic Details

    Name Title Location & Industry Contact Information Custom URL & Profile Visibility

    6 Additional Languages 7 Connections 8 Your Background

    Summary Experience Skills & Endorsements Courses Education Volunteer

    9 Personalising Your Profile 10 Mobile friendly? 11 Beyond Your Profile

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  • 1 Introduction

    Why use LinkedIn at all? Many people still see LinkedIn as a useful tool only when looking for a new job - and of course, it is - but it goes way beyond job hunting. Heres some stats that really underline the value LinkedIn can bring to you as an individual and the company you work for or run. 300 MILLION users worldwide Each user logs in AT LEAST once a month Over 200 countries represented

    The majority of these users are business professionals. In other words, LinkedIn gives you access to exactly the type of people you will want to connect to to further your career and the success of your business. Furthermore, because LinkedIn is a professional social media network, there is very little in the way of personal updates you would find on the likes of Facebook, for example. Its business people, talking business, in a positive way. LinkedIn is not a useful tool for you to use - it is vital. Because of this, it is essential your personal profile is not only as complete as possible, not only as professional as possible, but as well optimised as it can be to achieve your goals. This guide will tell you exactly how to prepare your LinkedIn profile to get the most from the platform.

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  • 2 Do Your Research

    Keyword Research Before you begin to edit your profile, you will find it extremely useful to create a list of keywords relevant to you, your career and your company. These are words and phrases you think potential connections and leads will use to search for the kind of services you offer. Aim to create and prioritise a list of around 10 keywords which you will add to your LinkedIn profile to make it as findable as possible. It will also be useful to test them out - try searching on LinkedIn using those keywords and see who comes up - if it looks relevant, thats a good keyword to use. If, on the other hand, the search results are unrelated to your goals, discard it and try another. When you have your finalised, prioritised list, youre ready to start editing your profile.

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  • 3 Profile Image This may seem obvious, but its surprising how few people make the effort with their profile image. You want your image to be as recent as possible - we suggest updating it once a year - and as professional as possible. NO photos of you drunk at a party! Remember, every time you post, comment or act on LinkedIn your profile image will show up. You will become associated with that image - so what impression do you want to portray of yourself? That doesnt mean your profile image cant have a bit of fun about it. LinkedIn have themselves created a fantastic guide to creating the right profile image. You can view it here: And remember this fact - profiles with an up to date, professional image can get 14 times as many views as those without. Your image will be SQUARE and display at 200x200 (resized) - so ensure you upload a square image to begin with.

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  • 4 Cover Image A cover image gives you the opportunity to say a little more about yourself than your profile image. It sits at the top of and behind your main profile content and can be used to enhance your personal brand. Again, it should be professional - no drunken party photos, remember! - but you can have a little fun with it. Due to the peculiarities of how LinkedIn displays this image depending on what page you are on, we recommend not using words in your image and instead just focus on the content. In a lot of cases much of the image is cut off by your own profile information and other widgets. The ideal dimensions of your image are 1400x425px and a maximum file size of 4MB.

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  • 5 Basic Details

    Name Always use your full name, correctly capitalised, and DO NOT add nicknames or other superfluous information - John Mad Dog Doe just isnt going to cut it on LinkedIn! If you have any professional qualifications you CAN add these to the end of your name - ie, John Doe PhD would be perfectly acceptable. Remember, check your spelling too - incorrectly spelling your own name for lack of care is going to hurt you!

    Title This is your job title and is the second most important bit of text in your LinkedIn profile. Use it in full. Do not abbreviate. Use one of your keywords if it fits. For example, if youre the CEO put Chief Executive Officer, not CEO. If you have more than one job title or role, put both separated by commas (ie, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer) - but bear in mind there is a limit of 120 characters, so be succinct without losing the impact.

    Location & Industry It is important you indicate where you are based in your profile. So when editing your profile, make sure you are specific about your location - this will help people decide whether or not youre the person they want to speak to. If you have no location or the wrong one, youre going to miss out on potential leads. Finally, within your profile you need to set your industry. This is selected from a dropdown menu when editing. Choose the absolute best fit for you.

    Adding your industry can lead to up to 15 times more profile views.

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  • Contact Information You should provide full contact information for people viewing your profile. The full list is as follows. Those in bold are the bare minimum you should include in your profile: Email Telephone Address (Work) Website 1 (Company Homepage) Website 2 Website 3 Twitter IM (Instant Messenger - ie, Skype)

    If you have other related websites feel free to add those too, though we recommend steering away from personal blogs and the like unless theyre related to your career or job.

    Custom URL & Profile Visibility You should, where possible, create your own custom URL for your profile and it should be your name (or as close as you can to it based on what is available. The final format will be: You can edit your custom URL by going to: On the right you will be able to edit it, along with how visible your profile is and what information you can display. We recommend making your profile visible to everyone and ensuring ALL your profile information is included.

    6 Additional Languages If youre able to speak more than one language, it is a really good idea to add them to your profile - it can open up