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  • Erev Shabbos Erev, Erev, Erev, Erev, Erev Yom HaKippurim Parashas VaYeilech September 21, 2012 Licht Bentchen: 6:48 P.M. Volume XIX, Issue 4

    “Posting” the Washington Yomim

    Tovim Lighting “Times”

    Erev Yom HaKippurim Tuesday, September 25 – 6:42 P.M.

    Succos First Days of Yom Tov

    Sunday, September 30 – 6:34 P.M. Monday, October 1 – after 7:40 P.M.

    Erev Shabbas Chol HaMoed October 5 – 6:26 P.M.

    Second Days of Yom Tov Sunday, October 7 – 6:23 P.M.

    Monday, October 8 – after 7:29 P.M.

    Dear Parents, Once again, we are horrifed by a senseless, inhumane terrorist act in France. Thank G-d, there were no fatalities and only a few were injured (most from panic attacks). The victims need our Tefillos, as does the entire Jewish population of France. Although Homeland Security (based upon my conversation with John Wessel, head of Security for Federation) does not feel that there is any threat to American Jewry, it is our responsibility to our children and ourselves to remain vigilant. However, there are concerns for Jews (and others) in Europe and the Middle East. At this time of year, when we are more attentive to and spend more time with our prayers, we need to

    especially include all of Acheinu B’nai Yisrael, worldwide Jewry, in our supplications to the Ribbono Shel Olam. May all our entreaties be answered positively, and may we soon be privileged to “experience” the Ge’u’lah Shelaimah.

    Very Focused Learning Our heavy-duty coverage of Aseres Yemei

    Teshuvah (ten days of repentance – from Rosh HaShanah through Yom HaKippurim) will continue on Monday. Following that, Thursday and Friday will see crash courses in the myriad laws and complex days of the upcoming Yom Tov of Succos. Among the topics of intended inclusion are: Esrog, Lulav, Hadasim, Aravos, Succah, S’chach, Hoshanos, Simchas Beis HaSho’ei’vah, Hoshanah Rabah, Shemini Atzeres, Simchas Torah, Aliyah LeRegel, Chol HaMoed, Isru Chag, and on and on. To complement these Halachos and to enhance your Chagim, many beautiful, gorgeous, creative, festive, colorful, delightful, enjoyable, pretty, breathtaking, and, even, OK Succos projects should be arriving at your doorsteps (together with your children) next Friday P.M.

    TSGW Dinner/Journal/Succos We are once again sending home an ad blank for the journal which will accompany our Eighteenth Annual Dinner. Invitations will reach your homes after Yom Tov, and it’s now time to get working on the ads. Coming up in 9 days is Succos, which is a time for families and friends to get reacquainted in the close confines of our “house - for - a – week,” “Yom Tov - in - a - thatched - hut” quarters. It can also be a GOLDEN (literally and figuratively) opportunity to “share” with our guests, hosts, fellow travelers, newly-found friends, long-lost relatives, etc., the Zechus of supporting the Torah institutes of our respective communities. In this spirit, we reremind you that the:

    $$””22"" TToorraahh SScchhooooll ooff GGrreeaatteerr WWaasshhiinnggttoonn

    EE..SS..TT..EE..RR.. EErreevv SShhaabbbbooss ““TToorraahh”” EEvveennttss RReeppoorrtt

  • Journal Deadline is: November 9, 2012 Banquet Date is: December 2, 2012 Although you’ve heard/read this before, the following bears repetition: THE DINNER IS THE BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF OUR FISCAL YEAR, AND WE NEED EVERYONE’S PARTICIPATION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Please don’t allow the “Holiday - blackout - mindset” to prevent you from working on journal ads. We’ve got plenty of ad blanks in our office, and we’ll give you all you want. Once again, we inundate you with these Banquet facts: Day of Week: Sunday Honorees: The Honorable Stuart and Mrs. Fran Eizenstat

    and Mrs. Shulie Bergman

    and Mrs. Michelle Swartz

    Time: 6:00 P.M. Journal: Yes. See above. Parental Roles: Hittin’ the phone and the streets to get those ads. It does require time and effort, but our kids’ Chinuch depends upon our involvement. It is not difficult to get advertisers. However, they certainly won’t contribute if they are not approached. Ad Blank: Coming home today, with plenty more available. Ad Credits Towards the cost of the Dinner: Please read the attached letter. If you are interested in sending a letter to solicit a business for an ad, please contact Zev Teichman (301-962- 8003, ext. 2311).

