Get closer to your customers through simplified & effective real time collaboration

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. What do Vodafone do?
    • Connect People to People
    • 3. ConnectPeople to Applications
    • 4. ConnectApplications to Applications
    • 5. ConnectApplications to People
  3. We need to embrace our new connected world
    Users are rapidly adopting new habits
    More powerful and enabled devices
    Digital content continues to increase
    New services will continue to thrive and grow
  4. 6. Based upon what our customers are telling us
    Growing customerexpectations
    Driving increasedproductivity
    Realising new ways
    of working
    operational costs
    Achieving consolidation
    Todays challenges
  5. 7. Functional
    • Increase business agility
    • 8. Drive competitive advantage
    • 9. Global, virtual Customer care
    Strategic Benefits
    • Solutions for mobile & home workers
    • 10. Application & desktop integration
    • 11. Multi-media collaboration
    End UserProductivity
    Strategic Impact
    Business Continuity, Security & Disaster Recovery
    • Centralization lowers operational costs
    • 12. Consolidate equipment & licenses
    • 13. Decrease maintenance/upgrade costs
    • 14. Automate Move Add & Change
    Simplified Operations
    • Telecom cost savings
    • 15. Cabling savings
    Infrastructure Savings
    Value for the organisation
    Next Gen CommunicationsCreating new value and delivering cost reductions
  6. 16. Total Communications Capability
    Linking Collaboration to Business Processes
    Information to
    Action Gap
  7. 17. MOBILE
  8. 18. Mobile and Fixed investments - Unified
  9. 19. Defining your mobility strategy consider all the angles
    Managing risk
    Maintaining control
    Increasing productivity
    Mobility strategy
    75% of companies with flexible working policies say they have increased staff commitment & motivation, and 60% of those businesses saw reduced staff sickness and turnover
    Source : DTI work life balance study
    85% of IT Managers view mobile working as a serious threat to company data & as a result many are reluctant to embrace it
    Source : Dimension Data
  10. 20. Work Styles Profiles
    Fixed in OfficePermanently office based and need to be at the same fixed desk whenever they are in work.
    Flexible in Building Primarily for office based posts that are not required to have a fixed desk location i.e. they have the ability to work from any desk within a building.
    Mobileworkstyle is for posts who spend the majority of their time working at a variety of locations, but require the ability to work as if at a fixed desk
    Homeworker workstyle is for posts who require a home office that functions no differently to their work office
    The Operator workstyle is reception / central services / assistant roles
    Unified Communications by its very nature will change behaviour and the way people communicate and work
  11. 21. Establishing User Profiles
    Core Infrastructure
    Thin Client
    Thick Client
    Mobile Client
  12. 22. The Journey
    Phase two
    Phase four
    Phase one
    Phase three
    IPT / LAN
    IP network convergence
    Consolidate supply
    PBX support,
    fixed, mobile
    One number
    Drive productivity
    IP enabled
    Reduce unit costs
    One voicemail
    Flexible working
    One service
    Simplify service
    Flat rate charging
    Foundation for UC
    Simplify contracts
    Total Communications Capability
    Mobile integrationExtend to any user, any device
    Unified communications
    Desktop integration
    Consolidate SimplifyInnovate
    Vodafone multimedia conferencing
    Vodafone call recording
  13. 23. Unified Collaboration
    Unified Communications
    Targeting Savings Standardise Variance & exceptions drive up costs
    UC is not a single project Series of initiatives based upon a single business vision
    Acceptance Identify Champions . Model Office A day in the life of
    Reduction in the number of standalone systems -driving down TCO
    Increasing the productivity of the users by enhancing their communications
    Increasing organisational agility and flexibility
    Just buying technology that others have . does not bring about change
    Its the design, implementation & support that differentiates
  14. 24. Thank
  15. 25. Get closer to your customers
    through simplified & effective
    real time collaboration
  16. 26. NOTES ONLY
    In todays highly competitive business world, the same holds true.
    Companies that successfully employ new technologies can become more agile and responsive;
    those that dont often find themselves struggling just to keep up.
    Forward-looking companies are adopting blogs, podcasts, & tweets, and other similar technology into the work environment.
    These tools arising from the popular culture, are intermingling with corporate tools as teams naturally select what works best for them.
    The result is a powerful convergence of technology, that like the swim suit design
    Is changing the rules and challenging traditional thinking
  17. 27. Engage all parties up front in the planning process & begin Discovery Workshops to aid in Business Justification
    Look for solutions that mirror the office work environment
    Develop a remote-worker security policy and implement supporting technologies
    Leverage applications that enable virtual collaboration
    Give remote workers the presence they have in the office
    Deploy your remote worker technology broadly to serve business
    continuity purposes
    Vodafone Best Practice Guidelines
  18. 28.
  19. 29. Organisations Needs & Expectations
    Service & Support
    Consolidate communications infrastructure
    reduce total cost
    Securely access information and applications wherever user works
    Deploy services to customers and employees faster
    Free up resources to deliver strategic projects
    Simplify my communications infrastructure
    Transform into a real-time, responsive business
    Improve our customer contact
    Deliver more
    for less
    Help me manage
    my costs
    Make it easy for me and my business to work with you
    Unify communications
    for my end users
    Our business has changed, I need to work in a different way
    Give me easy access to support, and available when I need it
    Give me tools to do my job more effectively
    Simplify the processes I have to follow