Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

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Linkedin Profile

Your Digital Footprint

Personal Brand

Identify your ideal visitor: whats your profiles purpose?Points of differentiationMain takeaways - 3 characteristics, 2 highlights

Lets beginExperiences, EducationContact, CertificationSkillsSummaryHeadshotFollowing, VolunteerSprinkle of Glitter Recommendations, Pulse

Business Card

Tailor your industryClean up your URL

68% of users use Linkedin to reconnect with past business associatesUse experiences to gain connections, get warm introductions, be discoveredBegin with company description (1-2 sentences)Bullet point RAC statementsStart strong

Generated leads by leading marketing initiatives.

Generated qualified leads through nurture journeys, webinars and email automation.

Lifted qualified leads by 22% by optimizing nurture journeys after analyzing the purchasing behaviours of successful clients.

Responded to a high volume of customer issue tickets.

Successfully resolved customer tickets with high customer service and satisfaction.

Decreased the response time for customer tickets by 15% and increased client satisfaction by 4% by implementing a streamlined workflow for the support team.

Always keep in mind, it depends on the experience, purpose of your profile.

Why wouldnt your LinkedIn Profile have a CTA?Direct visitors to CTA in summary Certifications build authority, yes, but also help you be searched

Roll up your sleeves. Time to think like a fiction writer.Using those 3 characteristics, and 2 highlights, write a storyStart with a hookEnd with a CTAKeep it concise

Up to 90% of HR people say they check out LinkedIn and Facebook before inviting a candidate in for an interview.Seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one.

When paging through LinkedIn profiles, 19% of recruiters look only at your profile picture.

Edit & format this is your professional appearanceEndorse your colleagues! It will be reciprocatedAsk for recommendations - be specificConnect before or after Like and comment on the PulseFollow groups and influencersShine your interests through volunteer experiences to make connectionsLike websites, update your profile