Tourism Sector Statistics: 2010/11

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Tourism Sector Statistics: 2010/11. Karen Kohler Tourism KwaZulu-Natal February 2012. Outline. South African Picture International Domestic KZN Picture Foreign Domestic. Foreign Arrivals to South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal . S outh Africa’s Overseas Arrivals 2007-201 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Development Role of The KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority

Tourism Sector Statistics: 2010/11

Karen KohlerTourism KwaZulu-NatalFebruary 20121OutlineSouth African PictureInternationalDomestic

KZN PictureForeign Domestic2Foreign Arrivals to South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal 3In 2009, SAT changed their tourism statistics collection methodology and excluded day trippers. The number of tourists thus appears to have decreased but this due to this new methodology.

South Africa in 2009 = 7,011,865 million touristsSouth Africa in 2010 = 8.073,552 million tourists

Tourist arrival figures was boosted by the 2010 FIFA World cup which saw 309,554 tourists arriving specifically for the event.WC, KZN, GP the most visited provinces during the world cup receiving more than 80K tourists visiting each of these provinces.

Foreign tourists to SA drew by 15.1% from 2009 driven largely by the 2010 FIFA World Cup.KZN in 2010 = 956,550 foreign arrivals KZN in 2009 = 851,484 foreign arrivals


South Africas Overseas Arrivals 2007-2011

5International Markets to South Africa 2007 - 2010

The South African Foreign Picture620092010Number of foreign tourists7,011,8658,073,552Avg spend in SA per foreign tourist (excluding capital expenditure):R8,900R9,300

Land marketsR7,300R8,300Air marketsR13,000R11,800Avg length of stay:8.3 nights8.5 nightsLand markets5.1 nights5.3 nightsAir markets16.6 nights16.9 nightsMain Overseas Source MarketsUK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France

UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France-There was an addition of 1,061,687 tourist arrivals in 2010 from 2009.-309,554 tourists arriving specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

-The Average spend of all tourists increased in 2010-Average spend from air markets decreased in 2010 (by R1,200).Bc the SA Rand appreciated against the major currencies in 2010. Thus when the currency fluctuates, it does affect the overall amount spent in SA.

-Average spend from land markets increased ( by R1000) in 2010 when compared to 2009. -Neighbouring SADC continued to be the major source of tourist arrivals to SA the UK the largest source of mkt outside of Africa-SADC : Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and Botswana

-Capital Expenditure the amount spent by foreign tourists during his/her trip and stay at the destination on capital investments such as property, houses, cars, artwork, furniture, jewellery, financial assets etc.6Purpose of Visit to South Africa All Foreign Tourists7-This slide shows that Leisure and Business were the main reasons foreign tourists came to South Africa.-Leisure remains the primary purpose.-Leisure includes holiday, VFR and shopping for personal goods-Business includes shopping for business goods, business travellers and business tourists.

Business Travel = This is trip undertaken with the purpose of conducting commercial/formal transactions or activities that are associated with your job such as visiting a client, signing deals, negotiating a contract (including import and exports).

Business tourism = A trip undertaken with the purpose of attending a conference, meeting, exhibition, events or as part of an incentive.7Activities of Foreign Tourists in SAActivities%Shopping97%Nightlife81%Social38%Visiting Natural Attractions21%Beach17%Cultural, Historical, Heritage18%Wildlife15%Business16%Theme Parks11%Casino6%Medical5%8What activities were undertaken by foreign tourists in SA?

The main activities were shopping and nightlife. They also visited natural attractions cultural and historical sites8The South African Domestic Tourism Picture 2010920092010Number of tourists annually30.3mn trips29.7mn trips, 13.5mn travellersSpend per tripR730R710Spend total market valueR22bnR21.1bn Avg length of stay4.2 nights4.5 nightsPurpose of visitVFR76%Holiday12%Business5%Religious5%Medical1%VFR 74%Holiday 13%Business 5%Religious 6%Medical 1%Main Source marketsGauteng, KZN, E. CapeGauteng, KZN, E. CapeDomestic tourist contributes significantly to the tourism sector accounting for 79% of total tourism volume in South Africa 2011.

The average domestic trip lasted 4.5 nights in 2010.

-Domestic tourism declined by 2% in 2010 with 29.7 million trip being undertaken compared to 30.3million trip in 2009.Although a decline in the no. of domestic trips, however, the share of holiday trips increased from 12% to 13% in 2010.The revenue generated through domestic tourists expenditure in SA was approximately R21 billion, a decrease from 2009Domestic tourists continued to cut their spending in 2010 as total revenue declined to 21 billion in 2010.The main driver of this decline being was the decline in the average spend per trip which declined from R730 to R710 in 2010.Although there was a recovery in the economy in 2010, it however did not translate to more trips, but it did translate to more holiday trips.KZN & Gauteng are the main source markets for domestic tourism accounting for 56% of all domestic trips undertaken in 2010 (this info is not on the slide).910International Markets to KwaZulu-Natal 2007 - 2010

