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Presentation SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013 February 28, The Hague University of Applied Sciences Peter van den Heuvel is Entrepreneur and Research Fellow Digital World at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.


  • 1. Citizen Science & Social Media Get ready to get real! Peter van den Heuvel, research fellow based on presentation of Frans van der Reep, professor Digital World at Inholland University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands The Hague, February 28th 2013

2. Do we understand the impact ofDo we understand the impact ofcrowdsourcing & social media?crowdsourcing & social media? When the combustion engine was invented, the discussion wasnt about saving the rainforest or this planet. Viewpoints Frameworks References 3. Its all about understandingIts all about understanding Change is about creating new viewpoints For art For business For Government For you Get ready to get real Value through understanding 4. Viewpoints and referencesViewpoints and references Organizations exist because of their capacity to organize cooperation cheaper than the market. Time, distance and costs as important factors of information transfer evaporate. With the internet, crowds (the market) can organize cooperation and information transfer cheaper than most organizations.Source: Reep, F. van den (2004) Connected Future, Hogeschool Inholland 5. Framework What happens in society Push orientedPull oriented EUROPEAN RULING COURTS OF JUSTICET TOPDOWN ICT PLANNING OP MARKETINGD POLITICS OW INNOVATION PLANNINGN PRIVATE INITIATIVES PROTOTYPINGB NEWSPAPERO SALESTT REFERENDUM OM LINUX / WIKI /Social UP F. van der Reep 6. Recognise diversity Poolingdynamic environmentAllying LinkingOUTSOURCINGWhos my PALCORE-EXCELLENCECOMMUNICATIONAL EXCELLENCEAway All-waysSimple ComplexdemanddemandMANAGEMENT & CONTROL BPMCONTROL EXCELLENCE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCEOne wayExcellent waystatic environment 7. No community and flexibilityNo community and flexibilitywithout fixed reference pointswithout fixed reference points When to many parts are interconnected or networked and moving, things get complicated. 8. The Internet turns everyone intoThe Internet turns everyone intoa sales persona sales person Companies become more and more projects, they come and go. Each one of us has to design his or her own contribution. With Focus on flexibility. Related to ones individual core competences. 9. Social Media has impact ifSocial Media has impact if Frans van der Reep / Hans Kooistra 10. .. and serendipity and serendipityFrans van der Reep Hans Kooistra 11. = no effect 12. = has effect 13. 14. Context Drives Meaning Rapid changes in context reduce the chances of meaningful objectives Multiple contexts lead to multiple meaning, and to tribes and fragmentation 15. Internet is a basic needInternet is a basic need Governments provide critical infrastructure for the public interest. Internet is a critical infrastructure. Internet supports participation of the crowd. 16. The Government Agenda in theThe Government Agenda in theDigital WorldDigital World Government should compensate business flexibilitywith stability in basic social infrastructures. Government has to adapt to the speed andknowledge of the market in terms of their practices. This is a viewpoint and, therefore, belongs to thepolitical domain. The Government should have a vision on education,e-readiness, and e-skills and should fosterimplementation. Basic ICT infrastructure and establishing e-securityshould be looked upon as public responsibilities.Compare ICT infra with roads and dikes. 17. Contact usContact us Peter van den Heuvel research fellow Digital World @vandenheuvel Frans van der Reep professor Digital World @FvdR www.fransvanderreep.comThank you for your kind interest.