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Whitepaper describing QR codes and their use in digital/internet marketing for products and services.

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  • 1. QR CODESUsage in Digital Marketing

2. QRCodes Table Of ContentsWhat is a QR Code?4Usage in Digital Marketing4Brand Marketing 4Location-Based Marketing4Electronic Ticketing (e-Ticketing)4Benefits of QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns 5Analytics & Tracking5Social Media5Case Studies6ESET6Chevrolet 7Lion Nathan Wine Group8Dicks Sports 8Starbucks 9MSYKNET 9Conclusion10 3. Usage in Digital MarketingDue to its information density, QR codes hold many types of information. Used indigital marketing, codes can be embedded with URLs, notational informationabout advertisements, addresses, and coupon information.Brand MarketingBy embedding them on product packaging (clothing tags, CDs, DVDs, electronics,housewares, and product manuals) marketers can direct customers to websitesthat provide more information about that product. This includes but is not lim-What is a QR Code?ited to: extended product and warranty information, promotional coupons, prod-uct suggestions, and bonus audio/video material.A QR code is a type of matrix barcode that is readable by barcode read- Location-Based Marketinging devices and by many current camera-enabled smart phones with QR The discovery experience is an added element in mobile marketing campaigns.code reading software. Unlike their UPC counterparts which are used Placing QR codes at specific locations offers unique ways for customers to inter-extensively on product packaging, QR codes offer much greater flexibil- act with advertising mediums. For example: When used during a walking tour ofity. They hold more information and can be printed much smaller thanan art exhibit, a QR code can be included beside the art piece and contain supple-a UPC and fit unobtrusively into magazine articles and other printmentary information. Customers would scan the code and receive audio snip-media.pets, reading material, and promotional offers at the gift shop.A UPC (Universal Product Codes) hold up to 128 alpha-numeric digits.1 On a poster, program guide, or admittance ticket, a customer would scan a QRThese data-limited bar codes are commonly used on product packaging code to learn more about the performers, the art form, its history, and alsoand contain information used at the time of purchase. receive suggestions to other performances at that venue along with links andcoupons for related merchandise. They are a useful tool for generating interest,Whereas...which encourages in the moment purchases.QR codes support hold up to 7,096 numeric characters and 4,296 alpha-numeric characters along with symbols and binary information.2 They Electronic Ticketing (e-Ticketing)can be used on product packaging and traditional print media such asWhen a customer makes an online ticket purchase, instead of waiting to receiveposters, magazines, and business cards. The information they hold can a venue-issued ticket that requires printing and shipping, they can choosebe used in product marketing, and at the time of purchase.instead to print their own tickets using their home printer. As another paperlessoption, they could present their smartphone at the door with the QR code dis-1Source: http://www.gtin.info/2Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-qr-code.htm played, where it would be scanned in the same way as a traditional ticket.4 devlin.ca 4. Benefits ofAnalytics & TrackingWebsite analytics is valuable at tracking a users behaviour which helps with theoverall improvement planning of the website. In the same tone, QR codes canalso be used to track a marketing campaigns effectiveness.QR CodesExample: A marketing campaign involved deploying print ads in subway cars, onsubway platforms, and in magazines. Each of the three deployment locationsused QR codes with differentiators. Each time a code was scanned it was tracked.in MarketingAt the end of the campaign the 3 locations were analyzed to see which provedmore effective (the ones that received the most scans). This valuable informa-tion was in future marketing campaigns.Dusit International, a luxury hotel and resort chain, has started using QR codesCampaignsto track their online and offline advertising initiatives. Customers need to use acustom-built smartphone app to scan the code, which then shows them hoteloffers.4Social MediaFrom a social media perspective, these codes are easier to capture and distrib-QR code usage in print advertising is grow-ute to friendsURLs are not.5 Copying a long URL into a smart phone is time con-ing. It gives marketers and product manu- suming, especially in an age where people are constantly on the move. Capturingfacturers a creative way to promote their a QR code takes seconds. They are sometimes referred to as a URL killer. Shar-products. When given a choice, customersing the codes is relatively simple. They can be forwarded to friends, and friendspreferred to scan a QR code for future ref- in