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  • 1S.E. Chapter Abate of Florida, Inc.


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    October 2009

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    As usual, the reality is different thanthe hype. If you look at the most accurateways to measure the number of motorcycleaccidents which is accidents per 100,000miles ridden or accidents per 100,000registered motorcyclists the reality is thatdespite having freedom of choice for almostten years now, helmetless bikers have notcaused any significant increase in motorcycleaccidents in Florida. In addition, throughABATEs motorcycle safety and awarenessprogram, tens of thousands of Florida driversand high school students have receivedtraining on how to share the roads with bikersin a safe manner. In the years following themodification of the helmet law, ABATE alsoworked with the State of Florida to make itmandatory for all motorcyclists to take asafety course before they receive theirendorsement.

    Although many people call us stupidfor even suggesting that there should befreedom of choice, most of them have no ideathat ABATE has spent far more time, effortand money on safety and awareness programsthan we ever have on the helmet law issue.The reason we do this is because we areequally committed to making the roads saferfor all vehicles while reducing the number ofmotorcycle accidents and deaths on Floridashighways, and unlike others, we back ourwords with deeds by spending our own timeand money on the cause. Instead of taking thetime to learn about what ABATE does andhaving an informed discussion about theissues, our critics would rather demonize usbecause we choose a lifestyle that is differentfrom theirs, and they ignore the fact that four

    President's MessageJimbo Sherrow

    In a recent press release, AIM/NCOMreported that while most states across thecountry have had increases in motorcycleaccidents and fatalities over the past couple ofyears, the state of Texas has bucked this tragictrend by reporting a significant decrease in thetotal number of motorcycle rider deaths.According to the article, this positivedevelopment has been due mainly to the safetyand awareness programs initiated by Texasmotorcyclists working with the TexasDepartment of Transportation. Like Florida,Texas has year round riding weather and oneof the highest numbers of registeredmotorcycles in the country. They alsorepealed their mandatory helmet law in 1997,three years before ABATE managed to do thesame here in Florida.

    The reason I mention this is because Iam sick and tired of hearing the anti-bikercrowd talk about how freedom of choice inFlorida has resulted in more bikers dying onour roads, and you can bet we will hear moreof their misinformed views during upcomingthe 2010 legislative session. Some of thesecritics openly question our intelligence andothers even mock us a great source of organdonations because they cannot understand thereasons we would want to exercise freedomof choice. Although it is easy to get angry atsome of idiots who make these statements, thebest way to win this or any debate is to cutthrough the emotions and look at the cold hardfacts.

  • 5S.E. Chapter Abate of Florida, Inc.

    wheeled vehicles and their distracted driverscause far more motorcycle accidents thanbikers do, either with or without helmets.

    Texas is still a few years ahead of uswith their safety programs, but I am hopefulthat through the continued efforts of ABATE,we will see similar sustained decreases inmotorcycle accidents and deaths here inFlorida over the next few years. If you wantto be part of the solution, the SoutheastChapter is always looking for volunteers andnew instructors to help with our safety andawareness program. You can learn more andget involved by contacting our Chapter SafetyDirector, George Bograkos, at 954-868-2990,or safetyabatese@gmail.com. With yourhelp, we can hopefully join Texas and showour critics once and for all that the best wayto reduce motorcycle accidents is to promotesafety and awareness, and not by simplyforcing a helmet on someones head and thencongratulating yourself for saving the stupidbikers from themselves.

    If you cannot make the commitment tobecome a motorcycle safety instructor, youcan still help the Southeast Chapter bycoming out to support us at our Annual RightsRally. This years event will be held onSunday, October 25th at Wetz Pub on OaklandPark Boulevard, just west of University. Wehad a great party there in January so we arelooking forward to some great food, excellentmusic and a good time for all. There will bemore information in our October newsletterand we will have flyers out real soon, but ifyou need any information about the event or ifyou would like to be a vendor, contact myselfor the SE Chapter Events Coordinator, Shaky

    Bob, at 954-437-3642, oreventsabatese@gmail.com. We will also havevoters registration forms available, so if youare not yet registered for the 2010 elections,you can do it at the event and be ahead of thegame. This is always one of the best partiesof the year, and since we are not having it theday after the Wheels of Man MC Halloweenparty this year which is another great event there should be no hangover to prevent youfrom coming to the Rights Rally andsupporting the SE Chapter, just like we havesupported and fought for your rights for almost30 years now!

    Remember, ABATE is for everyone,no matter what you ride, and you do not evenhave to own a motorcycle to become aChapter member. For more information,check out the Chapter newsletter and thewebsite, www.abatese.org, or stop by one ofour monthly meetings and get involved. Thereis no better time than now to step up andprotect your rights as member of themotorcycle community. You call also call meat 954-305-1599.

    Ride safe and free, and remember that theprice of liberty is eternal vigilance!

    JimboJimboJimboJimboJimboPresidentABATE SE ChapterMobile Tel # 954-305-1599Email: Jimbo_SE_Abate@live.com

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    ABATE of Florida, Southeast ChapterMeeting MinutesSept. 20, 2009

    The meeting was called to order at 10:14am by Sgt @Arms BARS with 49 members, No At-Large membersor guests in attendance. Total membership inattendance: 49. Followed by the Pledge of Alliance &a moment of silence, the meeting started.

    Presidents ReportJimbo thanked all our members for coming andintroduced our new members Jim, Al and Gene. Lastmonth we attended the following events: Wheels ofMan, Stated MC and the Outcast party. Everyone whoattended had a great time. On a sad note the originalfounder of the States MC, Fat Daddy and the originalfounder of Wheels of Man MC, Wes Moody passedaway. Please keep them and their families in yourthoughts and prayers. Our event is coming up on Oct.25, 2009. It will be held at Wetzs Pub on OaklandPark Blvd in Sunrise. We only do 3 events a year forourselves; we need your help to make this event ahuge success. We need a volunteer with a truck to towour trailer for the event, Jimmy Les offered his truck.Thank you Jimmy.

    Vice-Presidents ReportOld Hippy reported we have been having a lot of rainlately, please be careful out there. Your help is neededfor our event in the loading of the trailer, set up, teardown etc. As Jimbo stated we only have 3 events peryear to raise funds for our chapter so please come onout to help.

    Secretarys ReportA correction was made to the minutes of the Augustmeeting. Bill Squeaky Ball was incorrectly shownas a returning Life Member. Squeaky has returned as ayearly member. With this correction a motion wasmade to accept the minutes of Augusts meeting asprinted in the newsletter. Motion seconded, all infavor, motion passed.

    Treasurers ReportAlice read Augusts report. A motion was made,seconded to accept the Treasurers report. All infavor, motion passed. Alice reported our CD willautomatically renew on 9-27-09. A motion was made,seconded to cash in our CD, place in a savingsaccount which will give us liquidity if we need it andlook at options for discussion at next monthsmeeting. Discussion followed. Vote called for, all infavor, none opposed, motion passed. Reminder: Wehave drawing tickets for sale for the bike week Harleygiveaway.

    Sergeant at Arms ReportBARS reported he has noticed the overhead signs onI-95 say Watch for Motorcycles. It is nice to seethe State of Florida is promoting safety down here.Jimbo, George Torrence and BARS re-painted thepoles in the warehouse and we received...