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Prime Technologies is well versed with EPO services where we provide writing and related services to any small or big constitutions.


  • 1. Proofreading & Editing Services Prime Technologies is well versed with EPO services (Editing Process Outsourcing) where we provide writing and related services to any small or big constitutions. As soon as you finish with the draft editing begins. The editing is done on several levels. When there is completion of draft the editing part comes in where we make assessment in the documents. Editing is the modulation of text well organized, the passage between paragraphs and grammatically errorless. Editing and proofreading both are different terms and are separate phases of emendation as both demand same process of careful reading but have different artistic execution. We focus more on developing and connecting ideas.Our authors and professional panel is well versed with the systematic process of types of editing, software development India and proofreading services including online services, legal reading, website content, newsletters and article proof reading, thesis reading, transcription and more. We have professionals and expert team who check the grammatical errors, spelling corrections, correct word breaks, word and hyphen stacks, verify consistency, heading and formatting of fonts, indexing, etc. We have regular list of customers who are satisfied with our work and their needs and we cater them with high quality editing, the best available internet security and trust worthy customer service. Our writers specialize in academic editing of books and scripts, academic papers theses and dissertations, APA formatting, business, science, medical, technical and legal. We provide suggestion and explanation about the part that need to be changed or redirected.Consultation ServicesBusiness plansContent writing (technical/non technical)Technical DocumentationArticles, reviews and featuresInstructional designPress releaseMarketing ancillaryPresentationsBlogs and forumsBrochuresAd writing and creative writing

2. Web AttributesSentence structurecorrect use of abbreviationsformatting proper sequencetesting of workCapitalizationAppropriate vocabulary, style and level of formalityWe provide assured care and attention to taskPolishing of documents Read more about Online Proofreading Services & web development India.


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