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  • The resToraTive poTenTial of aquarium biodiversiTy

    Deborah Cracknell

    from arT Theory To arTs: The resToraTive poTenTial of arT museum visiTs

    Stefano Mastandrea

    of People-Enviromental Studies AUTUMN 2012 - #39

  • IAPS - BULLETIN 39 | AUTUMN 2013


  • Submissions

    Whilst we encourage all our members to submit material, any submission for inclusion in the Bulletin should be written to high standards of English grammar and punctuation. To help the review process, we kindly ask you have the material checked by a fluent English speaker before submitting it to the Bulletin.

    Please, send your contributions for the next issue by e-mail to Giuseppe Carrus, at the following address: [email protected]

    All manuscripts should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt., double-spaced. The maximum word length for articles is 2000 words. Include names, affiliation and full contact details of all the authors. Editor

    Giuseppe Carrus

    Editorial TeamAleya Abdel-HadiRicardo Garca-Mira Corina IlinOmbretta RomiceKevin ThwaitesClare Twigger-Ross

    Editorial CommitteeAngela CastrechiniArza ChurchmanJos A. CorralizaTony CraigSandrine DepeauEdward EdgertonFerdinando FornaraBirgitta GatterslebenBernardo HernndezMaria JohansonFlorian KaiserPeter KellettMarketta KittaRoderick LawrenceJeanne MooreEnric PolMassimiliano ScopellitiHulya TurgutDavid Uzzell

    Bulletin of People- Enviromental Studies.

    Winter 2013 Number 39ISSN: 1301 - 3998

    Instructions on how to become an IAPS member, or to renew your membership, are available on the IAPS webiste:

    International Association for People-Environment Studies aims to improve the physical environment and human well-being.

    Photo CreditsAll photographs included in this list are under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-noncommercial 3.0 Unported.

    * Flickr user

    Page 2: Spacewalking astronaut John Grunsfeld by NASA Goddard photo and video*. Page 5: Tree Buddha by Doug88888*.Page 10: second column: Tree Buddha by Doug88888*.Page 10: thirth column: Balance by ross Hong Kong*.Page 11: New York skyline by Aftab*.Page 12: Space by Sweetie187*.

    Page 14: OH guided tour 1 by Open House Brussels*.Page 16: Vue from the terrace, Peggy Guggenheim Collection by Imd.paint*.Page 19: Mount Dudawang - Distant scenery with pigeon house mountain by Poytr*.Page 20: Fish tank by Amedina*.Page 41: Psiloceras Planorbis (ammonite fossil) by Cobalt123*.

    IAPS - BULLETIN 39 | AUTUMN 2013


  • Edward Edgerton, President University of the West of Scotland / School of Social Sciences / Psychology Division High St. Paisley, UK

    Ricardo Garca-Mira, Secretary Department of Psychology, University of CorunnaA Coruna, Spain.

    Tony Craig, Treasurer Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences/ The James Hutton InstituteAberdeen, Scotland, UK

    Aleya Abdel-Hadi

    Prof. Emeritus of Interior Architecture/ Fine Arts, Helwan University Cairo, Egypt

    Claudia Andrade

    Instituto Universitrio de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Cis-IULLisboa, Portugal

    Giuseppe Carrus

    Department of Education Sciences/ University of Roma TreRome, Italy

    Corina Ilin

    West University of Timisoara, Department of PsychologyTimisoara, Romania

    Sigrun Kabisch

    Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology / Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig, Germany

    Petra Schweizer-Ries

    Bochum University of Applied SciencesBochum/Germany. Forschungsgruppe Umweltpsychologie/ Universitat des Saarlandes Saarbrucken, Germany

    Ian Simkins

    Chartered Landscape Architect/ Experiemics LTD Consultancy of Experiential Landscape UK

    Kevin Thwaites

    Department of Landscape/ University of Sheffield Sheffield, UK Clare Twigger-Ross Collingwood Environmental Planning Limited Technical DirectorLondon, UK

    IAPS Board 2012-2014

    The IAPS Board is now structured into four workgroups, each with a lead responsible member.

    Management: Responsible: Eddie Edgerton (President).

    Members: Ricardo Garcia-Mira (Secretary), Tony Craig (Treasurer) and Aleya Abdel-Hadi (Membership/Listserve).

    Tasks: finances, membership, profile, constitution, elections, meetings, conference voting, general liaison, and the public face of IAPS.

    Published Outputs:Responsible: Giuseppe Carrus (Bulletin).

    Members: Clare Twigger-Ross (Newsletter), Claudia Andrade (Newsletter) and Ian Simkins (Website). Tasks: bulletin, website, newsletter, bibliography, publicity.

