Leveraging Video With LinkedIn Connections "Video Tips for LinkedIn Connections"

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LinkedIn Training VideosLeveraging Video with LinkedIn Connections “Building Relationships Visually” Video Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn Connections and Personal Branding Networking. More information on Brand Ambassador, Sales Trainer Doug Lehman and his Business Services Check Out . Social Selling Sales Training Videos and Social Media Sales Training Videos http://socialsellingtv.com

Text of Leveraging Video With LinkedIn Connections "Video Tips for LinkedIn Connections"

  • 1. Leveraging Video with LinkedIn Connections Building Relationships Visually We all know LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool especially for Business-to-Business Communication. LinkedIn has made it easy to share Visual Marketing Content on your profile. Here are some video strategies for engaging your own LinkedIn Connections.
  • 2. LinkedIn Profile Page Welcome Video .3 LinkedIn Thank You Video..4 LinkedIn Status Update Video..5 Ideas for Content Sharing Videos...6 References ..7 LinkedIn Connection Videos http://douglehman.com/LinkedInConnecting
  • 3. Create a welcome page video thanking the reader for visiting your profile. The primary goal is to convey value for the reader and viewer. You are making an introduction not a sales pitch. This is may be your first impression online and the conversation and dialogue begins with building a relationship first. The simple call to action is to engage and connect. LinkedIn Profile Page Welcome Video Page 3
  • 4. You just connected now it is time to follow up and video is a great platform to visually connect and personalize your message. Provide value and share some beneficial information that will personally resonate with your new connection. Share insightful content from the connections perspective and offer to connect further. A thank you video shows that you care about the connection and you value the new online relationship. You made an effort to connect further LinkedIn Thank You Video Personalize your message Page 4 http://bit.ly/VideoThankYouLinkedIn
  • 5. You are now connected online and the conversation begins. Why not inquire about updates from your connection via video or share relevant video content. This content can be your own original video content or other newsworthy sources. Be a content curator and trusted visual advisor. Show some interest in supporting and connecting further. The opportunity for business collaboration or partnerships may develop. LinkedIn Status Update Videos Page 5 http://bit.ly/60SecsLinkedInUpdate
  • 6. Solution Videos: Answer a question or solve a problem Share video testimonials and case studies in your industry Share how-to-videos, Educational Videos Share Video Chats, Google Hangouts, Webinars Share Speaker Videos Industry Experts Share Live Streaming Event Videos Ideas for Content Sharing Videos Page 6 The simple fact is relationships in business take time to grow and materialize. Leveraging Video can help humanize and nurture the online relationship. Online networking is a place where conversation starts and does not have to end there. The next best thing to being there is video and utilizing social networking sites like LinkedIn can help. Lets connect and collaborate through LinkedIn and Video. In Lehmans Terms Video Collaboration Socially Thank You DougLehman.com
  • 7. Lets Make A Business Connection Build Brand Awareness and Increase Sales Socially