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  • 3. TriStar Philosophy Star Events are focused on Fun Environmental Protection Social Responsibility
  • 4. EnvironmentalProtectionIn cooperation with the 4vita program we take actionfor the environment and healthGet involved andAct 4vita: respect the Ecozones, reduceand sort
  • 5. SocialResponsibilitySupport the oncology of the hospital Vcklabruckand the United World Tour in their work for childrenand adults!The EYBL-Charity Run and the EYBL-ChildrensRun in the sign of these two projectsDonate to these charities through yourparticipation in the EYBL-Charity and EYBL-Childrens Run
  • 6. Briefing contentsBefore the RaceRace DayAfter the FinishRegulations
  • 7. Before coming to SalzkammergutDont forgetEverything you need for the RacePhoto IDValid License from your triathlon federationOne day License 7 Euros (if you do not have a yearly license)
  • 9. On siteStar&Co VillageCharity RunRegistrationRelax and meet friendsMassages at the Star&Co Village
  • 10. Star&Co VillageboothsOpening hours: Friday 14:00 19:30 Saturday 10:00 18:00 Sunday 09:00 16:00
  • 11. Registrationfor all team members!In the Star&Co VillageKnow your start numberShow your photo ID and your yearly triathlon license or buy a day licenseCheck your dataYou will receive your athletes wristband (2 bracelets the cyclist to allow access to the Bike Park)Pick up your Starter packEvery team member has to sign the waiver at registration
  • 12. Starter Pack Contains1 swim cap3 start numbers1 transition bags BIKE &RUN3 STREETWEAR bags3 stickers for the bags1 bike sticker and 3 for the helmet1 Athlete guide
  • 13. Options during RegistrationIf youre doing two disciplines let us know and you will get a BIKE/RUN transition bag during registrationyou can buy extra tickets for the Energy Party at the Info Booth (20).Energy Party is included only in the price of 111 entry fee.
  • 14. Bike ServiceAt the Star&Co VillageIn Bike Park during Check In
  • 15. MassageIf you need the service of a masseur before the race, you can get in touch with our official partner:0043 660-6518042 or 0043 660-2110740
  • 16. Check In Saturday 15:00 18:00 BIKE PARK & TRANSITION AREA
  • 17. Check In InfoSaturdayCheck in on Saturday is mandatory for all cyclists!You must check in your bike. Non-checked material can not be used in the RaceCheck-in closes at 18:00!
  • 18. Preparations for Check InSaturdayPut the 3 small stickers on your helmet (in front an on both sides)Put the remaining sticker on your bike
  • 19. Check In ProcessSaturdayBring your BikeCome to the Bike Park EntranceWith your helmet on your head, chinstrap closedBrakes and helmet will be checkedRack your bike (you can have your shoes clipped on your bike nothing else!)You get your timing chipDo not bring your STREETWEAR bag
  • 20. Check In ScheduleCHECK IN Saturday 15 18h BIKE | HELMETCHECK IN Sunday morning 5h15 6h45: STREETWEAR BAG (every team member) You can deposit your streetwear bag in the relaxing Zone area, right next to the bike park. Drop off hours: 6:00 6:45 (for 55.5, 6:00 7:15).
  • 21. Transition Bag BIKESaturdayContains everything you need for the BIKERace number + BeltHelmetGlassesBike Shoes (if not clipped on the bike)Nutrition
  • 22. Transition Bag RUNSaturdayContains everything you need for the RUNRace numberCapGlassesSocksShoesGels in Belt
  • 23. ATTENTION 111!!!You do not have access to your transition bags on Race Day morning!Athletes of the 111 will get another quick Race briefing on Saturday at 18:30!NOTE: Athletes of the 55.5 will get a quick one on race day morning
  • 25. Before the raceHave a good breakfastBring along the things you need for the swimDont forget your STREETWEAR bagsDont forget to give the timing chip to your swimmer
  • 26. Sunday morningBike Park is open 05:15 06:45for the cyclist Pump your tyres Toilets in the Bike Park You must exit the Bike Park at 06:45 Do not leave anything on the ground in the Bike Park
  • 27. Before Startfor the swimmerHand in your STREETWEAR bag (6:00 6:45, for 55.5: 6:00 7:15)Go to the Start Area wearing your SwimcapPlace yourself in the Start section according to your swim level (Pros in first line)Warmup in front of the start. End: 06:45Race briefing at start for 55.5 at 7:15Sandals / Shoes are not allowed in the Start Area
  • 28. Before your splitFor cyclist and runnerHand in your STREETWEAR bagGo to the Relay Area after the Transition/Bikepark and wait for your companion to arrive
  • 29. 07:00 Start Swim 1km07:30 Start Swim 0.5kmStart 1km and 0.5km of Swimming1 LoopCut Off time: 45min race time 111 / 30min race time 55.5
  • 30. 0.5km SWIM map
  • 31. 1km SWIM map
  • 32. Transition 1 Swim BikeSWIMMERPass the timing chip to the cyclist in the Relay AreaCYCLISTClose the chinstrap of your helmetPickup your Bike and push it to the ExitMount your Bike only once you left the bike park
  • 33. BIKE 50/100km1 loop for TriStar55.5 and