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2. The most visited countriesAccording to statistics from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), thespecialized agency of the United Nations in 2008 estimated 924 millioninternational tourist arrivals, an increase of 1.76% compared to 2007.According to statistics from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), in2008 international tourist arrivals amounted to 917 million visitors,representing an increase of 1.76% compared to 2007.5 In 2009,international tourist arrivals fell to 882 million, representing a worldwidedecline of 4.4% over 2008. 3. The most affected region was Europe with a fall of 5.6%, but Franceremains the most visited country in world.6 The decline in internationaltourist flows was mainly due to the effects of the 2008-2009 economicrecession, whose effects were first felt in tourism since June 2008.7 andfurther worsened in some regions due to the outbreak of influenza a(H1N1) 2009.6 8 In 2010 the number of tourist arrivals recovered andclimbed 940 million, surpassing the record had been achieved in 2008 4. Int l Arrivals Int l Arrivals Int l Arrivals Int l Arrivals World of tourist inof tourist inof tourist inof tourist inCountryContinent 2010 2009 2008 2007position (millons)(millons)(millons)(millons) 1 France Europa 76,3 76,8 79,2 80,9 2Spain Europa 60,1 55,2 57,9 56,0 United 3 Amrica 59,7 55,1 57,2 58,7 States 4ChinaAsia55,7 50,9 53,0 54,7 5Italy Europa 53,6 43,2 42,7 43,7 United 6Europa 28,1 28,2 30,1 30,9 Kingdom 7 Turkey Asia 27,0 25,5 25,0 22,2 8GermanyEuropa26,9 24,2 24,9 24,4 9Malasya Asia 24,6 23,6 22,1 21,010 MexicoAmrica 22,4 21,5 22,6 21,4 Worldwide total 940882917904 5. Revenues generated from international tourism by hostRevenues generated from international tourism by sender country country Expenses in Expenses in Expenses inRenevuesRenevues Renevues tourism by tourism by tourism byWorldwide generated generated generated Worldwide CountryContinentCountry Continent sendersendersender positionin 2009 in 2008 in 2007 position country country country millionsmillionsmillions200920082007 United 1 AmericaUS$ 110,1 US$ 96,7 US$ 85,71Germany Europe US$91,0 US$ 83,1 US$ 73,9States United 2SpainEurope US$ 61,6 US$ 57,6 US$ 51,1 2AmericaUS$79,7 US$ 76,4 US$ 72,1States united 3France Europe US$ 55,6 US$ 54.3 US$ 46.3 3Europe US$ 68,5 US$ 71,4 US$ 63,1Kingdom 4 Italy Europe US$ 45,7 US$ 42,7 US$ 38,1 4 France Europe US$ 43,1 US$ 36.7 US$ 31.2 5 China Asia US$ 40,8 US$ 37,2 US$ 33,9 5 ChinaAsia US$ 36,2 US$ 29,8 US$ 24,3 6 Germany Europe US$ 40,0 US$ 36,0 US$ 32,8 6 ItalyEurope US$ 30,8 US$ 27,3 US$ 23,1 United 7 Europe US$ 36,0 US$ 38,6 US$ 33,7 7Japan Asia US$ 27,9 US$ 26,5 US$ 26,9Kindgom 8 Australia OceaniaUS$ 24,7 US$ 22,3 US$ 17,8 8CanadaAmericaUS$ 26,9 US$ 24,7 US$ 20,5 9 TurkeyEurope US$ 22,0 US$ 18,5 US$ 16,9 9RussiaEurope US$ 24,9 US$ 22,3 US$ 18,2 10 AustriaEurope US$21,8 US$18,9 US$ 16.6 10 Netherlands Europe US$ 21,7 US$ 19,1n.a. 6. Ingresos generados por el turismo internacional por pasGastos del turismo internacional por pas emisor receptor 2008-20102008-2010 GastosGastos Gastos IngresosIngresosIngresos en turismo en turismo en turismogenerados generados generados intl. intl.intl.Posicin turismo intl. turismo intl. turismo intl. Posicin por paspor pas por pasPasContinente Pas Continentemundial en 2010 en 2009 en 2008mundial emisoremisor emisor (en miles (en miles (en milesen 2010 en 2009en 2008 de millones) de millones) de millones)(en miles (en miles(en miles de millones) de millones) de millones) Estados 1AmricaUS$103,5US$94,2US$110,01 Alemania EuropaUS$77,7 US$ 81,2 US$91,0 UnidosEstados 2 EspaaEuropaUS$52,5 US$53,2 US$61,62 AmricaUS$75,5 US$74,1US$79,7Unidos 3 Francia EuropaUS$46,3 US$49,4 US$55,63 China Asia US$54,9 US$43,7US$36,2Reino 4 ChinaAsia US$45,8 US$39,7 US$40,84EuropaUS$48,6 US$50,1US$68,5Unido 5Italia EuropaUS$38,8 US$40,2 US$45,75 Francia Europa US$39,4 US$38,5US$41,4 6Alemania EuropaUS$34,7 US$34,6 US$40,06 CanadAmricaUS$29,5 US$24,2US$27,2Reino 7 EuropaUS$30,4 US$30,1 US$36,07 Japn Asia US$27,9 US$25,1US$27,9 Unido 8Australia OceanaUS$30,1 US$25,4 US$24,88 Italia EuropaUS$27,1 US$27,9US$30,8Hong 9Asia US$23,0 US$16,4 US$15,39 RusiaEuropaUS$26,5 US$20,9US$23,8 Kong10Turqua Asia US$20,8 US$21,3 US$22,0 10 Australia OceanaUS$22,5 US$17,6 NA 7. "Throughout this year, industrytourism around the worldfaced with a large number ofchallenges, from theglobal economic crisiscredit and rising unemployment, not to mention the influenza pandemic.Rarely in the history of recorded tourism industry had to deal with manydifferent issues at once, "said Secretary General of the WTO interimTaleb Rifai. "However, the negative trend that emerged during thesecond half of 2008 and intensified in 2009 is beginning to show signsof shrinking," he added. 