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Slides made by: Bin Wang. team winning Team member: Bin Wang Erik Ware David Zigman Emile Bahdi. Bus tracker - pdr. 2012 Capstone Senior design Colorado University at Boulder Instructor: Tom.Brown Sam.Siewert TA: Robert.Pomeroy Carissa.Pocock. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Bus tracker - pdr

2012 Capstone Senior design Colorado University at BoulderInstructor: Tom.Brown Sam.Siewert TA: Robert.Pomeroy Carissa.Pocock team winning

Team member:Bin Wang Erik WareDavid Zigman Emile Bahdi

Slides made by: Bin Wang1Background

Long night Long winterMany peopleFew BusWhere are you?BUFF BUS

Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik WareBeginning course details and/or books/materials needed for a class/project.2Existing Technology



OneBusAway U.W

Waitless G.TechPrototype on Campus:Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik WareProject objectivesCreate a real-time bus tracking system capable of:

Friendly website with database which can update real-time location.A self-powered user station with stable performance.Long distance wireless communication with the radius about 1mile.Compact stable on-bus tracking system with high accuracy(error less than 10m)

Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik WareWorking range

Small range:R = 0.6 kmLarge range:R = 1.4 kmSlides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik WareGoalsSlides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik Ware


Tracking SystemMain Idea ?Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Erik WareGPS moduleGPS

ModuleGPS moduleInputsPower DC 5VOutputsRaw Position (NMEA UART)FunctionalityGenerate the data containing altitude, longitude, time and so on.Encode in NMEA in UART.EM-406A-20Channel sku: GPS-00465

Description:This complete includes on-board voltage regulation, LED status indicator, battery backed RAM, and a built-in patch antenna. 6-pin interface cable included.

Features:Extremely high sensitivity : -159dBm10m Positional Accuracy / 5m with WAASHot Start : 1s 70mA at 4.5-6.5VOutputs NMEA 0183 SiRF binary protocolSlides made by: Bin Wang12Microcontroller

ModuleMicrocontrollerInputsPower DC 9V, GPS signalOutputsComputed GPS signal (Serial)FunctionalityCompute the GPS raw output data to get the useful information and transfer to TXRF in RS232Arduino UNO sku: DEV-09950

Description: 1.Open Source IDE2.Freetutorial3.Background knowledge4.C++ programming

Features:ATmega328 microcontrollerInput voltage - 7-12V14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)Has16Mhz Clock Speed

u-controllerSlides made by: Bin WangWireless Communication WiFiModuleRFInputsGPS data (Serial)OutputsGPS data (Serial)Maximum: 900MHz 1WFunctionalityTransfer the computed GPS data from on-bus microcontroller to the PC server wirelesslyWiFly GSX Breakout sku: WRL-10050

Features: High throughput, 1Mbps sustained data rate 8 Mbit flash memory and 128 KB RAM UART hardware interface Using Real-time clock for wakeup and time stamping Accepts 3.3V regulated or 2-3V battery


Slides made by: Bin Wang11Block diagramPCRX RF

WebsiteTouch ScreenSolar Cellu-controllerWiFiRS232GPSu-controllerTX RFRS232InternetTrackerServerTerminalLCDSolar CellWiFi RXBinErikDavidEmilePresented by: Emile BahdiObjectives for instruction and expected results and/or skills developed from learning. 17Labor DivisionBin WangOn-bus system and WiFi communication and telephone application design.

David ZigmanOn-bus PCB board design and RF communication.CTOCOOCEOCFOSlides made by: Bin WangPresented by: Emile BahdiErik WareUser station PCB design and apple application design.

Emile BahdiBudget,Website design and construction of dynamic database.

A list of procedures and steps, or a lecture slide with media.18Schedule & Time Management

Contents made by: Erik WarePicture Generated by Microsoft Office Project 2007 Schedule and MilestoneJan.18 Feb.2: Get group organized purchase essential hardware, get started and implement project detail plan. Feb.2 Feb.28: Finish building a portable GPS device(Bin) Build the prototype of user station(Erik)Design, build and test antenna(David)Construct a website with CSS(Emile)Feb.28 Mar.20: Communicate between terminal and server by WiFi-1(Bin)Design and build on-bus PCB(David)Design and build user-station PCB(Erik)Embed website with database(Emile)Track main-campus bus without server and cant cover william village.Mar.20 Apr.10: Communicate between terminal and server by WiFi(Bin)Design and build long-distance antenna.(David)Finish building user-station update data by WiFi(Erik)Update website with real-time data supported by database(Emile)Track whole bus route and update location to website and user-station.Apr.11 Apr.30: Improve redesign and focus on user application and do commercial advertisement(Erik,David,Emile,Bin).Apri.30 May2: Summarizing documents and prepare for expo.May3: Win (Team:Winning) FinishUndergoingImpossibleSlides made by: Bin WangCurrent StatusHardware:Got all the essential components and get startedBuilding a simple portable GPS device.Redesigning and improve the existed antenna.Designing the user station prototype.SoftwareAlready finished the website prototype.Learning and building the dynamic database.Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: David ZigmanBudget:NameQuantityPrice($)20 Channel EM-406A SiRF III Receiver with Antenna159.95GPS Shield114.95Arduino Uno SMD329.95*3XTend RF Modems 1 Watt/900 MHz stand-alone radio modems1300 (Free)Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Black on Green113.95

Solar Panel - 10W159.95WiFly GSX Breakout

184.95Nucasa O1/2X4-S S4S .5-Inch by 4 Flat Stock Lumber Sample233.75*2Poster and Documentation100PCB board150Interface, cables and tools100other50Total: 1091.1$(Note: some components can be obtained from Capstone LaboratorySlides made by: Bin WangPresented by: David ZigmanA schedule design for optional periods of time/objectives. 22Risks / AlternativePowerIdeal: solar portable powerAlternative: battery cellWireless CommunicationIdeal: long distance RF and WiFiAlternative: short distance RF and cableWebsiteIdeal: dynamic database supported websiteAlternative: cancelUser station:Ideal: special-designed user friendly stationAlternative: laptop

Slides made by: Bin WangPresented by: David ZigmanAn opportunity for questions and discussions.23Question and DiscussionYour recommendation saves us money Your advice saves us time

BUFF BUS!How dare you..!Presented by: WinningConclusion to course, lecture, et al. 24


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