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Chapter 19

The El Filibusterismo


Rizal left Brussels for Ghent


A famous University in Belgium

Reasons for moving to Ghent:

Cost of printing was cheaper in Ghent

To escape from enticing attraction of Petite Suzanne

Two compatriots he met in Ghent

Jose Alejandro (from Pampanga)

Edilberto Evangelista (from Manila)

U n G h e n t i v e r s i t y

Owing to his limited funds Rizal:Lived in a cheap boardinghouse With Jose Alejandro as room mate

Have a frugal life

Prepared their own breakfast

THE PRINTING OF EL FILIBUSTERISMOa publisher, F. Meyer-Van Loo Press, No.66 Viandren Street

-Willing to print at installment basis

As the printing was going on

-Rizal became desperate because the funds were running low -He recived some money from Basa & P200 from Rodriguez Arias

Valentin Ventura in Paris learned of rizals predicament and immidiately sent him the necessary funds.With his financial aid, the printing of the Fili was resumed

September 18,1891

El filibusterismo came off the press Rizal immediately sent 2 copies to Hong Kong for Basa & Sixto Lopez A Barcelona newspaper Published a tribute, eulogizing the novels original style The liberal Madrid newspaper Serialized the novel in its issues of October, 1891

La Publisidad

El Nuevo Regimen

All copies of the books first edition were shipped to Hong KongBut almost all were confiscated and the books were lost So the few available copies were sold as 400 pesetas per copy