1950 Summer Session

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Catalog for Pacific Lutheran College

Text of 1950 Summer Session

  • Seunme't Sed4iol't - 1950 FIRST TERM - - - JUNE 12 - JULY I' SECOND TERM - JULY 17 - AUGUST 18





    Registratioll begins 8:00 a.Ill . . . . . . ...... . . . .. . _ . ..... "lunday, JUllC 1 Cl3ss('s be gin 8:00 a.Ill ....... . Illdependence Day, a holida y First Tcrm ends Second Tcrlll class!'s I xgill 8:00 'LIll SUIlllll('r Session ('loses.


    . . .. . .. Tucsda y, J line 13 . Tuesd ay, July

    ..... Frid"y, July 1-+ . . . Mond;,y, July 17

    . . . . Friday, Augllst 18



    R!,gistration for Fall S(,Illl'stl'r hegins... . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . . i\1 ullda y , SqJtelllbcr [[ Class", begin 7 :5.1 a .Ill.... . . . . . ... . . .. . .... ... . . ... .Monday, September [[) First Quarter ends..... . .............. Friday, l\ oHmb .... 10 Thanksgi,-in



    Pacific Lutheran College is located in Parkland. Washington. a suburb of Tacoma. Tr.e campus is about eight miles south of the center of the city. on Park Avenue. which is two long blocks west of the higbway running from Tacoma to Mount Rainier.


    Pacific Lutheran College is accredited b) (he Northwest Association of Secondary and Higber Schools.

    It is accredited by tbe State Board of Education as a teacher training institution for the preparation of elementary and high school teachers.

    Pacific Luthcran College is also a mcmber of (he Association of American Colleges.


    According to the plan of certification for tcaching in \Vasbington. a three-year Elementary Certificate. valid in the elementary grades and junior higb school. is issued on the completion of a four-year teacher training curriculum.

    An applicant for tbl' six-year Standard Elementarlj Certli'iwte must rrcsent a dirloma from an accredited teachers' college indicating the completion of a four-year curriculum and must have had at least two years of succe sful teaching experience upon a three-year Elementary Certificate.

    A Qualifl/inq Certificate may be issued by tbe Superintendent of Public Instruction to elementary school teachers who have completed three years and eight semester hours of college preparation applicable toward regular elementary certification. The qualifying certificate is valid for three years.

    The Secondary Ceuificale is issued to applicants who have completed the five-year course approved for the training of high school teachers.

    The General Certificale. After September 1951. the State of Washington is issuing only a single certificate known as the Qualifying General Certificate. which may be converted after experience and further training to a permanent General Certificate. Thc training and experience necessary for the permanent General


    Certificate consists of three parts : a. A qualifying general certificate, valid for one year, renew

    able annually to a total of four years, is to be issued following four academic ye.lrs of successful pre-ervice education.

    b. One continuous YCd( of initial teaching experience is lO follow pre-service education.

    c. A fifth year of teacher education, at the grad uate level is to be required following initial tcaching exprience and prior to issuance of a pnmancnt general certificate. This fifLh year must begin during the first year after initial reaching experience (,ither as a full year or as summer school. prefera bl y the former.


    Arc teachers now certified in the State of Washington required tu complete the five- year program leading to the general certificate?

    No. Teachers holding elementary or secondary certificates may continue to teach on these certificates according to th regulations under which they wen' issued. TCc1chers within rhe state who have been teaching on cmcrgency or qualify ing certificates may be issued regular elementary or secondary cerLificates after September I, 1951, upon completion of requirements.

    \Vill applicants whose teacher education has been in institu-tiuns in other states be eligible for the General Certificate?

    No. Elementary and secondary cerri ficates will continue to be issued to qualified applicants where teacher training has been completed in institutions outside the sLate.

    Has the fifth year program required for the General Ccrtifi-LJ lc beCl1 organ ized?

    No. The general requirements for the fifth year for the new certificate have not as yet bcn formulated. The first qualifying general certificate will not be issued p rior Lu July I. 1951. The permanent general certificate will nor be issued

    until 1953.

