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  • 1. Creating our Digi-Pack and Magazine advert Within this slideshow I will justify our choices and ideas for the creation of our Digi-Pack and Magazine Advert.

2. Photography Contact sheetWe chose to create some images with a white back drop as we feel this simplifies the image and strips the image back to just the artist with no busy distractions. With this shoot we photographed the artist in the same clothes as he wore in the video to link the image and video together. This will then draw the audience towards the digipack as they will recognise the two similarities, making them want to read into the digi-pack. We chose these 5 images for our digi-pack which we will then identify closer and edit to fit towards our dig-pack. 3. Chosen imagesThis image was successful as the artist is looking directly into the camera, therefore at the audience which will entice them and influence them more. It has an interesting composition slightly to the left, making it a little more edgy and interesting for the audienceThis image was successful as the artist is again looking into the camera at the audience, his positioning is very relaxed, making the audience feel more welcoming to his album, this is then challenged by the mise-en-scene of the artist.This image was successful as the positioning of the artist makes him look like he is waiting for someone (With the space next to him) which links well with the video, along with the mise-enscene. He is looking directly at the audience, involving them in the images, his face almost looks a little desperate and wishful, which links back well with the look of him waiting for the girl.This image was successful as the artists expression is very relaxed and welcoming. By having him smiling it also contrasts well with the more serious images going along side this on. His positioning is again very relaxed. Looking away from the camera, into the distance makes him look a little more interesting and mysterious, making the audience want to read on into the digi-pak more.This image was successful as it was taken on a slightly low angle, making the artist look down at the audience, making him look more powerful and influential towards them. His position is relaxed and controlled, again making the audience feel more welcomed. 4. Photography Contact sheetAfter the success of our first shoot we decided to revisit the idea of having a white back drop for our second shoot. Here we used different clothing for the artist. He is wearing more casual clothing which has created more raw and natural images, which we feel will make the audience feel as though they are seeing the real artist as their normal selves away from the spot light, making them feel closer to them which will then will attract them to the digipack. 5. We cropped down this image so only half of the face is seen, this leave a little mystery for the audience. The artist is looking into the camera which draws the audience in. we put a filter on the images to give a more interesting tone instead of having a white background which could be a little boring and is also seen a lot on album covers, so we challenged this.We cropped down this image so there was a plain background which we could then use for the track listing. We had the artist looking up for later use as we will then add the track listing of the top so he looks like he is reading the listing with the audience. We also put a filter on the image (same as the previous) as this will link them together and again makes it look more interesting. 6. Photography Contact sheetAfter creating two shoots with a white backdrop we then decided to change the location outside. This was has an urban, rundown feel to it which we feel fit well with the genre of music within the album. The images lighting was very successful creating interesting shadows and tones. We used the same clothing as the previous shoot as this linked the images together and we felt the artist in these clothes was more natural and casual which fit in well with the location of this shoot. 7. For this image we increased the contrast and decreased the brightness a little. This then gave it interesting tones within the image. The artist is looking away from the camera again leaving a little mystery. This will also contrast well with the previous images. The camera is on a slight angle making it more interesting for the viewer, this angle also works well with the leading lines within the image. 8. Our original idea was to take a panoramic of a city skyline, shot off the fame and fortune of the area and the artist. We then changed the idea to creating a shot, still at night but of a big crowd, as though the crowd are waiting for the artist, possibly outside his gig etc. which emphasises his fame and fortune. This also links in well with his live cd which we are putting in our digi-pack. We have cropped this image down to the right size and added the same filter as the other images to link them together. 9. Creating the Digi-pack: Front Cover Image: For the image we have only shown half of the artists face which gives a feeling of mystery for the album. This also links well the Ignition video as here it is a little mysterious as you never see the girls face. The artist is looking directly into camera which will draw the audience in and make them feel closer and more influenced by him. The artist is wearing a red t-shirt which links in well with the colour scheme. We presented him in casual clothing to give it a feeling of the artist in a natural state, without the fame ad fortune.Composition: The composition of the front cover is quite simple. We wanted to keep it simple so it was not distracting for the audience with too much going on. We have two stickers at the bottom, one advertising the live dvd inside on a parental advisory sticker. The advert sticker will draw the audience in and persuade them to buy it as they will feel they are getting their moneys worth. And the parental advisory one helps to show the target audience as ours in teenagers/young adults.Font: We chose a bold font for the front cover as we found this makes the album stand out more. The spotted effect on the font almost looks like lights which then links the font to the album name. This was presented in black to created a bolder look which will help the font stand out. The font for the artists name is simple and less bold as the image is quite big which will draw people in as they will recognise him. The colour of the artists name is red which links in with the rest of the pack, this was also a common colour with r-kellys albums. 