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Understanding what is Linkedin, Why it is important, Benefits of Linkedin, Linkedin and your profile


  • 1. Linkedin Creating your Professional ProfilePresented to Opening Windows, Prague 1st July, 2010Leigh Ann Stouffer, Stouffer Marketing & Social Media +420 774 879 649

2. What we will cover Four key points:1. Understanding what is Linkedin2. Why its important and its benefits3. Linkedin and your profile 3. What is Linkedin?Linkedin is the worlds largest professional network with over 60 million users and growingLinkedin connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange: - knowledge - ideas - opportunitieswith a broader network of professionals. From 4. What is Linkedin? From 5. Linkedin; why is it imporant? The most powerful concept behind LinkedIn is that not only does it connect us with our own 1st degree contacts it ALSO shows us the paths to others and the networks they haveWhy does this have such tremendous value?- First degree network if one of your connections knows 500people+- Second degree network and the people they know, know 500 people=Third degree network 6. Linkedin; why is it imporant and benefits Suddenly you have millions of warm connectionsANDLinkedIn makes these all visible to you.This is extremely powerful especially when you begin with your end goal in mind of:- finding your next opportunity- selling a new product- seeking help in new business ventures- seeking help with information and advice 7. Lets get started! Join Linkedin today by filling out the information requested as above 8. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Professional Headline:Work and EducationNext, begin to mold yourprofile to your suiting, byfilling out the areas above,lets go through each ofthem 9. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Professional Headline:Upload an attractive photo. (ask a good friend if you arent sure) If you donthave one, I suggest to hire a photographer for several headshots. There isWork and Educationgood photo for relationship building purposes.nothing better than a 10. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Professional Headline:Give your Professional Headline a more robust description than just MarketingManager or Account Manager. This will provide a more UNIQUE profile andWorkyou stand out from and Education 11. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Professional Headline: Be sure to fill out your work and education completely. Work and Education 12. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Recommendations ConnectionsDont be afraid to ask for recommendations, its the best way to show othersthat you provide quality work!Websites Public Profile 13. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Recommendations ConnectionsManage your connections continuously.WebsitesEach time you meet someone new, be sure to ask if they will connect onLinkedin with you. AND when you do so, be sure to write a personal message.Public Profile make that connection MUCH WARMER than if you were toBy doing so, youuse the pre-set message that Linkedin gives you.By using the Advanced Search in the upper right hand corner, you can easilyinsert more information if your original people search was not successful 14. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Recommendations Connections WebsitesFacebookTwitterProvide links to your websites or other social media platforms, if you are activePublic Profileon them and choose to do so. 15. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Recommendations Connections WebsitesFacebookTwitter Public Profile Make your Linkedin profile public by giving it a custom URL. This will increaseyour visibility in Google rankings. Use it also as part of your signature in youremails. It never hurts to make your profile easily attainable. 16. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Summary andSpecialties Groups Give yourself a full summary, just as you would in a CV or resume. As well, besure to use key phrases and key words in the specialities area. By using bulletpoints, the paragraph is easier to read. 17. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Summary andSpecialties GroupsIs there an industry in which you work? An area in which you can provideexpertise? What is your passion? All of these kinds of groups are meaningful inwhich to take part. Get involved and get connected with others who share thesame work place, type of work, interests, etc. 18. Linkedin - GroupsThe search function provides ability to search not only people but also jobs,companies, answers, your inbox, and also GROUPS. If there is an area that isinteresting and you would like to see what groups exist, go here to find out 19. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: ApplicationsIs there a book youve read that you believe others could benefit from reading?What about a presentation that you gave on behalf of your company, or one that you saw on Slideshare?These are just a couple of the applications that are valuable to your Linkedin profileJust click on to More and then on to Application Directory to add these and many others to your profile. 20. Linkedin - Applications Just click on to More and then on to Application Directory to add the applications you believe are relevant to you and your profile. 21. Linkedin - Profile Completing your: Personal Information andContact Settings Be sure to give those new connections a way to contact you as easily as possible 22. Linkedin Your NetworkBy actively maintaining an updated profile, adding new connections and sharinginformation with others in the various groups you chose to participate in, yournetwork will grow and prosper. Opening Windows looks forward to sharingalong with each of you 23. Leigh Ann Stouer CONSULTANT+ 420 774 879 649stouerconsulting@gmail.comLeigh Ann Stouer leighstouer