KwaZulu-Natal The Foreign Tourist Picture1120092010Number of tourists annually861,884956,550Avg Spend per visitorR7 216R7 215Avg length of stay6.5 nights6.8 nightsMain Source marketsUK, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia-Number of foreign tourists to KZN increased by 11% from 2009 to 2010.-Total market value for 2009 is R8.75 billionOur main source markets continued to be the UK, USA, France, Germany. Australia was the 5th This could be as a result of the Australians that were in the province in Kingsmead during the World Cup. -Netherlands, was still the source market- but came in number 6 in 2010.1112Activities of Foreign Tourists in KZN:2010Air*LandShopping78%96%Nightlife83%48%Visiting natural attractions40%6%Beach49%38%Wildlife27%6%Social28%34%Cultural, historical and heritage22%6%Theme parks26%10%Business23%7%Sporting attended17%3%Visited a casino 13%4%Adventure4%1%Health2%0%Medical1%1%Sporting competed1%1%Hunting1%0%Trading0%4%No available information yet on 2010 figuresHowever, this provides an idea of what foreign tourists do in KZN.12KZN The Domestic Tourist Picture 1320092010Number of visitors annually8.8mn trips8.3mn tripsAvg spend per tripR720R710Avg length of stay4.3 nights4.6 nightsMain Source MarketsKZN, GautengKZN, Gauteng2009: Spend- Total direct value = R6.34bilion13Purpose of Visit to KZN Domestic Visitors 14VFR the main reasons for domestic visitors to come to KZN.14Activities undertaken in KZN Domestic Visitors15Activity%Go to the beach57.8Go to a live show, theatre or concert17.3Watch a live sports event24.1Visit a museum, art gallery or historical building22.6Visit a nature or wildlife or game reserve25.8Take part in a sports event18.5Take part in any water sport12.3Visit an arts or craft outlet11.7Visit an African township or cultural village on a tour19.3Food and wine fair8.8Go hiking or mountain climbing10.6Bird watching8Art and crafts festival6.3Attend a conference, workshop or training session5.5Visit a health spa5.6See bushman paintings6.6Fly-fishing5.2Horse riding4.4Go backpack/hostel travelling5.7Mountain biking or other cycling7.2Tour of the battlefields2.9KSIA Arrivals16

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Sheet1DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotal1st Q2005132,723131,052144,347143,890139,887149,658150,577152,637157,407157,031156,339168,5711,784,119408,1222006151,295144,704165,918166,000159,630164,698175,347161,062169,352165,584177,209206,5792,007,378461,917Growth14%10%15%15%14%10%16%6%8%5%13%23%13%13%DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotal2006151,295144,704165,918166,000159,630164,698175,347161,062169,352165,584177,209206,5792,007,3782,007,3782007183279181744211372204566193,674199,704213,754203,753199,101202,170199,730198,9382,391,7852,399,426Growth21%26%27%23%21%21%22%27%18%22%13%-4%19%20%DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotalJ-D2007183,279181,744211,372204,566193,674199,704213,754203,753199,101202,170199,730198,9382,391,7852,391,7852008179,485190,649195,063195,310175222176314195667181873172,476186,969178,405180,0272,207,4602,207,460Growth-2.1%4.9%-7.7%-4.5%-9.5%-11.7%-8.5%-10.7%-13.4%-7.5%-10.7%-9.5%-7.7%-7.7%DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotalJ-D2008179,485190,649195,063195,310175,222176314195667181873172,476186,969178,405180,0272,207,4602,207,4602009156,795156,255174,035179,680170,451182,164193,358174843191,427178,714184,381202,4012,144,5042,144,504Growth-12.6%-18.0%-10.8%-8.0%-2.7%3.3%-1.2%-3.9%11.0%-4.4%3.3%12.4%-2.9%DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotalJ-D2009156,795156,255174,035179,680170,451182,164193,358174843191,427178,714184,381202,4012,144,5042,144,5042010166,963167,002204,055198,364192,856194,583200,491198,100205,481217,433203,005223,9822,372,3152,372,315Growth6.5%6.9%17.2%10.4%13.1%6.8%3.7%13.3%7.3%21.7%10.1%10.7%11%10.6%DIA Passenger arrivalsJFMAMJJASONDTotalJ-D2010166,963167,002204,055198,364192,856194,583200,491198,100205,481217,433203,005223,9822,372,3152,372,3152011195,800188,054212,146212,177200,439202,531225,532205,898207,362218,6502,068,589Growth17.3%12.6%4.0%7.0%3.9%4.1%12.5%3.9%0.9%0.6%-100.0%-100.0%-13%-100.0%166,963167,002333,965195,800188,054383,854166,963167,002204,055198,364736,384JFMAMJJASOND2010166,963167,002204,055198,364192,856194,583200,491198,100205,481217,433203,005223,9822011195,800188,054212,146212,177200,439202,531225,532