10. Backcover (Tracklisting) Font: The font for the track listing is the same as the artists name on the front cover. This is to link the two together, creating a more rounded pack. It is also simple and easy to read. The colour Is also the same as the front to keep in with the colour scheme.The composition is very simple with the text over the image linking them together well. The text has been written from the right which makes it more different and interesting then others that we have seen. We also think it makes it neater and more presentable and less busy/ distracting.Image: We have got the artist looking up at the text which is making the back cover more interesting and is persuading the audience to read the text. It also makes the artist more involved and influential to the audience. He is wearing the same as he is on the front cover to link the two together. It is also showing him in a more natural state. His positioning is very casual and relaxed which is then representing the album, as it is quite a relaxed album which will draw the audience in and let them know the sort of music within the album before they buy it. 11. Inside cover Images: For this cover we wanted to keep it simple and just present the artist by himself. This will make the audience feel closer and more involved with the artist, as though they are getting to know him more. The first image (Left) Is the artist in his casual clothing, the same as the front and back cover, we have used this one as he looks more natural and more intimate with the audience. The location is quite urban, linking in with the music. The other images (Right) is the artist with a studio, wearing the same clothing as he does in the music video. This is linking them both together well. Three out of four of the images are him looking to the audience, this makes him more intimate with the audience and less intimidating even though he is wearing expensive clothing, jewellery etc.Composition: The composition has one big image of the artist, leading the audience to the smaller images, the smaller images are over layed with each other which makes it more interesting for the audience. This will also influence the male gaze as there are a lot of images of this one male, who the audience are interested in. 12. Inside cover Font: The font and colour is the same as the rest of the pack which links it together well in keeps in with the colour scheme. It is easy to read, yet hides well with the black cd so it is not to flashy, more subtle and sophisticated, the sort of image we are trying pursue of the artist.The composition is simple, were the two cds are they frame the image/crowd well, drawing the eye in to the main subject matter. The composition of the writing is simple and makes it easy for the audience to read the text. It is placed around the edge of the cd to allow the audience to read it however they place it in the pack. 13. Magazine Poster Font: We have used the same font as used on the digi-pak which draws it together, making it look more professional. The album name is presented big and bold to catch the audiences attention and to draw them in. the artist name is presented a little smaller as the audience will recognize him from the big image. Colours: The colours we used arte the same as the ones on the digi-pack as this links it all together and fit in with the colour scheme. Image: The image has a simple, casual mise-en-scene which links in with the relaxed feeling we want the audience to feel around him, this image also links back to a similar one on the digi-pack. We have presented this image big to make it stand out and the audience will automatically recognize the artist within the magazine which they are reading. The composition is very simple, with the album name across the middle. Though it is printed on a slight angle which is then challenged by the straight strip underneath, this makes it a little different from other adverts and the coloured strip then links in with the rest of the colour scheme. We have also added in a smaller print of the colour, a secondary lead, of the album. This will allow the audience to see it and recognize it, for them to then find it in the shots. We have added a selling line saying number one album of 2013, this will help persuade the audience to buy the album. 14. Spine Colour: The colouring of the spine links in well with the rest of the pack, drawing it all together, giving us a more rounded product, looking more professional.Font: The font is simple and links in with the rest of the pack. The content is simple with the artists name and album name. We have also written the record label to allow the audience to know the label the artist works with. Composition: the composition is simple, spaced out to make it easier to read, the album and artist name is bigger as we feel this is more important for the audience to see and will draw them in. the record label is smaller as the audience will not be as interested in this as the other names. 15. Final Product tch?v=2UgthaAd7lY