SKIP, Shabbos Good Shabbos and Welcome! Good Shabbos and Welcome! This Shabbos flyer is brought to you

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  • Shabbos Youth Programs: • Shmiras HaLashon (Guard Your Tongue) for girls in grades 1-6. WILL NOT MEET • SKIP, 18 months – grade 5, ECD Wing, 9:45am - 11:45am • Mommy & Me, Mommies with children 2 years and under, ECD wing in the Ruach Rainbows classroom, 9:45am - 11:45am. • B’nei BJ, boys grades 2 – 5 with Lawrence Stroll, Board Room, 10:30am. • Nine fif-TEEN Minyan, boys and girls grades 5 - 12, with Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz, Conference Room, 9:15am. Followed by their famous cholent Kiddush. • NCSY Shalosh Seudos with Rabbi Chaim Neiditch, high school boys & girls, between Mincha & Maariv, Carson Room. • Shalosh Seudos with Jonathan Klein boys & girls grades 6-8, between Mincha & Maariv, Youth Lounge. • Avos Ubanim/ Father Son Learning, Kollel Beis Medrash, 7:55pm. For fathers & sons of all ages. Each week there is a child given dvar Torah and a raffle!

    Shabbos Classes: (Brought to you by Beth Jacob and Atlanta Scholars Kollel) • Daf Yomi, Rabbi Reuven Stein, one hour before Mincha, Kollel, for men. • Shabbos Morning Chumash Shiur, Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman or Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, 8:15am, Main Shul, for men & women. • Shabbos Shiur for Men, Rabbi Doniel Pransky, 10:45am, Kollel. • 12 Minute Halacha, Rabbi Ezra Sarna, following the 9:00am Minyan Kiddush, for men & women. Topic: Does Prophecy Always Come True?

    Erev Shabbos FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 21 Candlelighting .......................6:09 pm Mincha (MS) ..........................6:05 pm B'zman Minyan (K) ................6:05 pm

    Shabbos FEBRUARY 22 Shacharis Early Minyan (K) ....................8:00 am Main Minyan (MS) .................8:45 am 9:00am Minyan (DM) ............9:00 am Nine fif-TEEN Minyan (CFR) ..9:15 am Adult Beginners (BR) ..........10:00 am Mincha Early Mincha (DM) ................4:00 pm Mincha (MS) ..........................5:50 pm

    Maariv Maariv/Shabbos ends (MS) ..7:03 pm Late Maariv (K) ......................7:13 pm

    Weekday WEEK OF FEBRUARY 23 - 28 Shacharis Sunday (DM) ........7:00, 8:00, 9:00am Mon/ Thurs (DM) ..................6:50 am Tues/Wed/ Fri (DM) ...............7:00 am Mon-Fri (K) ............................7:30 am Mincha Sunday (K) .............................1:20 pm Mon - Thurs (K) .....................2:30 pm Sun - Thurs (DM) ..................6:15 pm

    Maariv Sun - Thurs (DM).....following Mincha Sun - Thurs (K) ......................7:40 pm Sun - Thurs (DM) ...................9:00 pm Sun - Thurs (K) ......................9:45 pm

    Next Shabbos FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Candlelighting .......................6:15 pm Mincha (MS) ..........................6:10 pm

    (CFR) Conference Room, (CSR) Carson Room, (BR) Board Room, (DM) Daily Minyan, (FR) Franco Room in the Kollel, (K) Kollel, (MS) Main Shul

    Class Update Rabbi Pransky's Redemption class will not meet this Sunday, February 23rd due to the Torah Day School Main Event.

    Neat of the Week! This past Monday, a packed Heritage Hall heard and watched a detailed presentation of the proposed plans for renovation of the Main Shul. The huge attendance was testimony to the level of interest and caring our community has for the Shul. People remarked about the level of detail and thought that went into the planning for the renovation. Thank you to Michael Cenker and his team for the many hours of hard work that have brought us to this point. Online you will find a video of the meeting, the slide show presentation made by Sandy Cooper, architect, member comment card, and dedication opportunities. You can view them at

    Welcome! To Rabbi Fleshel's Emory Maimonides Greek Shabbaton! There are 30 students are from AEPi, SDT, and TriDelt joining Beth Jacob for Shabbos.

    Ilan D. Feldman, Rabbi • Yechezkel Freundlich, Associate Rabbi Dr. Emanuel Feldman, Rabbi Emeritus

    Harvey Steele, Executive Director • Joey Fink, President Mindy Tanenbaum, Preschool Director

    Jodi Wittenberg & Tzippy Teller, Co-Presidents, Sisterhood 1855 LaVista Road Atlanta, GA 30329 • (404) 633-0551 • Fax (404) 320-7912 •


    Page Numbers: Torah Reading: page 516, Haftarah: page 1163

    Good Shabbos and Welcome!

    This Shabbos flyer is brought to you in loving memory of Marlene Mendel, z"l.

