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news 140 (en) - KPC news 140.pdf4 KPC NEWS Events HE Mustapha Al-Shamali, Deputy Premier, Minister of Oil, accom- ... relations between KPC and Brazil. For his part, Abdullah extended

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Text of news 140 (en) - KPC news 140.pdf4 KPC NEWS Events HE Mustapha Al-Shamali, Deputy Premier, Minister...


    Nizar M. Al-Adsani Chief Executive Ofcer

    Dialoguewith CEO




    I would like in the beginning of my speech to congratulate HE Deputy Premier, Minister of

    Oil Mustapha Al-Shamali on the trust which HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber

    Al-Sabah has placed in him to take over the responsibility of Ministry of Oil. We entreat

    Allah, the Almighty, to make him the best successor of the best ancestor, and help him to

    manage the current phase which is considered one of the hardest phases in which diligent

    attempts are exerted to re-arrange the house from inside, assess performance and allot plans

    in liaison with the ambitions of the oil sector; besides achieving the 2030 strategic goals.

    Add to this is the attempt of re-approaching the map of the overseas investments particularly

    under the state of territorial and geopolitical instability which influences negatively the

    stability of the international oil markets. Indisputably, the recent visit which a Chinese high-

    level delegation paid to the country serves this tendency, as we seek assiduously to urge the

    Chinese concerned officials to push forward the bilateral capitalistic projects which will open

    new horizons in the world of oil industry.

    As a country whose economy is mainly based on oil, we have to be keen on reinforcing our

    status through providing good investment opportunities with promising countries and opening

    new markets in Europe, Africa and countries of the near east; in addition to developing our

    oil industry in liaison with the international developments taking place in the oil industry

    particularly what is related to environment.

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    ContentsContentsSeptember 2013

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    IssueIssue 140140


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    Al-Shamali receives well-wishers of Eid Al-Fitr

    Al-Dasha & Al-Gefal DayAl-Dasha & Al-Gefal Day

    Nizar Al-Adsani pays visit to Mina Abdullah Refinery


    E v e n t s

    Al-Shamali receives well-wishers in the Diwaniya of oil sectors complex

    His Excellency Deputy Premier, Min-

    ister of Oil Mustapha Al-Shamali re-

    ceived well-wishers in the Diwaniya

    of the oil sectors complex on Monday

    August 12, 2013 on the occasion of Eid


    A large number of top officials were

    keen on congratulating the minister on

    Eid Al-Fitr such as Hashim Hashim,

    Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Oil

    Company (KOC), Ali Al-Shimmari,

    CEO of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company,

    Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid, CEO of Ku-

    wait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC),

    Mohammed Al-Farhoud, Managing

    Director of Financial Affairs at KPC,

    Ali bin Sabt, Assistant Undersecretary

    for Technical Affairs at Oil Ministry,

    and Sheikh Talal Al-Nasser Al-Sabah,

    Assistant Undersecretary for Admin-

    istrative and Financial Affairs at Oil

    Ministry. Add to this a large number

    of top officials from oil companies be-

    sides media practitioners.

    It is noteworthy that Al-Shamali was

    keen on welcoming the attendants per-

    sonally and exchanging congratula-

    tions with them.



    E v e n t s

    HE Mustapha Al-Shamali, Deputy

    Premier, Minister of Oil, accom-

    panied by Mr. Nizar Al-Adsani,

    CEO of KPC, and Sheikh Talal

    Al-Khalid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah,

    Chairman of KOTCs board of di-

    rectors, and Mr. Asaad Al-Saad,

    Chairman of KNPCs board of

    directors, paid a visit to Mina Al-

    Ahmadi Refinery on Friday July

    26, 2013.

    Al-Shamali and the accompanying

    delegation were received by Mr.

    Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi,

    CEO of KNPC.

    During the tour, Al-Shamali lis-

    tened to a copious explanation

    about the refinery, its units of

    treatment and refining as well as

    the tremendous efforts exerted by

    the company to preserve the Ku-

    waiti environment and comply

    with the criteria allotted by Envi-

    ronment Public Authority.

