How-to Sell Out Event Tickets Early With Social Media

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Selling out event tickets is awesome! Instead of stressing about sales you can concentrate on making your event perfect.


  • 1. How-to Sell Out Event Tickets Early With Social Media Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. #
  • 2. Selling out event tickets is awesome! Instead of stressing about sales you can concentrate on making your event perfect. ! You have to ramp up your event marketing efforts and use social media to drive more sales and make your event go viral. ! Key Social Networks ! Vine ! Snapchat ! Instagram Twitter ! Facebook ! Linkedin Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. #
  • 3. Increase your reach and sell tickets online socially! Know Your Audience Breakdown the demographics of past events (age, gender, industry) and build a spreadsheet ! The 4 Ws Who is my customer? Where are they? What do they want to see? How can I sell them tickets? ! . ! Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. #
  • 4. Set a social strategy for your event! You have a goal (sell all the tickets a week in advance) and now you need a strategy. You know the prospective buyer and where they are, but cant blindly post your event on 15 different social networks! ! Each platform has different social media norms, so make sure you spend some time learning the etiquette and format. Well made content on the right network can really strike a cord with consumers and make you a huge success. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. # !
  • 5. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. # Stay on schedule It is important to keep your messaging and engagement consistent. Social media can be a huge time-drain and youve already got hundreds of things to do before the big event! ! Schedule tweets or posts daily or weekly using a free service like HootSuite. And set up social accounts on your phone so you can schedule them during your down time. ! .
  • 6. Write engaging event messaging Getting a real human reaction from your readers increases ticket sales. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. # Paint a picture with your words ! Describe the experience attendees can expect ! Include #hashtags in every tweet and post but dont over do it ! Monitor favorites, likes, and replies and engage with those people ! Pick a hashtag for your event and use it consistently and tag the city or your industry
  • 7. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. # Tell a visual story Photos are the most effective way to drive engagement from your audience. ! Spend some time creating a gallery of images that you can post (and repost). ! Get creative with your images and videos and they can go viral. ! You can repost your content across all the networks to save time. This saves time and increases engagement! !
  • 8. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. # Go forth and sell! With these tips your next event will be a huge success and sell-out a week in advance! Then you can concentrate on what really matters in those last few days: making sure that everything is organized. ! Uniiverse is building the future of social event ticketing and marketing. ! We work with over 26,000 event organizers worldwide and provide them with the most advanced tools to sell tickets, promote, and manage events online. !
  • 9. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. #