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1. Help teach a younger child to read 2. Organized by Myrzabekova Tamara

  • April 4,2011
  • Nanaev Kasumkyl
  • School, Aral

3. The 1 stgrade students needteaching on reading. There are 27 students in this class. The teacher cant continue the reading progress. 4. I want to mention 3 main problemsfor future1) If they dont learn during the academy year, they will lag behind in the reading course. 2) Every personhas to learn becauseit is necessary. 3) They willlose interest in reading and be absentminded. 5. The teacher wants to help in reading. 6. How to achieve?

  • The goal of my GYSD project is to help teaching younger children in
  • 1)Learning the letters and the sounds.
  • 2)Recognize written words
  • 3) Develop readingskills