    Her light does not go out at night. - Prov. 31

  • Thank You to Our Donors! NORMAN RAAB KIDDUSH FUND • Michael & Sara Carter in memory of Norman Raab, z"l. • Doris Herzberg in memory of her mother, Esther Klinkostien, z"l. • Boris & Harriet Koonin in memory of Harriet's mother, Frieda Ween, z"l. • Yehuda Moshe & Chantza Lawrence in memory of Chantza's mother, Preeva bas Gedalia Dovid, Beatrice Berg, z"l, on her Shabbos yahrzeit. • Phil & Liane Levetan in memory of Liane's brother, Norman Raab, z"l. • Gail Raab, Joey Raab, David & Hallie Chasen in commemoration of the 3rd yahrzeit of Norman Raab, z"l. • Friends of Ronda Robinson in honor of Ronda's engagement. SPECIAL DEDICATIONS • Rabbi Ely & Malka Landman sponsored the Kollel Kiddush in honor of their new daughter, Shalva Emuna. • Ezra Sarna is sponsoring the 9:00am Minyan Kiddush in honor of Gavin Frank & Jordan Tritt finishing the first chapter of Rosh Hashana and for approximately 250 hours of learning together. • Harvey Steele sponsored the Teen Minyan Kiddush last Shabbos, Parshas Ki Sisa, in honor of Rabbi Shalom Horowitz. • The Spicy Peach for donating herring trays (pareve) for the Main and 9:00am Minyan Kiddush. • Moshe Bengigi is sponsoring Shalosh Seudos in memory of his parents David & Simcha Bengigi, z”l.

    Mazal Tov! • Neil & Marcy Kalnitz on being honored this Sunday, February 23rd at the Torah Day School Main Event. • Marty & Marcy Karon on the engagement of their son, Aharon, to Olivia Etkind of Passaic, NJ, daughter of Andrew & Angela Etkind of Zurich, Switzerland, and to grandmother Eleanor Freemer. • Rabbi Moshe & Raizie Shkarofsky on the engagement of their daughter, Chana to Binyamin Clyman son of Rabbi & Mrs. Clyman of Passaic, NJ.

    Neat of the Week! Part II Thank you to Yosef Pankratz for a making the cart for Aron used at the Nine fif-TEEN Minyan on display this Shabbos! Yasher koach on all your hard work!

    Upcoming Events & Classes • Building for the Future Raffle. Great prizes! Winners drawn motzei Shabbos at The Beth Jacob Games on March 1st. Proceeds used to maintain our beautiful facility. Contact Shul office for more information. • Monday, February 24 - Shimon Shlomo & Margalit Ovadia Great Controversies in Jewish History Course. 7:45pm, Heritage Hall. Topic: Jewish Enlightenment and the Eastern European Response with Rabbi Binyomin Friedman. • Wednesday, February 26 - PART 2: Beth Jacob Preschool Presents Parenting Classes with Rabbi Y. 8:15pm, Conference Room.

    • Second Class: Effective Consequences: Effective Consequences: 4 steps to establishing effective consequences to address everyday misbehavior without leaving you (or your children!) frazzled.

    • NEXT Shabbos, February 28 - Carlebach Nusach Minyan! 6:10pm in the Daily Minyan. Bring in Shabbos with extra ruach, song, dancing and energy. Children welcome! Thank you to Harry Portman for coordinating this Minyan! • Motzei Shabbos, March 1 - CASINO NIGHT: The Beth Jacob Games. 8:30pm, Heritage Hall. RSVP to the Shul office or online at • Wednesdays, March 5 & 19 - Finding Love & Intimacy in Marriage Workshop with Rebbitzen Miriam Feldman. 8:30pm, The first class will be at the home of Jessi Ovadia, 1402 Biltmore Drive. The second class will take place at the home of Shayna Krohn, 1389 Dalewood Drive, no charge. Workshop for women married 10 years or less. • Shabbos, March 28 & 29 - Save the Date: Scholar-In-Residence with Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland.

    Have Coffee at Kiddush with Peace of Mind! Many of you have enjoyed having a coffee station at Kiddush since we introduced it 1 1/2 years ago and we would like to continue it. Concerns have been raised that children playing near or attempting to use the hot water urns may inadvertently cause burns to themselves or others. We are looking for volunteers who on a rotating basis over the course of a month would be willing to informally monitor the coffee station while having Kiddush to ensure everyone's safety. (Direct parental supervision of one's own children at Kiddush would also reduce the possibility of accidents.) Contact Harvey Steele in the Shul office if you are willing to participate.

    *Parade BEGINS at 11:00 AM *Festival: 12:00 NOON – 3:00 PM *Mr. Michael Music Show -2:00 PM - FREE!!

    Fantastic food Bungee Jump Rock Climbing

    Tea Cups Velcro walL

    Moon Bounces Train Rides

    Obstacle Course Arts & Crafts Face Painting

    23rd Annual Purim Parade & Festival Sunday, March 9th 11am - 3Pm

    Purim Festival Volunteers Needed! Areas of help include: kitchen duty, ticket sales, ride ticket taking, foods sales, face painting and crafts table. Sign up with Sybil Goldstein at or by calling (404) 633-0551.