Making Connections with Your B2B LinkedIn Company Page

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Over 225 million professionals are following more than 2.7 million companies on LinkedIn. Is your B2B Company Page making a good impression?


  • 1.B 2 B M A R K E T I N G E B O O K Making Connections with B2BLinkedIn CompanyPage Your

2. 1 IsYourB2BCompanyPage MakingaGoodImpression? Over225millionprofessionalsarefollowingmorethan2.7millioncompaniesonLinkedIn. Whenprofessionalswanttoknowmoreaboutyourcompany,theylooktoyourCompany PageonLinkedIn.Theyfollowyoufornewdevelopments,tocompareproductsandservices, trackbusinessopportunitiesorseeknewjobopenings.Inshort,yourCompanyPageoffers tools to bring your brand to life. 3. 2 WhyDoesMyB2BCompany NeedaLinkedInCompanyPage? YourCompanyPageisyouranchoronLinkedInandtheplaceforprofessionalstogoto learnaboutyourcompany,yourcultureandyourproductsandservices.You can provide your most relevant and tailored message to your prospective customers. 4. 3 WhyDoesMyB2BCompanyNeedaLinkedInCompanyPage?(continued) Youcanalsoengageyourfollowers viaupdates,breakingnews,blog posts,videos,specialoffersandmore. Theword-of-mouthrecommendations from friends, peers and colleagues add more weight than your corporate marketing messages.When you promote and curate these recommendations, youcanshowcasethemostcredibleand authenticendorsementsofyourbrand. YourCareersTabisagatewaytosavvy jobseekers. You can introduce themto yourcultureandemploymentprocess and highlightyourmostrelevantjobsbasedon theviewersprofessionalbackground. 5. Your Company Page can be viewer-aware with the content filtered by the viewers experience and interest, as well as network-aware so they can see who in their networks works at your company or recommends your products and services. 4 WhatContentGoes onMyCompanyPage? 6. 5 Your Company Page is Made of 4Tabs: Overview, Careers, Products & Services and Analytics. Lets look at each of these separately. OverviewTab - This tab provides a friendly introduction of your brand. Here viewers can see everyone in their network that works at your company, your companys blog posts andTwitterfeeds. CareersTab-Thistaballowsyoutointeractwithmillionsofpassiveandactivejobseekers on LinkedIn. Enhanced Silver or Gold Pages add features for additional content and targeting your job postings to specific audiences. Products&ServicesTab-Catchtheeyeofprospectivecustomersbyhighlightingproducts and services that are relevant to them.Viewers also see how many recommendations come from within their network. AnalyticsTab - Only you see this tab as the administrator of your Company Page. Use this information to understand your follower base by who they are, what they do and what products and service interest them. 7. Introduce YourCompany 6 MembersNetwork atYourCompany CompanyStatusUpdate FollowCompany DataSummary TwitterFeeds&Blogs Overviewof YourCompany 8. Showcase WhatYouDo 7 FeaturedProducts byAudience DisplayBanner FollowCompany Network-AwareModule ofRecommendations ProductVideo ProductListing 9. BuildYour Employment Brand 8 RecruiterContacts DisplayBanner EmploymentVideo Benefits CustomContent Modules EmploymentSpotlight 10. GainInsight AboutYour Following 9 MemberVisits byIndustry Interactionswith YourCompanyPage UniqueVisitorsCompared toSimilarCompanies 11. ThereareplentyofwaysformemberstoorganicallydiscoveryourCompanypagewhile theyaredoingresearchorsearchingonLinkedIn.YourCompanypagewillalwaysappear when a member types in your companys name in the search box, if they hover over your company name on profiles, receive notification when one of the members in their network recommends you and other actions. Discoveryof YourCompanyPage 10 12. Discoveryof YourCompanyPage(continued) Youcanalsogrowyourfollowersandincreaseyourrecommendations throughafewsimplesteps: B Embed aFollow us on LinkedInbutton on your website C Invite hiring candidates to visit your Company Page for more information D Add your Company Page URL to outgoing emails and communications E Mention your Company Page in customer newsletters F Promote you Company page via email campaigns or advertising 11 13. NeedanInboundLift? If youre looking for an agency that can get your B2B content marketing ideas off the ground, look no further. Give Billy Mitchell a call at 800-265-1244, ext. 227, or reach him online at Hurry up, though. We cant wait to get started. The MLT Creative team brings decades of B2B marketing experience to building your brands and business. We craft winning programs with results that matter. MLTCreativeisanAtlanta-basedB2Bmarketingagency.Foundedbypartners Billy Mitchell and Glenn Taylor, we are known as the Idea Launch Pad for B2B marketers. MLT Creative services include B2B Content Marketing, B2B Marketing Strategy, B2B Digital Campaigns, and B2B Design / Branding. 4020 East Ponce de Leon Avenue Clarkston, GA 30021 Phone: (404) 292-4502 Fax: (404) 292-4480 12