WordPress and ATAG Compliance

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Text of WordPress and ATAG Compliance

WordPress and ATAGCompliance is a work in progress

What does ATAG require?An accessible user interfaceThe ability to create accessible contentPromotion and integration of accessible content creation

An Accessible User InterfaceConstantly improvingCommitted to meeting WCAG 2.0 requirementsBut it's a long way to go...

Excluding WCAG 2.0, where does WordPress stand with ATAG?

A.2 Editing Views Are Perceivable

A.2.1 Make alternative content available to authors Image alternative text Video captions: very difficult to manage No support for audio description No support for programmatically associated transcripts of audio/video

A.2.2 Editing view presentation can be programmatically determined Well, we think so... ...but without any systematic testing.

A.3 Editing Views Are Operable

A.3.1 Provide keyboard access to authoring features All aspects of the admin are accessible via the keyboard. Well, almost all. But some require keyboard shortcuts that may be hard to discover.

A.3.2 Provide authors with enough time WordPress has no time limitations.

A.3.3 Help authors avoid flashing that could cause seizures Videos loaded in the editor do not play automatically. Animated GIF images do play.

A.3.4 Enhance navigation and editing via content structure Possible to discover the content structure for context No ability to navigate via the content structure in the editor.

A.3.5 Provide text search of the content No method to search content within the visual editor All page content searchable within text editor using the browser's search feature

A.3.6 Manage preference settings Preferences to change look & options in admin No ability to modify the look and feel of the editor beyond text/visual

A.3.7 Ensure previews are at least as accessible as in-market user agents Web-based previews in the browser.

A.4 Editing Views Are Understandable

A.4.1 Help authors avoid and correct mistakes WordPress revisions help restore main content; Content outside the editor not always stored. Settings are not reversible

A.4.2 Document the user interface, including all accessibility features WordPress has extensive in-page documentation. Do you know where it is? Some complex features have minimal documentation.

B.1 Fully automatic processes create accessible content

B.1.2 Ensure that accessibility information is preserved Editor strips some HTML and attributes, including ARIA attributes.

B.2 Authors are supported in creating accessible content

B.2.1 Ensure that accessible content production is possible It is. No tools to assist with tabular data No tools to assist with forms

B.2.2 Guide authors to create accessible content Alt attributes underexplained, underemphasized, frequently invalid Media captions difficult to use Hands-off approach to complex data

B.2.3 Assist authors with managing alternative content for non-text content Alt attributes are editable, both in library and independently in editor. Captions not editable

B.2.4 Assist authors with accessible templates "accessible" themes are available What constitutes an accessible theme is...complicated

B.2.5 Assist authors with accessible pre-authored content WordPress does not provide any pre-authored content.

B.3 Authors are supported in improving the accessibility of existing content

B.3.1 Assist authors in checking for accessibility problems Nope. Nothing.

You can use Access Monitor to help!

B.3.2 Assist authors in repairing accessibility problems Nope. Nothing.

You can use Access Monitor to help!

B.4 Authoring tools promote and integrate their accessibility features

B.4.1 Ensure the availability of features that support the production of accessible content Accessibility features are enabled by default, and there is no option to disable them. There aren't a lot of accessibility features...

B.4.2 Ensure that documentation promotes the production of accessible content It doesn't, for the most part, mention accessibility at all.


Some plugins that can help:WP Accessibility https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-accessibility/Access Monitor https://wordpress.org/plugins/access-monitor/Accessible Video Libraryhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/accessible-video-library/


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