    Calendarial Anticipations

    Sunday, September 23 – 5th/6th Shiurim – 10:00-11:30. Please note the later start – due to Selichos. Monday, September 24 – Rabbi Frand’s Derashas Teshuvah in YISE at 8:00 P.M. This yearly EVENT is sponsored by a number of community institutions, including the Torah School. Tuesday, September 25 – Erev Yom HaKippurim – No School. Wednesday, September 26 – Yom HaKippurim. Thursday, September 27 –  No post-3:30 classes.  There will be P.M. Day Care.

    Friday, September 28 –  Last day of school before Succos.  LAST 3:30 Friday dismissal of 2012. Thursday, October 11 –  Return to the REAL WORLD (or was Yom Tov the REAL WORLD?). Classes resume.  Full post-3:30 schedule.  There will be P.M. Day Care. Friday, October 12 – 2:00 Friday dismissal begins. Monday, October 15 – 4B/4G/4G to Flag Ponds. Tuesday, October 16 – Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan NOAM (Night Out at Max’s). Monday, October 29 – 5B/5G to Project Ascent. Info will be sent home after Yom Tov.

    Today’s Attachments:  First Classroom Close-ups of 2012-2013. Today’s guest author: Ms.Kerry Griffin of First Grade fame.  Chosen Words.  Ad blank.  Letter about banquet. We extend condolences to Mrs. Lisette Young, upon the passing of her niece. May the entire family be comforted among the mourners of Tziyon and Yerushalayim.

    Latest Dose of Handbook Excerpts Illness

    In order to keep illness to a minimum, please keep your child at home if he/she is sick. If you are not sure whether or not your child is contagious, please call your pediatrician. You should keep your child at home if he/she has:  a fever - keep him/her at home until the fever has been gone for 24 hours;  a persistent cough or a recurrent sore throat, especially if the child has been exposed to strep;  strep - keep the child at home until he/she has been on an antibiotic for 24 hours;  a runny nose with yellow/greenish drainage;  an upset stomach;  an open wound with pus drainage;  pink eye

  •  an undiagnosed rash;  any other obvious infection, and  lice. Pinworms – If your child has been diagnosed with pinworms or other intestinal parasites, please inform the school and be sure your child has started treatment with a physician before he/she returns to school.

    PLEASE, Please, Please help us keep our students and staff healthy.

    Finally, as we approach Yom HaKippurim, the day of Chasimas HaDin (the sealing of Hashem’s determination of our individual and collective fates), I ask, on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire school, Mechilah, forgiveness, for any offense or hurt we may have caused you in the past twelve months. We will continue to strive for improvement in our sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings. May we all merit being inscribed in the Sefer Chaim, Berachah, VeShalom.

    Good Shabbos!

    Have an easy fast. Gemar Chasimah Tovah!

    Chag Sameach!


    Rabbi Yitzchak Charner


    Please sign up for:

    Giant’s A+ School Rewards Program at Our school ID is 03021.

    and Safeway’s and ShopRite’s

    escrip program at

    Our school ID is 149415552.

  • This Week’s Parnasei HaYom

    Thursday, September 19 ‐  The learning in the Torah School was dedicated in loving memory of Chaya Chinka bas Yosef Halevi, sponsored by her grandchildren, Dr. & Mrs. Josh Hollander.     The learning in the First Grade Girls' class was dedicated in honor of Daniella Garfield's 7th Birthday, sponsored by her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Garfield and Dr. & Mrs. Gary Goodman.     The learning in the First Grade Girls' class was dedicated in loving memory of Ahuva Lasdun's grandfather, Mr. Allan Dikter, sponsored by Ahuva’s grandmother, Mrs. Sharon Dikter.   The learning in the Kindergarten was dedicated in honor of Aryeh Hershenson's 6th Birthday, sponsored by his grandparents, Dr. & Mrs. David Droller.    Friday, September 20 ‐  The learning in the Second Grade Girls' class was dedicated in honor of Rachelle Kugler's 8th Birthday, sponsored by her grandmother, Mrs. Shonny Kugler.


                    September 14, 2012  Dear Parents:    Preparations for the 18th annual TSGW banquet are now officially underway!    Sunday, December 2 is much closer than you might think.  We are gearing up and preparing for  another wonderful and special evening of delectable cuis