Adding and Editing Images in Springpad

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A quick guide to adding and editing the images in your Springpad notebooks


<ul><li> 1. Adding and EditingImages in Springpad</li></ul> <p> 2. You can easily add images to your Springpad notebooks by using the dropdown menu at the top right of every Spring you save. 3. Delete images from your Springs by using the hover menu at the top right ofevery image. 4. You can also add media using our web clipper. Select the media youd like toaccompany your Spring by clicking the Choose Media option. 5. Using the Choose Media menu, select multiple images to include in yourSpring. Click images to include them (theyll be highlighted in yellow) anddouble click images to make them the main photo on your Spring (it will behighlighted in green.) 6. Still have questions? Were happy to help! Email Alison at alison@springpad.comand shell get back to you as soon as possible.</p>