    At the end of the visit, Al-Shamali

    congratulated the refinerys per-

    sonnel on the advent of Eid Al-Fitr,

    hailing their efforts which help

    develop the operations of refining

    and meet the requirements of the

    local and international market.

    Al-Shamali further affirmed that

    Kuwait never forgets its sons and

    it is certain that the employees of

    the oil sector are soldiers in charge

    of defending its interests.

    Al-Shamali hails the efforts of Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinerys staff

  • KPC NEWS 5


    Under the patronage of HH the Amir

    Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-

    Sabah, Minister of Information, State

    Minister for Youth Affairs Sheikh Sal-

    man Al-Hoummoud, who attended on

    behalf of HH the Amir, inaugurated the

    25th Diving Expedition Al-Dasha

    Day on Thursday August 15, 2013

    which is organized by Kuwait Sea

    Sport Club from 15-22 August, 2013.

    Kuwait Petroleum Corporation took

    part in sponsoring the 25th diving ex-

    pedition as a platinum sponsor along

    with a number of government authori-

    ties and private institutions. Moreover,

    KPC was represented by Mr. Ali Has-

    san Murad, Manager of Public Rela-

    tions, in the inaugural celebration.

    The ceremonies of launching the div-

    ing expedition commenced when

    the sailors whose number reached

    nearly 182 youths from Kuwait, Bah-

    rain and Sultanate Oman attended in

    front of the honor

    platform and then

    verses from the holy

    Quran were recited.

    After that, Kuwaits

    flag was hoisted as

    a sign to launch the

    diving expedition,

    and then the sailors

    moved to the plat-

    form to shake hands with Sheikh Sal-

    man Al-Hummoud and say goodbye

    to their families and relatives. Finally,

    they moved to the ships to sail to Al-

    Khairan area.

    Gulf Event

    The diving expedition is considered

    a Gulf national tradition on the local

    and Gulf level particularly it is among

    the directives of HH the Amir that are

    aimed at reviving the Kuwaiti tradition

    for youth to let them be acquainted

    with the sacrifices of grandfathers and

    ancestors and inspire the morals and

    good values of perseverance, patience

    and self-defense.

    tions in the ina g ral celebration form to shake hands ith Sheikh Sal

    , g











    KPC takes part in launching 25th Diving Expedition Al-Dasha Day


    E v e n t s

    Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive

    Officer of Kuwait Petroleum Corpo-

    ration Mr. Nizar Al-Adsani received

    Brazils ambassador to Kuwait HE

    Roberto Abdullah in his office in

    the oil complex on Sunday August

    4, 2013.

    They exchanged cordial talks and

    tackled the latest developments of

    the international oil markets and

    ways of underpinning the bilateral

    relations between KPC and Brazil.

    For his part, Abdullah extended his

    heartfelt congratulations to Al-Ad-

    sani for the trust which HH the Amir

    placed in him to occupy such post.

    In the same context, Al-Adsani re-

    ceived HE ambassador of India to

    Kuwait Satish Mahta and the ambas-

    sador of Bhutan to Kuwait Tashi Phunt-

    sog on Wednesday August 7, 2013.

    E v e n t s

    Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive

    Al-Adsani receives Brazils ambassador to Kuwait

  • KPC NEWS 7

    Kuwait Petroleum Corporation signed

    a 5-year contract with the National

    Company for Technology Projects,

    which is affiliated to Public Authority

    for Investment, to improve the abilities

    of the top officials of the oil sector.

    On this occasion, CEO of Kuwait

    Petroleum Corporation Mr. Nizar Al-

    Adsani said the step of signing this

    contract is among the devoted efforts

    exerted to improve the efficiency of

    the oil sectors top officials that are

    considered a key element for executing

    the ambitious plans of the sector in the

    coming phase.

    Al-Adsani added this contract

    reflects the corporations keenness

    on accelerating the process of

    development in the oil sector through

    floating gigantic projects which are

    aimed to provide a financial abundance

    to the country, new job vacancies and

    support the national economy.

    He further added the 2030 strategic

    plan has been allotted in line with the

    countrys development plan which

    includes a parcel of important projects

    among which the new refinery project

    and the clean fuel project.

    For his part, Mr. Bader Al-Shar

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