Buy RE 7550 BGA Rework Station at Very Good Price

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We are the largest distributor of BGA Rework station in India and offering RE 7550 BGA Rework Station at very good price.


  • 1. BUY RE-7550 BGA Rework StationCall Us: 08826716660Email Us : Sales@chipspare.comVD INTELLISYS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTDThe largest Distributor Of BGA Rework Station

2. RE-7550 BGA Rework Station 3. Jovy systems is so excited to announce theLaunch of RE-7550!Since RE-7500`s release in year 2007, it has been agreat help to numerous technicians all over the world,who expressed their gratitude through countlesspositive testimonials which we appreciate.Now RE7500 boasts of its position & durability on theinternational technical nicheTo boost this awesome reputation that Re-7500 gainedover the years and to cover the incredible growth ofneeds. we decided to take the right step toward yourfull satisfaction by enhancing our RE7500. 4. The enhanced version comes to you with:o More powerful pre-heatero Better heat distributiono Automatic control PIDo Two modes of operation (Automatic and manual)o Accurate temperature reading with no calibrationo Brand new user interfaceo Up to the minute multilingual softwareo Profile analyzer for complete process study and controlo Upgraded firmware which guaranties better responsiveness 5.


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