Lord's Supper - Passover Meal of Jesus Christ / Yeshua Hamashiach - significance- Jewish Perspective

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  1. 1. 1/7/2013 Last Passover- Lord's Supper 1
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  5. 5. Jesus was to eat this Passover within the walls of Jerusalem (not in the tent city outside the walls) as it was His final one. 1/7/2013 5Last Passover- Lord's Supper
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  7. 7. The whole purpose of the Passover is to remember what happened on that night in Egypt. 1/7/2013 7Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  8. 8. Jesus will fulfil this Passover with His death. After the 2nd Coming the Passover will be celebrated again. 1/7/2013 8Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  9. 9. He had made special arrangements to do this. preparations are made by Peter and John. They had to buy the Passover lamb in the Temple, 1/7/2013 9Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  10. 10. In the Temple it was killed. The blood poured into a bowl that was poured out at the base of the Altar, 1/7/2013 10Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  11. 11. Lamb skinned & entrails removed. Parts of lamb burned on the Altar. The lamb is then roasted. 1/7/2013 11Last Passover- Lord's Supper
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  13. 13. 1/7/2013Last Passover- Lord's Supper 13 Unleavened bread, free from the fermentation process, represents incorruptibility. Messiah kept the appointed time by exchanging His corruptible flesh for incorruptible flesh during the festival. He exchanged the mortal for the immortal, as Scripture says, He whom God raised did not undergo decay (Acts 13:37). During this appointed time of the Feast of Incorruptibility, the women discovered the empty tomb and the risen Yeshua appeared in the midst of His bewildered disciples.
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  16. 16. 1/7/2013Last Passover- Lord's Supper 16 Passover Matzah, the bread dough must be baked less than 18-20 minutes after the flour ground is moistened with water, so that fermentation will not take place. Clean out the old leaven so that you may be a new lump, just as you are in fact unleavened. For Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed. Therefore let us celebrate the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth (1Corinthians 5:78).
  17. 17. 1/7/2013Last Passover- Lord's Supper 17 When the children of Israel left Egypt, they were leaving behind their old culture. While in Egypt they had absorbed much of the wickedness and idolatry of Egyptian society. The unleavened bread symbolized a new beginning. They were starting over.
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  19. 19. 1/7/2013Last Passover- Lord's Supper 19 In Hebrew language, wine is meaning . The words picture language too represents the same. Bubbling is the visible sign of fermented grape juice. Unfermented Grape Juice was not known till around 1862 A.D discovered pasteurization method to prevent fermentation process. Hence, Biblical wine is not plain grape juice, as popularly believed. Israels Wine used for sacred occasions had less than 3% of alchohol.
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  24. 24. When they enter the Upper Room each man will recline on his left elbow on a couch to show they are free, not slaves. 1/7/2013 24Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  25. 25. At this point a slave or young woman should bring a bowl of water for each man to wash his hands before eating. But there is no woman or slave in the room and none of the disciples will demean themselves to do such a menial task. Jesus takes off His outer garment and gets the water and towelbut instead of washing hands He washes their feet. He does this to teach them humility in service. 1/7/2013 25Last Passover- Lord's Supper
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  30. 30. 1/7/2013Last Passover- Lord's Supper 30 Exodus 6:6-7. "Therefore, say to the children of Israel 'I am Hashem (LORD God), and from under the burdens of Egypt; from their service; with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. for a people and I shall be a G-d to you...."
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  33. 33. Jesus picks up the 1st cup of wine & prays a prayer of thanksgiving. He takes a drink & passes it around the table. 1/7/2013 33Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  34. 34. They now dip their leafy green vegetable into the bitter herbs twice & eat it, to remember (i) their slavery in Egypt & 1/7/2013 34Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  35. 35. to remember (ii) Pharaohs edict to kill all Israelite baby boys. 1/7/2013 35Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  36. 36. Jesus now picks up . He will dip His finger into the wine and let a drop fall to the table, He will do this 10 times, naming the plagues in Egypt, in order. He then takes a drink & passes it around the table for each man to clear the taste of the bitter herbs from the mouth. 1/7/2013 36Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  37. 37. Jesus now mentions that one of the disciples will betray Him the disciples call out asking is it me?. Jesus says it is the person who dips into the same bowl as Me because they are now going to dip the leafy green vegetable into the Salt water and eat it to remember the crossing of the Red Sea 1/7/2013 37Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  38. 38. only Judas and one other disciple will dip into the same bowl as Jesus. Those who have heard that comment now know it is one of two men. Judas asks quietly is it me? and Jesus equally quietly answers yes, it is you. 1/7/2013 38Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  39. 39. Jesus now takes out the middle loaf of bread, breaks it in two, wraps one half in a linen napkin and hides it away until after the meal. 1/7/2013 39Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  40. 40. With the other half He is going to make 13 small sandwiches with the mixture as the filling. This is to remember the making of in Egypt (the colour of the mixture is the same as that of the bricks made). 1/7/2013 40Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  41. 41. At this point Peter, getting impatient, calls across to John ask Him who it is. Jesus tells John it will be the person He gives the first sandwich to. The person who receives the first sandwich is being treated with honour. Jesus hands the first sandwich to Judas Jesus is honouring Judas. 1/7/2013 41Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  42. 42. Jesus continues to make the other 12 sandwiches and at some point turns to Judas and tells him what you do, do quickly and Judas leaves the room. Some of the disciples have not heard any of the relevant conversations so they think Judas, as the groups treasurer, has been sent to give money to the poor or buy provisions for the feast. 1/7/2013 42Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  43. 43. Peter and John now carve the roast Lamb with their two knives (which they later say are swords) and they eat the main meal 1/7/2013 43Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  44. 44. After the meal Jesus retrieves the half Matzos bread that was hidden away, (Linen napkin is now retrieved) brings it back to the table, unwraps it and will give each man a piece to take away the greasy taste of the lamb. He gives this bread special significance Keyword in the Passover is1/7/2013 44Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  45. 45. Then Jesus takes the 3rd cup of wine . To the Jews this cup remembers the blood of the lamb daubed on the lintel and doorposts of their homes the night the angel of death passed through Egypt. Jesus changes the significance of this cup of wine when He says, This is My blood of the new Covenant shed for you and for many for the remission of sins. (Jeremiah 31:33-34) 1/7/2013 45Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  46. 46. They then sing six Psalms 113 118, known as the (which means Praise) This is were we get our word Halleluia from: ( ] another form of addressing YHWH-YEHOWAH). After Psalm 117 they stop and Jesus picks up 4th cup of wine , they all take a drink to enable them to sing Psalm118 well, as it is a Messianic Psalm. 1/7/2013 46Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  47. 47. Having completed the Psalm, then comes the teaching in John 14th chapter, then they leave the Upper Room. 1/7/2013 47Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  48. 48. The bread bag with the three loaves is still part of the modern Passover but if you ask an Orthodox (Jewish) Rabbi the significance of what they do he will not be able to tell you the truth but a Messianic believer will tell you the truth. Unbelieving Rabbis teach: This broken middle matzah symbolizes humility and will be eaten later as the "bread of poverty." 1/7/2013 48Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  49. 49. There are three loaves in one bag there is one Godhead with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It is the middle loaf that is taken out the incarnation of Jesus. It is broken in two Jesus was broken for us. One half is wrapped and hidden away Jesus was wrapped in burial cloth and put in a tomb. 1/7/2013 49Last Passover- Lord's Supper
  50. 50. It is retrieved and unwrapped 1/7/2013 50Last Passover- Lord's Supper
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  53. 53. 1/7/2013 Last Pass