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  • 1. NC TIES 2014 Stephenie Albert and Mary Chambliss

2. Mary Chambliss Technology Facilitator Stephenie Albert 5th Grade Teacher 3. Universal Product Code (UPC) 1 Dimensional First use in 1960s by Association of American Railroads. Became most popular in grocery stores beginning with a pack of Wrigley Company chewing gum in June of 1974. 4. Quick Response Code 2 Dimensional Initially developed, patented and owned by Toyota for car parts management . 5. Beetagg Proprietary barcode from Connvision High Capacity Color Barcode Developed by Microsoft. MaciCode Used by United Parcel Service. Now Public Domain. PDF417 Originated by Symbol Technologies. Public Domain.ShotCode for camera phones. Originally from High Energy Magic LTD. 6. To engage students. As part of project based learning. To allow students to create materials for others. To prepare students for using technology in future careers. 7. Teachers have used QR codes in the classroom, but we want to show you ways that students can create their own QR Codes. 8. Linking Websites Text Text Documents and Image Files Voice Recordings Creating and Linking to Video Files Creating and Printing Multiple QR Codes Across multiple subject areas, grades, classes Parent Connections Future Other School and Community Connections 9. Dropbox,, Audacity 10. 11. Blue Poison Dart Frog By: Zohayr Located: Amazon rainforest in Northern South Adaptations: Blue poison dart frogs are covered with a sticky skin that helps to hold in moisture and allows the frog in the wild, blue poison dart frogs live for 4-6 years. Omnivore: It eats insects like caterpillars, ants, beetles, flies and mites. Fun Facts Life: 3-15 years Size: 1 inch Group name: Army Is threatened by habitat loss Most natural member of the frog, leimadophis a snake with same poison Used for Native American poison on dart tips Can jump more than 10 times higher than its own height Most toxic frog FRILLED LIZARD BY: Reagan When the frilled lizard feels threatened it rises on its hind legs, opens its mouth, open his colorful, skin flap that encircles its head, and hisses. If that does not scare away the attacker he quickly turns around and then bolts and lifting his leg left and right. The frilled lizard does not stop running or looks back until he reaches the top of a tree. The frilled lizard nick name is (frill neck) and are also are a part of the dragon family. The frilled lizard lives in Savanna woodlands of Northern Australia. The frilled lizard survives in warm tropical forest weather. The frill neck eats Crickets, spiders, and worms. . The frilled lizard is a carnivore because it only eats meat. The frilled lizards prey is owls, eagles, wild cats, big snakes and dingoes. FUN FACTS On average, the larger adults reach about 3 feet (0.9 meters) from head to tail and weigh up to 1.1 pounds (0.5 kilograms. Frilled lizards lives up to 20 years. The frilled *+lizard spends most of its time in trees eating. Females lay 8 to 23 tiny eggs in an underground nest. imals-pets-kids/reptiles-kids/lizard-frilled-kids/ 12. Students researched trails in their family groups. Created Powerpoint presentations. Students took notes they could use for information as they traveled the trails. Each group wrote 5 hardship questions and 5 trivia questions. Groups traveled the trails and earned points based on their knowledge of the West. 13. A. This may be the safest route, but there is nowhere to resupply. You get delayed and your family starves (-5 points) B. You looked exhaustion right in the face and said, Bring it. After just one day of traveling, people are too tired to go on and you get delayed. (-2 points) C. You manage to make it to Sacramento California in time (+5 points) 14. Please feel free to email with any questions or to tell us about ideas you have. ties.html