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  • 1. The first day, 15 AprilAt River Stone Eco Resort

2. After briefing, were goingto select our own site 3. FINALLY, We have selected our site!!!Its at.. 4. The water is tasteless and we can feel the coldof waterAt the site, we can hear the sounds of water flowingand birds chirping. We also can smell the naturewhich is fresh and clean. 5. The stone and difference in size and surface.Some of the stones are rough and large while some ofthe stones are small and smooth 6. The sand is uncomfortablewhen stepping on it. 7. Its time to do some WORKS!!!! 8. After researching at our siteIts GAME time and DINNER time :D 9. After dinner, we have given a projectwhich is designing a logo and creatinga group name. Our group name isNATURAL!!! 10. This is the sketch of our selected site 11. Ecosystem of Ant 12. Throughout this project, I have learnt manythings such as we must protect our environmentbut not to pollute it. In this project, it has taughtme to become responsible on my work and makea good teamwork with group members. 13. thiss my group -> Natural