How to Make Friends and Influence Giving

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How to Make Friends and Influence Giving. W ith Google Campaigns and Appeal Codes. Temple University. Philadelphia , PA 39,000 students 285,000 + alumni 17 schools/ colleges Decentralized model. RIP: 2006-2012. So You Want to Make a Gift?. Friendless for a Reason. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Make Friends and Influence Giving

With Google Campaigns and Appeal CodesTemple UniversityPhiladelphia, PA39,000 students285,000 + alumni17 schools/ collegesDecentralized model

RIP: Myowlspace.com2006-2012

So You Want to Make a Gift?

Friendless for a Reason

New Sites = New OpportunitiesDesignations function

Customized Giving forms

Added Value

Whats in it for us?Improved User Experience

Increased Tracking

User behavior and path analysis Technological Treasure HuntiModules Giving Form FunctionalityCustom Giving URL with Designation IDsAppeal CodesGoogle CampaignsVanity URLs

Here are the 5 steps of the process

8Step 1: Giving Form 2.0Leveraged iModules designation functionality Integrated with our payment gatewayOffered our users a better experience

Step 2:Custom Forms: Making the FriendsBy adding some text to the URL string, we show only specific designations to display to the user

General Giving Form URL:

Custom Giving Form URL:

The numbers starting at 49 and separated by . represent the encompass IDs assigned to each designation in the iModules system

The system on the back end is taking the available pool of designations and pulling up the pre selected 10Step 3: &appealcode=Giving_Is_FunPlaced at the end of the entire URL stringWhen a gift is made, this code populates in the giving reportUsed for tracking purposes

This code can seem daunting but really your just inserting a piece a text into the url11Step 4: Google Campaigns

Method of identifying how users discover your siteTrack online advertisements, promotions, and marketing programs See how individuals are finding our giving forms and from what places the most traffic comesTracking Made EasyGoogle Campaign Link Builder: generalMedium: foxCampaign Name: customgivingurls

With the addition of the Google campaign, we now have the following URL:

Google Analytics:A Home for the CampaignsCampaigns feed right into your Google Analytics infrastructureSource, Medium, and Campaign Name correlates to the generated URL Tracking data for the URL

Step 5: Making Marketable URLsGo to your long URL as an administrator and find the iModules link builder

Making Marketable URLsChoose your link name and you will then have a full integrated custom giving URL

New link name: linkTrackable

Huge URL Vanity URL

New Vanity

What ACTUALLY Happens?User clicks on Vanity URLNumber of clicks to form via a particular linkOpportunity to place this type of link across multiple platforms to find out from where to most traffic is comingIngenious vs. InsanityConsider your resourcesLimitless OpportunitiesConsider using a spreadsheet to keep track

Conclusion: Wins:Internal relationshipsImproved user experienceTracking