Why Is LinkedIn the Most Powerful Business Network?

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Why Is LinkedIn the Most Powerful Business Network?

This past week, I had a prominent CEO from an up and coming startup reach out to me via LinkedIn message. After a few conversations back and forth I was really able to understand what his business was trying to solve and I genuinely felt personally connected to him.

I was thinking to myself, there is no other social network that connects me to like-minded CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Social Marketers, and potential clients like LinkedIn.Unlike other platforms for business that struggle to connect, messages can be blocked by privacy settings, tweets go unanswered because they look like spam, and emails are full of non-personal marketing that doesnt relate.

I truly believe that LinkedIn is the most dominate force in Business networking for these reasons!

Photo Credit: LinkedIn Centipede Participants in the 2010 ING Bay to Breakers

1. Content can be published to the PublicThis is vital because people are searching LinkedIn for interesting content to share on their social networks and LinkedIn feeds. Everyone has a different mind and voice, but I truly believe in the approach of sharing relevant content. Sharing content that people will want to share with others is an important focus for your postings. I have a variety of content I like to post, but some of the most viral content Ive seen is the following.2. Business /Motivations Quotes3. Quotes from you, and your company/team4. Articles about your Industry

5. LinkedIn Pulse - were all now content creators; LinkedIn Pulse is truly a brilliant way to trend content topically. Like I said before most people are browsing LinkedIn to find content that will impact their business or looking for content to curate and share on their social networks. Now when you write a blog than impacts the LinkedIn community it will be pulsed out and you have the chance to experience your content going viral. Last week my blog about Whats Next for Social Business in 2015 went viral, and Im still experience new followers on LinkedIn as well as connections messaging me about the article and wanting to connect. I would focus your LinkedIn Pulse articles to information about your industry, and share your opinion on topics. People love to take sides and you will find that folks will rally for your topic as well as against it.

Its a great opportunity for your content to go viral!

6. LinkedIn Endorsements/Recommendations - Now when people ask me about testimonials, or references I will send them the link to my LinkedIn page. Ive found that when you can get to know a person outside of even their current role its truly a better way of quickly personalizing the relationship. When you go to my LinkedIn Page you will see the history of my career working for Morgan Stanley, Disney, and Comcast all which are truly incredible companies! You will also see the stories from clients and testimonies along the way, which I absolutely love! In business its important to have transparency and I love the ability to learn about a potential client or like-minded connection in literally 3-5 minutes or less from browsing their public LinkedIn page.

Some tips to getting more endorsement/recommendations.Give Back every time youre on LinkedIn Take 1 minute to give out some endorsements to connections that you are or want to do business with.

Share Content from Connections - Like/comment on 2-3 posts, share one interesting post from a connection, and comment on their posts about how you had to share!

I could go on and on about LinkedIn as Im on it every day and I truly believe its my most influential business network. Those that read this article and take daily action steps will see the rewards it will bring to your business in the next year. Take 15 minutes a day to invest into commenting on posts, sharing content, and giving out endorsements/recommendations. Take 1 hour per week to invest in a quality and insightful LinkedIn blog.

Credits: Brightbull , Crazyegg, Startup BisnisIf you plan the time to maximize the power of LinkedIn, you will see the rewards, and the more time you invest the more you will get back in return! Have a giving spirit and you will see the gifts of LinkedIn!