turn forward it on to other friends.erence rather than manually entering aPrinted on business cards, they can contain personal contact information thatlong URL into their smart phones. A casegets sent directly to a recipients smart phone contact list.study recently revealed that between 65%and 70% of people that captured a QR code with their mobile deviceused that code later on even when at their desktop computers.33Source:http://thedigitalnirvana.com/2010/07/its-official-%E2%80%94-people-snap-qr-codes-even-when-computers-are-available4Source: http://jazarah.net/qr-codes-helping-hotels-track-advertising-effectiveness/5Source: http://adage.com/digitalnext/post?article_id=1381545 devlin.ca 5. CaseESETIn a recent case study, anti-virus software company ESET created a scavengerhunt for the SXSW (South By South-West) event. QR codes were left as clues invarious locations. Customers could scan them and receive instructions leadingStudiesthem to other clues. The first 200 people to complete the scavenger huntreceived copies of the anti-virus software.Trade publisher and event producer iMedia posted the results of the marketingcampaign:6 501 SMS interactions 70 % of participants completed the hunt 67 % of overall participants at any point were from Austin 55 % of the people who completed the hunt were from Austin 78 % of Austin participants completed 62 % of participants from outside Austin completed 53 % of the people that completed using QR were from Austin 55 % completed using QR6Source: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/26320.asp6 devlin.ca 6. Chevrolet 874 people downloaded the iReveal Virtual Reality experience to their mobile devices Over 40 people participated in a walking trip in the citys downtown core. It was one of the top trips with the most customer participation 446 people accounted for 730 check-ins at the Chevys Volt Recharge Lounge.This accounted for the second-highest number of check-ins. The highest number of check-ins went to SXSWs bade pick-up area 75 Hot Wheels promotional cars were redeemed at the Volt Recharge Lounge Of the 25 Chevy vehicles on display at the event, 196 of those QR codes were scanned on the other Chevy models Of the 12,000 people attending the event, Chevy reported that 2% of the people scanned a QR code at some point. 8.5% of the 2% scans were done on more than one vehicleAt another SXSW event in March 2010, Chevrolet along with geo-location service Together with a social media campaign, Chevy amassed 1,680,230 impressionsGowalla, promoted the new Chevy Volt and Cruze models. The goal was to giveabout their brand and their productsthe tech-savvy attendees the opportunity to participate in the marketing cam-paign rather than forcing it on them. Willing participants, upon arrival at the air- Chevy stated that they planned to use 30% of their media budget on digitalport, received a welcome message on their smart phones. Several random par-advertising during the remainder of 2010; some of it likely going toward mobileticipants received electronic invitations for a free ride to their hotels in a Chevy media and social media advertisingvehicle. This brought attention to the brand, which they hoped would extend tothe showroom floor.QR codes were posted on the pre-production display models. Scanning themlaunched a micro-site detailing the general specs and features of the particularmodel, along with information about the innovative hybrid technologies that 7Source: http://www.emarketer.com/blog/index.php/chevy-case-study-qr-codes-mobile-location-inspire-Chevy was promoting at the event. The results of the marketing campaign are asbrand-engagement/follows:77 devlin.ca 7. Lion Nathan Wine Group Dicks SportsThe Lion Nathan Wine Group, together with the QR code marketing company Dicks Sports, one of the largest sporting goods retailer in the United States,Cellar Key, created a marketing campaign that showcased Lion Nathans brand used QR codes to promote their mobile site. During a Cowboys football game theportfolio. By including a QR code on the neck tags of wine bottles, customers code was displayed on the stadiums enormous HDTV.9 When attendees took acould learn more about the particular wine, its food pairings, tasting notes, picture of the billboard, they were shown a web page with exclusive offers of $10follow URLs to online videos that showcased the companys products.8off purchases of $50 or more.With so many wine brands sharing shelf space and fighting for customer atten-tion, this marketing campaign introduced a unique experience to the wine selec-tion process. Customers were encouraged to learn more about a brand theymight have otherwise overlooked.8Source: http://mashable.com/2010/09/01/cellar-key/9Source: http://brandingbrand.com/blog/dicks-uses-qr-code-marketing-on-cowboys-stadium-jumbotron/8 devlin.ca 8. Starbucks MSYKNET In September of 2009 Starbucks startedMSKYNET, maker of the SPARQCode 2D optical recognition technology, released testing a payment system using QR codes a report with statistics collected from scanned QR codes using their software.10 al