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Greetings from technical communication students · PDF file Greetings from technical communication students in the form of user profiles User-centered technical communication class,

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  • Greetings from technical communication students

    in the form of

    user profiles




    class, fall 2016

  • User profile: Miro Hansen

     Born in Finland and living there now

     lived in Poland for one year

     25 years old

     University student (Master's degree)

     Likes:

     Watching movies

     Video games

     Playing guitar and keyboard

     Cooking


    • 25 years old

    • 2nd year master student, majoring in computer science and

    business administration

    • Exchange studies: San Diego State University, fall 2015

    • Figuring out how to upload a YouTube video

    • Love sports

  • Taru, 24

    o Background: studies technical communication, works in a

    video game store

    o Description: Taru loves nature, retro games and tattoos.

    When she is not working or studying, Taru usually spends

    her time on the internet, drawing, or strolling with her dog.

    Her Hogwarts house is Slytherin.

    o Details: Taru is an avid reader. Even though she collects

    comic books and graphic novels, her bookshelf is also filled

    with thick fantasy and sci-fi books.

  • Greetings from Vaasa In the form of user profiles

  • Sini-Pilvi Keistinen

    Occupation: Master’s Degree student at University of Vaasa

    Age: 26

    City: Vaasa, Finland

    Technology usage I’m a pro with Apple’s products. I have an iPhone, an iPad and MacBook Air. I use them all

    the time and carry them around almost everywhere I go because of their portability. At

    home I also like to use Apple TV, because then I can watch Netflix via TV. I love new

    innovative technology because it provides us new ways to operate on a daily basis- at

    school, at work and on your spare time.

    Social media: • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Pinterest

    Computer skills: • SAP

    • Excel

    • Microsoft Office

    • OS X, Microsoft Windows

    • Photoshop

    Hobbies: • Gym

    • Running

    • Snowboarding

    • Movies

  • laura 24 year old student and a Ferry Stewardess

    Laura is a mysterious Finnish girl who likes to chill and

    enjoy a well prepared meal with a glass of wine. She

    likes DIY projects and handcrafts so the origami theme

    is perfect for her.

    Studying is something that Laura takes seriously. She

    likes challenges and she is always eager to try

    everything new. She thinks that the most important

    things in life are cats, dogs and bacon.


    Tiina is a communication student who is also very interested in programming and computer science. She’s very motivated about her studies and ambitiously planning her future. Outside school her top interests are sports and finnish rap music. Tiina loves Harry Potter, Jon Snow and Leonardo DiCaprio. She desperately hopes one of them will marry her.

    26-year-old female.

    Originally from Lahti, Finland.

    Supercool kid.

    In this project Tiina belongs to Origami rose group. What to expect from her:  No previous experience with origamis  Quite handy and learns new things easily  May have trouble with patience and accuracy

    ”Tiina is an awesome lady with great attitude” - Laura K. Laukka

  • User profile: Kaisa Liekovuori • Backround: Born in Hyvinkää, studied in Hyvinkää, Helsinki and now in

    Vaasa. I study in technical communication program and my major is computer science. Minors are ICT-law, industrial engineering and international studies in Technical University of Tallinn.

    • Age: 26 years

    • Profession: BBA, major in advertising and corporate communication

    • Describtion: Active, athletic and ambitious go-getter. I respect honest, unique and hard-working people. I learn fast when it comes to new technologies and techniques and I love challenges. Im very handy with my hands so I think I can do the secret container if I just find the proper tools.

    • Key Goals: To make the secret container between an old book according to the intructions given by other students. Never done this before in my life!

    • Behaviors: Very blunt communication skills, not so patient (practising it all the time!), visual, independent and strong person. I am lazy at finishing books so not so sure I can find thick and strudy hardcover book to test the instructions.

    • Must dos: To live life to the fullest, meet righ people at the right moment. To create secret containers and to do usability test.

    • Must nevers: To go against your personal beliefs. To ruin the team work because of your own issues.

    • ”I want to achieve important goals in my life and live a calm, happy and at the same time exciting life. PS. I love travelling.”

    ”How to create secret compartment with a thick and sturdy hardcover book.”

  • Member of group

    “ How to download an App for a


    Ville Mäkinen, 24


    Student at the University of Vaasa

    Audi Product Manager at Käyttöauto, Vaasa

    Description: He is familiar with the most of the technologies via smartphones. In regular basis he is training other co- workers to use new Audi technologies and mobile applications. On his spare time you will find him playing basketball or managing his hectic life. The best way to connect with him is through WhatsApp. Goals: Get ready for the next big adventure. Finish this course with a good grade and learn from other students.

  • Student, Service Desk Agent

    Samuli, 28 Description:

    Samuli studies at the University of Vaasa, Finland. He also works as a Service Desk Agent for Fujitsu delivering IT support service in varying IT environments. On his spare time you will propably find him fishing or playing guitar. The best way to connect with Samuli is through email or WhatsApp.


    - Travel many countries & meet new people - Finish the course with a good grade ;-) - To continously learn from other people

    Member of group ”How to download an App for a smartphone”

  • JANNE, 27

    Project group: Youtube

    Won´t go chasing waterfalls, don´t want no scrubs and

    ain´t too proud to beg. Yes, those were all TLC song

    references. Ron Swanson is a sage.


    - Red meat

    Scared of

    - Sharks

  • Johanna, 25

    • Master’s degree student in University of Vaasa

    • Major subject Information technology

    • Has used to work with technology in the daily basis


    Johanna is interested in creative things; especially listening to music

    and photographing. She likes to adapt new ways to improve her

    skills. She feels like she could learn how to utilize Photoshop in her

    photographing hobby.


    She would like to see some progress in her photographig skills and

    propably combine her intrests with the information technology


  • Ruta Särki • 25 years old • Master’s Student at University of Vaasa, Technical

    Communication (MPhil) • From Helsinki, now living in Vaasa, Finland.

    Background: Bachelor of Business Administrtation from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I have used technology almost every day since my childhood so you could say that I am quite experienced user. Nowadays I mainly use my laptop and smartphone and all the different programs and apps that I have on them. Topic for the TAPP: How to cook a Spanish omelette. The topic is not connected to technology but I like cooking a lot so it will be fun to evaluate a different kind of a user’s manual.

  • Jaakko, 31

    • Backround: Small Entrepreneur Adviser in a bank, now on study leave.

    • Is eager to test and evaluate the up comming instructions.

    • Wants straight forward instructions, which have easy to understand text. Don’t like jargon too much.

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