HERRENKNECHT NEWS 11/ NEWS - Tunnel in Switzerland. Small, fine and very successful. ... S-255, EPB Shield Diameter: 10,550mm Cutterhead power: 3,600kW S-281, Double Shield TBM

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    Halfway at the Gotthard Range. Herrenknecht in Switzerland.

    Small, fine and very successful. 1,000 Utility Tunnelling Systems sold.

    Traffic tunnelling excellence in Spain.Mega machine starts work in Madrid.

    Quick and clever conveying.Teamwork partner H+E Logistik GmbH.



    November 2005HERR








  • Inspecting the cutter head of theHerrenknecht S-229 Gripper TBM in Amsteg, Gotthard Base Tunnel.

    Dr.- Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht,Chairman of the Board ofManagement of Herrenknecht AG.

    Herrenknecht AG

    In our globalized society we need bold visions and people with the courage to break newground. Today, many things are changing more quickly and more profoundly. We mustembrace this change and make use of it.

    We cannot further improve conditions for humans and the environment without tech-nological progress. Our hope rests with highly qualified engineers. We are facing huge chal-lenges caused by shrinking energy and water resources, rapidly progressing urbanization anddemands for limitless mobility.

    Mechanical tunnelling technology is an excellent example of the way technical progresscan open up new options so that construction and modernization of infrastructures under-ground can keep pace with complex demands. This edition of Herrenknecht News gives youan impression of where and how efficient tunnels and pipelines are being built all over theglobe. Each breakthrough is a pioneering feat in the service of people, industry and the envi-ronment.

    Bridging the gap between innovation and tradition is no easy task. Providers of machinetechnology must prepare their production and procurement for the future so that they canprovide the highest level of quality, reliability and professional service at a reasonable priceon any market. We must adapt our location policies to the demands of the market, forexample Herrenknecht demonstrates this with its commitment in Asia.

    Higher performance with lower budgets is not always the answer. When constructingtunnels and large-scale sewage systems, as cheaply as possible is never a good philosophy.Quality, safety, reliability and individual solutions come at a price. In the final reckoning, ifwe have remained within our budget and our schedule and if no harm has come to humans,buildings or the environment, then it will have been worth the price.

  • Traffic Tunnelling excellence in Spain.TBM giants burrow through the Iberian peninsula.

    Mega Machine for Madrid.Towards a new dimension.

    No contest in the Sierra de Guadarrama.Guadarrama project wins all the way.

    On the right track in Barcelona.2 storeys for the metro line 9.

    Halfway at the Gotthard range.More than 150km of tunnels, shafts and adits.

    Perfect teamwork at Islisberg.4,680m of tunnel in one year.

    Hello, Austria.Austria discovers mechanical tunnelling.

    Katzenberg Tunnel.Germany's longest underground constructionproject with mechanical tunnelling.

    Better through Germany.Herrenknecht Microtunnelling on home ground.

    Faster through Bella Italia.Tutto bene in tunnelling.

    Going East.Herrenknecht Tunnelling Technology in Russia,Poland, Hungary and Azerbaijan.

    Ni ho in China.All runs well in China.New Herrenknecht assembly facility in Guangzhou.

    Micros are great.Crossing the Yangtze River.

    Herrenknecht Asia Headquarters. New headquarters for the Asia-Pacific market in Singapore.

    Dual use for Kuala Lumpur.The SMART Tunnel makes good progress.

    In the shadow of the Himalayas.Great demand for Herrenknecht HDD Equipment in India.

    Utility Tunnelling down under.Herrenknecht Micromachines on the other side of the globe.

    No sand in the works.Faultless tunnelling with trenchless technology.

    670 million liters storage tunnel.Hard Rock Tunnelling in Atlanta.

    Portland.Great and small doing a good job.

    Table Rock.Sea outfall the clever way.

    Precision work in Venezuela.Caracas metro extension at top speed.

    Herrenknecht AG 2 | 3

    Contents. E U R O P E

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    A S I A

    N O R T H A M E R I C A

    S O U T H A M E R I C A

    S P E C I A L F E A T U R E S

    Publisher:Herrenknecht AGSchlehenweg 2D-77963 SchwanauGermany

    Responsible:Achim Khn

    Editors:Martin Heitz, Cornelia Lietzau,Christoph von Bdingen, Alexander Hundertpfund

    Authors:Ullrich Hnida, Peter Ilg

    Concept:Herrenknecht AGMarketing +Corporate Communication

    Design:W.A.F. Werbegesellschaft, Berlin

    Photographs:Thomas Ernsting, Jo Fichtner, Erwin Fleischmann

    Print:Dinner Druck, D-77963 SchwanauGermany

    M I D D L E E A S T

    Meet our team: Keeping the pressure on!A portrait of the Herrenknecht engineerRico Wurth.

    Swiss subsidiary: A portrait of the Swiss subsidiary.In 28 years Switzerland has become somethingof a second home for Herrenknecht.