    How may the holder of an Elementary or Secondary certifi -C.ltc convert to the General Certific.ltd

    At the time of thc publication of this bulletin no offici.ll announcement had been made by the State Board of Education regarding such a conversion. It may bl.' assumed that some adjustment will be made.




    The Summer Session is an integral parr of the program of Pacific Lutheran College. It is divided into two tenns of five weeks eacb. A student may earn t wcIve semester hours during the ten-week session.

    The instructional staff inc! udes me 111 bel's of the regu lar f acul ty of Pacific Lutheran College and all laboratory, library and regular facilities are available. The standards prevailing during the Summer Session arc the same as those maintained during the regular school year.

    Chapel exercises will be held at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the old chapd on the college campus. The third and fourth pcriod cbsscs will 111('ct thirty minufes lata on those days.


    Students arc admitted to the Summer Session under the follow ing regulations:

    I. Regular students of Pacific Lutheran College are admitted under the rules that apply for any semester.

    2. Those who enter as graduates of high schools and are applying for Freshman standing should make application on a uniform \Vashington State application blank, wh ich can be obtained from their high school principal, or by requesting a copy from the college. In addition the colleg requires two character recommendations from individuals who are personally acquainted with the applicant.

    3. Transient students or those who have attended other colleges Of universities who wish to register at Pacific Luthefan ollege for rhe Summer Session only arc not rcquin:d to file admission credential. Tr nscripts of work taken at other insritutions should be forwarded to the Registrar of the college if the student wishes his former work evaluated.


    Veterans eligible for benefits under Public Laws 346 and i 6 may use these benefits for Summer Session work. To be eligible for subsistence benefits the student musr carry a minimum of ten semester hours.

    Veterans attending school undn Public Law I G Jrc required to attend summer school.


    Registration for the first term of the Summer Sessio'n will


    begin at 8:00 a.m. Monday, June 12. Classes will begin at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, June I). and continuc through Friday, JUily 14, 1 950. Classes for the second term will begin ac 8:00 a.m. Monday, July 17, and coneinuc through Friday, August 18, 1950.


    Tuition for a Summer Session is g I 0.00 per credit hour. Audit fee is 55.00 per credit hour. Matriculation fee is S5.00 Diploma and Graduation fee is $ I 0.00. The laboratory fee for Art 86 is S2.00. The laboratory fcc for Biology 57, II S, or Chemistry 51,

    'i 2, 61 or 62 is $5.00. The labor,1(ory fee for Industrial Arts 71 is S3.00: C) I is

    55.00. The fee for Science 22 or 31 is $3.00. The charge for private instruction in organ, plano. vOice

    or instrument is S2.00 per /' -hour lesson. Piano rent fee for piano or voice is S2.50 per term (I hour

    per day). Organ rene fee i5 2.50 per term (1 hour per day).


    The college mailllains a book store in lhe Student Union building for the convenience of the students where books, stationery, and school supplies may be obtained. The book store is operated on a strictly cash basis.


    Women students will be accommodated in lhe college dormitory. All rooms are furnished. Pillows. blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels. rugs. and curtains must be provided by the students. No extra electrical appliances are allowed in the individual rooms except radios.

    Rooms for men are provided with beds, mattresses. chairs. (abies. and dressers. All olher necessary articles including pillows. blankets. sheets. pillow cases, towels. and reading lamps must be provided by the students.

    All single students living in the college dormilory or in th men's housing units must eat in the ollege dining rOOm. Board and room is 550.00 per term. No meals will be served on Sundays. Cafeteria meal tickets arc available.

  • P. T. A. WORKSHOP A P-TA Workshop will be held on the campus from July

    10 through 14. The problem to be considered will be various phases of "Parmts and teachers work together for the developmenr of the whole child." Teachers Jre welcome to attend and will receive one hour of college credit if properly registered. Those planning to attend only the last term of the summer session are urged to come one week early for the workshop. An invitation has been extended to the P. T. A. groups of Pacific. Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason, Thurston and Pierce counties to be represented Jt this