Enlightenment and Revolutions Enlightenment American & French Revolutions Latin American Independence Movements Industrial Revolution

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  • Enlightenment and RevolutionsEnlightenmentAmerican & French RevolutionsLatin American Independence MovementsIndustrial Revolution

  • The EnlightenmentA movement in the 18th century in Western EuropeStressed the importance of reason and science in philosophy and the study of human society. The key, and most significant, cause of the Enlightenment was the Scientific Revolution

  • Natural RightsInherent in peopleSome argue God given rightsUniversal & InalienableNatural law--discover fair, just, and natural in political and social realms through reason

  • Key Thinkers of the EnlightenmentLockenatural rights- life, liberty, propertyNatural right to rebel against tyrannyMontesquieuthree branches of govt.Voltairefreedom of speechRousseauwill of the people should govern

  • Effects of the EnlightenmentInspired revolutions in the American colonies, France and Latin America

  • French Revolution BackgroundCauses1. Inequality between the 3 Estates2. Monarchy ineffective (Louis XV and XVI)3.Bad Harvests4.Financial Collapse

  • Achievements of French RevolutionDeclaration of the Rights of Manliberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression are mans natural rightsEvery man is innocent until proven guilty

    Constitution of 1791created National Assembly, which had power to make laws ensured equality before law for all citizens

  • Liberty- Freedom for all people, especially from absolute and unjust ruleEquality- Equal treatment for all people, especially before the lawFraternity- Brotherhood for all people

    Nationalism intensified Proud to be French Worldwide influence Latin AmericaImpact of the French Revolution

  • 19th Century RevolutionsPower of NationalismLiberalism vs. ConservatismSeries of Revolutions 1830, 1848When France sneeze, Europe catches a cold.New Constitutions (French Republics)

  • The Congress of ViennaThe main goal of the conference was to create a balance of power after the French Revolution that would preserve peace in Europe Restore the monarchies of Europe to powerConservative- preserve traditional (monarchy) waysLiberal- promote social change and individual freedom

  • Latin American Independence MovementsLatin America Independence Leaders- Simon Bolivar Jose de San MartinBernardo OHiggins Father Hidalgo

    CausesEuropean domination of Latin AmericaSpread of Enlightenment ideasAmerican and French revolutionsGrowth of nationalism in Latin America

  • Latin American Independence Movements

  • Latin American Social StructurePeninsularesBorn in EuropeCreoles-Of European descent but born in AmericasMestizosMulattoesNative AmericansAnd Africans