    Sports sponsoring: Aiming high, going far.World silver medalist Christina Obergflland her connection to Herrenknecht.

    bauma 2004: Herrenknecht talk in Munich. Top experts discuss current trends.

    Research + development: Integrated, flexible navigation technology. Navigation system made by Herrenknecht.

    Research + development: Three pioneer projects in mechanical shaft sinking.Herrenknecht Vertical Shaft Sinking Machines.

    Utility Tunnelling: Small, fine and very successful.In just under 20 years Herrenknechthas supplied more than 1000 Utility TunnellingMachines and the corresponding equipment.

    Clever conveying:Quick and clever logistics. A portrait of the Herrenknecht subsidiary H+E.

    Preview of the next edition of Herrenknecht News. What's to come in summer 2006.
































  • pain is one of the world's busiest arenas for powerful TBMgiants. November 2005 saw the launch of what is currently the

    world's largest tunnelling shield (15.20m) in Madrid (see page 6/7).The Herrenknecht S-300 Earth Pressure Balance Shield is set to drivea 3.7km underground freeway tunnel in the middle of the capital.Smart Spaniards know that investment in modern infrastructures isthe way ahead to a flourishing future. That's why they are taking thebull by the horns in tunnelling.

    In 2004 alone, Spanish construction companies ordered 16 largetunnelling machines from Herrenknecht-10 Earth Pressure BalanceShields and 6 Hard Rock Machines. They will be used mainly for theconstruction of inner city metro and road tunnels as well as efficient

    tunnels for trans-regional railway projects. At one time, 10 large tun-nelling machines for Spain were being assembled simultaneously inSchwanau in order to meet the delivery deadlines. Traffic Tunnellingis carried out at the highest engineering level in Spain. The two tun-nels through the 28km long Guadarrama mountain range north ofMadrid were successfully completed within three years (see page 8).This is a perfect example of excellence in tunnelling through hardrock. Two Herrenknecht machines are beginning work on the con-struction of the 25km Pajares railway tunnel. In section II of thisproject, the S-281 Double Shield will have to make a downhill jour-ney with a gradient of 6.9 percent.

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    Gijon: metroMetrotrenTunnel length: 3,440 mGeology: clay, dolomite,limestone

    Pajares: railwayTunnel lengths:S-281: 10,700 + 3,700 mS-287: 7,650 + 2,750 mGeology: sandstone, schist

    Le Perthus: railway Tunnel lengths: 2 x 8,230 mGeology: granite, gneiss,granodiorite, schist

    Barcelona: metroTunnel length: 8,200 mGeology: clay, sand, loam

    San Pedro: railway Tunnel lengths: 2 x 8,917 mGeology: granite, gneiss

    Madrid: metro extensionTunnel lengths:S-272: 3,000 + 2,000 mS-274: 3,500 mS-276: 6,000 mS-278: 4,000 mGeology, S-272:crystallized gypsum withclay and siltstoneS-274: compacted sandS-276, S-278: sand, clay,gravel, silt

    Madrid: metroMetronorte Tramo 2BTunnel length: 5,015 mGeology: compacted sand,sand

    Madrid: metroMetronorte Tramo 1C and 2ATunnel length: 5,491 mGeology: compacted sand,loamy sand, alluvium

    Madrid: metroNuevos Ministerios-ChamartinTunnel length: 2,600 mGeology: loamy, compactedsand

    Madrid: metroTunnel length: 6,000 mGeology: clay, sand, loam

    M A C H I N E D ATA

    S-255, EPB ShieldDiameter: 10,550 mmCutterhead power: 3,600 kW

    S-281, Double Shield TBMDiameter: 10,160 mmCutterhead power: 5,600 kWS-287, Single Shield TBMDiameter: 9,900 mmCutterhead power: 4,900 kW

    S-286, S-2962 x Double Shield TBMDiameter: 9,900 mm eachCutterhead power: 4,900 kWeach

    S-279, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,370 mmCutterhead power: 3,600 kW

    S-270, S-275,2 x Gripper TBMDiameter: 9,450 mm eachCutterhead power: 3,500 kWeach

    S-272, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,330 mmCutterhead power: 2,800 kWS-274, EPB ShieldDiameter: 8,900 mmCutterhead power: 2,400 kWS-276, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,330 mmCutterhead power: 2,000 kWS-278, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,330 mmCutterhead power: 2,000 kW

    S-280, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,330 mmCutterhead power: 3,200 kW

    S-295, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,330 mmCutterhead power: 3,200 kW

    S-299, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,370 mmCutterhead power: 3,600 kW

    S-302, EPB ShieldDiameter: 9,370 mmCutterhead power: 3,600 kW


    Necso Entrecanales Cubiertas S.A.

    S-281: Dragados, ACSS-287: FCCConstruccin S.A., NecsoEntrecanales CubiertasS.A.



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