    Conference related activities:Responsible: Sigrun Kabisch. Members: Clare Twigger-Ross (YRW), Corina Ilin,

    Petra Schweizer-Ries (YRW) and Claudia Andrade (YRW). Tasks: Young Researchers Workshop, Hall of Fame, conference support.

    Networks Responsibles: Kevin Thwaites and Ian Simkins.

    Tasks: Iaps networks coordination.

    IAPS - BULLETIN 39 | AUTUMN 2013


  • Bulletin Summary

    TheoreThiCal refleCTions and researCh eXperienCes

    1. Time perspective in p-e studies (J. Pinheiro) 2. Museums as restorative environment (S. Mastandrea)

    yrW aWards 2012

    1. YRW award 2012 winner (D. Cracknell)2. YRW award runner up (E. Pinard) 3. YRW award runner up (S. Khan) 4. YRW award runner up (E. J. Unwin)

    ConferenCe and summer sChool reporTs

    1. China (Ombretta Romice) 2. Steep (G. Schuitema)

    neWs from The neTWorKs

    Place attchment network (P. D-Wright & M. Lewicka) ConferenCe announCemenTs

    1. Corunna 2013 2. Timisoara 2014

    booK revieWs

    neW volume announCemenTs


    1. Presidential address (E. Edgerton) 2. Editorial address (G. Carrus)

    p. 8-17


    p. 18-25

    p. 26-29

    p. 30-31

    p. 32-35

    p. 36-37

    p. 38-39

    p. 6-7








    IAPS - BULLETIN 39 | AUTUMN 2013


  • Presidential address,by Eddie Edgerton

    It was a great honour and privilege to be nominated by the Board as the new President of IAPS and I hope I can repay their confidence and support. It does not seem that long ago that I attended my first IAPS conference (Paris 2000) and I remember vividly when David Uzzell asked me at the EPUK conference in 2005 if I would consider standing for the forthcoming Board elections. I think it speaks volumes for IAPS that members have the opportunity to become so actively involved in the management and decision making of the organisation in a relatively short period of time. My decision to accept the role of IAPS President was influenced by a number of factors, one of which was my knowledge of the abilities, enthusiasm and dedication of the Board members that I have wor ked with over the last 6-7 years. I am sure that the work of the Board can only be enhanced further with the involvement of our new members that we welcomed on to Board in 2012: Ricardo Garcia Mira, Tony Craig and Claudia Andrade. The addition of these three new Board members along with the expertise of the nine existing Board members will allow for continuity as well as the ability to take forward key activities and initiatives. The new Board has agreed to work under the following groupings: Management (Ricardo, Tony, Aleya and myself), Published Outputs (Giuseppe, Clare, Claudia and Ian), Networks (Kevin and Ian), and Congress Related Activities (Corina, Sigrun, Petra and Claudia). One further factor that influenced my decision to accept the role of IAPS President was the experience that I have gained from the past-Presidents that I have worked with namely, David Uzzell, Gabriel Moser and Ombretta Romice. Each of these individuals has made a unique and significant contribution to IAPS and it has been honour to have worked and (hopefully) learned from them. Whilst Gabriel was greatly missed at the Glasgow conference this summer it was a great pleasure and a very moving experience to welcome his wife Dirce and his son Gregoire to the memorial lecture that David Uzzell delivered. Due to the length of time that I have spent on

    the IAPS Board, my mandate as President will only last until the Timisoara conference in 2014. Having said this, I am confident that during this period, the Board can continue to develop and expand on the many, many initiatives that were achieved under Ombrettas Presidency; her drive, commitment and passion for IAPS was inspirational and will be a very difficult act to follow. On a personal note, I would also like to say a big thank you to my co-organisers of IAPS22, Kevin and Ombretta. Whilst the organisation of the conference dominated our lives for the last year or so, it was ultimately a rewarding experience and we were delighted to meet up again with so many old friends and welcome many new people to IAPS. We hope that you will all join us again in A Corua (2103) and Timisoara (2014). Now that the dust has settled from the Glasgow conference, I would like to remind our members of some of the plans and developments that the Board is keen to take forward. As agreed at the 2012 AGM, we will shortly be moving to electronic versions of the bulletin; this will be more in keeping with the environmental ethos of IAPS and will allow us to produce a more interactive version of the bulletin and allow us to make savings that can then be directed to other initiatives. From March 2013, we will be moving to the new 2 year membership for all members and this will allow us to have a more efficient membership management process. Having already launched our new website, we are keen to expand and enhance this, particularly in relation to the networks. Finally, we hope to develop links with other relevant organisat

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