LinkedIn Workshop: Profiles and Publishing (Digital Marketing Today)

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  • LinkedIn WorkshopLecture #3: LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Publishing

    UGBA 198 - Fall 2016Haas School of Business, Berkeley

    Julian Gamboa-Ramos

  • Whats LinkedIn? What does LinkedIn offer?

    450 million registered users Your always-available, online resume Rich media, job listings, publishing

    Who are its users? Students, job-seekers, influencers Recruiters, head of departments, execs Companies - company culture

    December, 2002

  • Profile Strength - Beginner Professional Headline and Headshot

    Current job position + Company Location and Industry

    Residency and field of interest Education

    College? Campuss homepages summary. Personalized LinkedIn URL

  • LinkedIn Card

  • Marketing Your Education Organizations

    Campus organizations Honors/Awards

    Scholarships, Deans Honor List Courses

    Classes taken in set college. Pertaining to your major

    Media Images - virtual tour

  • Profile Strength - Intermediate Detailed Work + Volunteer Experience

    Conversation version of your resume. +50 words within each section. Adds credibility to profile with company logo. Media: Either two or five files to show projects.

  • Work Experience

  • Profile Strength - Advanced

    Strong Summary (3 Paragraphs) Personal intro, hobbies, extra-curriculars Work Experience summary Contact Info: e-mail and Twitter

    Attach Media (Links to Portfolio) Professional Twitter Slideshare (Presentations)

  • Executive Summary

    Personal Intro

    Work Experience

    Contact Info


  • Profile Strength - Expert Skills & Endorsements

    Top 10 skills + additional Additional Info

    Interests (Hobbies) +500 Connections Following Influencers Link your Twitter

  • Skills & Endorsements

  • Profile Strength - All-Star Recommendations

    Supervisors, co-workers, or employees W.O.M. Makes a more recruiter-friendly profile

    Publications Demonstrate your knowledge in your field

    Join LinkedIn Groups Join discussions of like-minded professionals

  • Publications

  • LinkedIn Publishing

  • Why Publishing? Knowledgeable about the subject.

    Marketing interviews Formulate opinions beforehand

    Showcase your activity in the industry. Adds to your marketing portfolio. Reach new audiences

    Influencers, students, recruiters! Executives!

  • Your Research Topics: Marketing & LinkedIn Student Editorial Calendar

    Do you have a perspective on a marketing event? What is your brand doing differently? Can other brands learn from this? Why is it interesting to you?

    Recommended sources: Adweek, Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider,

    LinkedIn, TechCrunch, + any digital publisher.

  • Header Image Stock images are great.

    Clean, concise, easy to find. Avoid text-heavy headers.

    If some text, not focus of image. Avoid brands - instead, usage of brands.

    Credit image source: The Next Web |

  • In Retrospect What did your reader learn? What is your call-to-action? Your articles purpose? Encourage conversation:

    Ask a set of questions that could be discussed in comment section. What is your stance on ____?

  • Signatures Your signature should answer:

    How can I connect with / follow the author? What else has the author written? Who wrote this article? Are they credible?

    Update on every new posts.

  • Signatures

    Short Bio + Credibility

    Follow Me!

    Past Published Work

    Contact Info

  • Marketing Your Post

    Make an enticing (non-clickbait!) tweet. This company marketed their product, you wont

    believe what happened next! Pin your Tweet!

    Post on your LinkedIn Groups. Utilize your tweet here

    Like and/or comment on shares.

  • Marketing Your Post

  • Comment Section Manage it well.

    Let angry comments be angry. Discussion is encouraged!

    Thank supporters Thank you for reading!

    Shares Think Quoted Retweets Tweet back!