Make Friends & Influence People with Google Analytics

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Nicola from Noisy Little Monkey dazzles us with her analytics awesomeness, teaching us how to make friends and influence people using Google Analytics.

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2. Image Slide Reezle 3. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I dont know which half. digital marketing 4. CREATE A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK. 5. Business objective what we are trying to achieve Tactic action to achieve the objective Website goal how the website delivers the tactic KPI how we will measure the goal Target what we are aiming for COMPONENTS WHATS IMPORTANT 6. BUSINESS OBJECTIVE To become the #1 kids clothes brand, combining style & ethical sourcing TACTICS Sell shed loads of kids clothes Strong ethical credibility Drive new visitors to try our brand proposition WEBSITE GOALS Ecommerce conversions & revenue Build a community of like minded parents Capture & captivate new visitors KPI Revenue Ecommerce conversion rate Basket abandonment rate Newsletter sign ups Time on site Visitors from social media AdWords CTR % AdWords conversion % new visitors % (not provided) TARGET Revenue of xk in 2014 Double the level of social media & newsletter interactions with the website Reduce the cost per acquisition by x 7. business objective to be a top search & social media agency tactic demonstrate expertise though advice & training KPIs page views of the blog time on site repeat visitors tracked visits from social media target page views of the blog 2,000 per month by Jan 2015 AS STRAIGHTFORWARD AS YOU LIKE NOISY LITTLE MONKEY 8. YAY our blogs drive new visitors BOO session durations are really low . . . what can we do to improve this? 9. Hat tip to Avinash Kaushik for his amazing work on making Analytics a meaningful measure tool: BUSINESS OBJECTIVE TACTICS WEBSITE GOALS KPITARGET 10. Link AdWords & Analytics. 11. LINK ADWORDS & ANALYTICS Use custom reports to drill down into whats happening UNDERSTAND ROI OF PAID More transactions Lower costs Higher revenue per click Win! 12. Tag your links. 13. USE A URL TRACKER Other url trackers are available WE LOVE IT SO MUCH WE BUILT ONE 14. INTELLIGENT TAGGING = GREAT DATA How much did I pay for these visitors? How can I improve paid engagement? Is my newsletter driving visitors? Did this test work? 15. AND THE POINT IS . . . 16. Tag your links 17. MAKE FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE 1. Know whats important, develop your measurement framework 2. Link AdWords & Analytics 3. Tag all the URL links to your website 4. Ask good questions 5. Invest in what is important & keep innovating And upgrade to Universal Analytics WITH 6 ANALYTICS STEPS