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Tooting Your Own Horn (Women Who Tech) Do you take credit for all of the fabulous work you do? Do you feel that you are forging ahead in your career or are you being overshadowed by your male colleagues? This panel will explore personal branding and provide tips and strategies to help you enhance your careers and visibility.


  • 1. Tooting Your Own Horn Women Who Tech TeleSummit March 31, 2008 Angie Chang,Women 2 Megan Fitzgerald, Career By Choice Lynne D. Johnson, Fast Company

2. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark. The Brand Called You Tom Peters 3. TM 4. created uncovered 5. clarity credibility visibility focus differentiate succeed 6. extract express exude 7. [extract] Get clear 8. [extract] 9. [extract] 10. [extract] 11. [extract] 12. [extract] 13. [express] [express] 14. [express] [express] 15. [express] [express] 16. [express] [express] 17. [exude] 18. [exude] [exude] 19. branding yourself online 20. Me Google Search 21. online identity calculator 22. 23. blog 24. lynne johnson 25. TM 26. [email_address] Empowering expats to use their personal brandfor professional and business 27. Your name = Your brand

  • Register your domain and SEO it like crazy


  • Even SEO aliases

29. Your voice = Your brand

  • Leave comments

30. Your voice = Your brand

  • Keep it real/Dont go off brand

31. Your voice = Your brand

  • Become an expert

32. Build community 33. Monitor your brand