8. The worldwide destinations recorded a total of 600 million arrivals,International tourist arrivals in the whole world fell by 7% between January andAugust 2009, but the rate of decline has eased in recent months. These resultsand recent economic data, confirms UNWTOs initial forecast a 5% decrease ininternational tourist arrivals during the year 2009.Specifically, the global tourism in 2011 grew by 4.4 percent, reaching $ 980million international tourist arrivals. And the forecast for 2012 has just started,UNWTO expects growth at a somewhat lower rate, but allows to reach 1,000million international tourists. 9. Below some key facts of world tourism in 2011.1 .- Throughout the world there have been 980 million total tourist arrivals in2011, compared with 939 million international tourists in 2010, with furthergrowth in advanced countries (+5.0 percent) compared to emergingeconomies (+3.8 percent)2 .- In Europe, the behavior of tourism has been better than expected, with a6 percent grow, and reaching the 503 million arrivals. The largest increasesoccurring in the countries of Central Europe (+8%), East (+8%) andMediterranean (+8%). in the latter case, especially with the arrival of tourismthat was bound for the Middle East and North Africa.3 .- American tourism has grown by 5 percent compared to data from 2010,reaching 156 million tourism. The greatest growth has occurred in SouthAmerica (+10%) compared to North America (3%) or Central America andthe Caribbean (4%). 10. 4 .- In 2011, Asia and the Pacific have received 216 million internationaltourists, with the highest growth in South Asia and Southeast Asia (+9% inboth cases).5 .- The tourism in Africa in 2011 has had 50 million international arrivals,with a very different behavior by region. Thus, compared to 7 percentincrease in sub-Saharan destinations in North Africa in 2011 tourism hasfallen 12 percent, and the Middle East, 8 percent.6 .- The international tourism receipts in 2011 have performed according tothe growth of tourist arrivals worldwide. Specifically, among the major touristincome in the United States increased 12 percent and in Spain by 9 percent.7 .- The countries that have generated more tourist spending in 2011 havebeen emerging economies: China (38%), Russia (21%), Brazil (32%) andIndia (32%). 11. Indicators of tourism in Latin AmericaFor several years, Mexico has been the most visited destination forinternational tourism in Latin America, in terms of mass tourism.For example, Brazil was ranked in the Index of Competitiveness in Traveland Tourism, 2009 in position 45 in the world, but among the 133countries surveyed ranked in position 2 in the natural aspect, and atposition 14 cultural resources despite qualifying in the 110 in place as130 terrestrial infrastructure and public safety. 12. Tourism Tourism IncomeIncomeLatin AmericaLatin AmericaInt l arrivals inInt l arrivals in2010Countries2008Countries 2008 2010 millionsmillionsUSD USDArgentina 3 4.6654.633 Argentina 2 5.2884.930Bolivia594275Bolivia 671279Brazil 25.0505.785 Brazil 35.1615.919Chile52.6991.757 Chile 5 3.3891.636Colombia1.2221.844 Colombia2.3852.083Costa Rica2.0892.250 Costa Rica2.1002.111Cuba2.3162.267 Cuba2.507n/dEcuador 1.005 763Ecuador 1.047781El Salvador1.385 894El Salvador 121.15039010Guatemala 1.5271.068 Guatemala 1.2191.378Haitin/dn/dHaitin/d n/dHonduras 899621Honduras896650Mexico 1 22.637 13.289 Mexico 1 22.39511.872Nicaragua858276Nicaragua 1.011309Panama1.2931.408 Panama1.7121.676Paraguay416* 102*Paraguay 465217Peru2.0581.991 Peru2.2992.274DominicanDominican3.9804.176 4.1254.240Republic 4 Republic 4Uruguay 1.9211.042 Uruguay 2.4071.496Venezuela745895 Venezuela 615788 13. Las ciudades ms visitadas del mundoThe firm issued Euro monitor ranking of the 150 most visited cities by international tourists worldwide in 2009. The followingare the 15 most visited cities in the world ranking 2009:Most visited citiesNumber of Number ofNumber of No.CityCountryvisitors No. City Country visitors No.CityCountryvisitors millionsmillions millionsUnited United1London15.64 6New York6.2211DubinIreland 4.47 kingdom States2 BangkokThailand10.35 7DubaiUAE6.1212 Bahrein Bahrein 4.423ParisFrance9.70 8Rome Italy6.0313ShanghaiChina4.31South4 Singapur Singapur 9.50 9 Seul 4.9214 Toronto Canada4.16KoreaKuala5Hong Kong China8.1410Barcelona Spain 4.6915Malasya4.12 Lumpur