Enterprise Asset Management DXC Enterprise Asset Management Consulting helps you conï¬پgure the right

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  • Enterprise Asset Management


    Improve asset performance and manage risk with next-generation digital asset management solutions.

    Drive performance and utilize capacity

    Availability & reliability Minimize unscheduled downtime, production losses and missed operating targets

    Safety & compliance Eliminate non-compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations

    Maintenance Plan and schedule asset maintenance on time and on budget

    Protection Safeguard employees and the environment

    Improve performance

    Digital asset performance management solutions

    DXC consulting services

    Manage risks

    Increase asset availability20%

    Increase technician productivity25%

    Reduce unplanned downtime


    Improve asset capacity utilization30%

    Improve regulatory compliance30%

    Improve employee safety15%

    Reduce maintenance costs


    Reduce asset lifecycle cost10%

    System integrity

    Asset management

    Work and resource planning

    Compliance management

    System records/ history

    Work management

    Monitor asset condition

    Monitor events

    Update asset record/work


    Close work

    Reconcile as-builts

    Field complete work

    Schedule dispatch Contractor web portals

    Design work Graphic design tools

    Create/update asset records Asset registry

    Initiate work order

    Generate work

    Track inspection/ compliance

    due dates

    Plan enhancements/


    Manage asset life cycle

    Asset Management

    Work Management

    Business intelligence



    Mobile work order management

    Mobility and flexibility for field access to asset and work order information

    Mobile geospatial work management

    Map-based, task-centric solution for quick decision-making across wide geographical areas

    Smart technician

    Augmented reality technology delivering hands-free productivity

    Digital twin/IoT

    Connected infrastructure driving operational time and cost efficiencies

    Connected asset lifecycle management

    Comprehensive digital asset performance and management program

    The DXC difference

    Transform your operations

    Learn more at: www.dxc.technology/consulting

    World-class talent World-class consultants with hands-on experience implementing and integrating the leading enterprise asset management and mobile work management solutions for our clients across the globe.

    Technology independence Leading systems integration capabilities to connect your enterprise asset management and mobile work management solutions to your back-office processes and systems.

    Confident guidance Deep mobility knowledge and expertise to support your mobile work management solutions and your technicians with the right information delivered to the right device to make them more productive and efficient.

    DXC Enterprise Asset Management Consulting helps you configure the right solution for your industry and operations.

    Manage risk and improve asset maintenance, availability, reliability and capacity utilization — with the scale and mobile access you need to transform the way you operate and maintain equipment in the field.

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    Manufacturing Airline