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  • 7/27/2019 Our Lady of Sorrows Bulletin 13-10-06


    A New Power

    What could change fear into confidence? What power is strong enough to put fears to

    rest and bring confidence to life?

    Our fears come from many sources. Failure, loneliness, and rejection can all make us

    afraid to try anything.

    Confidence often comes from outside, especially when we cannot find it ourselves.Someone else notices a talent in us that weve overlooked. A friend helps us laugh at

    ourselves. Or by sheer gift, we receive a new power, a new opportunity that makes all

    the difference in the world.

    What changed the disciples fear into confidence? Something mighty must have hap-

    pened. The same group that fled at the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus, the same people

    who cowered in an upper room after his ascensionthese people started proclaiming

    the message of salvation to large crowds in every language. How did it happen?

    There is only one answer. The Holy Spirit made it happen. The Spirit, promised byJesus, came in wind and fire to lift up the disciples and bolster their confidence.

    No matter where your fear comes from, the Holy Spirit may find you and change your

    life forever. Will you cooperate? Are you ready to share the gifts of the Spirit?

    Written by Paul Turner. Copyright 2008, Resource Publications,Inc., 888-273-

    7782, www.rpinet.com. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission fromLection-

    ary Bulletin Inserts, Year B: First and Second Readings.

    Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time:Ezekiel 17:22-24

    God the GardenerSome people have a knack for gardening. They hoe and plant, water and weed.

    Seeds sprout, leaves unfurl and branches bear fruit. When gardeners are good, gardens

    seem to grow at their command.

    For others, it never seems to work. The soil stays hard. Seeds lie buried as if

    dead. And if something grows, the deer and raccoons get it first.

    But some gardeners have the knack. They are messengers of God, continuingthe work of creation.

    In a way, all of us are plants in Gods garden. We first took root in soil we didnot choose. God has let us grow there or has transplanted us to different ground

    preferably more fertile, though sometimes more arid. Still, God is the master gardener,

    who can make things grow by command, even if they have been transplanted.

    Through the prophet Ezekiel, God says, From the topmost branches of the

    cedar I will tear off a tender shoot, and plant it on a high and lofty mountain. It shall put

    forth branches and bear fruit, and become a majestic cedar.

    Sometimes we find ourselves in a place we did not expect. More fragile than

    we realized, we were removed from the strong support of the past and planted in a new

    remote region. We wonder, How can I grow now?

    We grow as we always grow, in the skillful hands of a gardening God.Written by Paul Turner. Copyright 2008, Resource Publications, Inc., 888-273-7782, www.rpinet.com. All rights reserved. Reprinted with

    permission fromLectionary Bulletin Inserts, Year B: First and Second Readings.


    Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

    On October 7, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the yearly feast of Our

    Lady of the Rosary. Known for several centuries by the alternate title of Our Lady of

    Victory, the feast day takes place in honor of a 16th century naval victory which se-

    cured Europe against Turkish invasion. Pope St. Pius V attributed the victory to the inter-

    cession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was invoked on the day of the battle through a

    campaign to pray the Rosary throughout Europe.Troops of the Turkish Ottoman Empire had invaded and occupied the Byzantine

    empire by 1453, bringing a large portion of the increasingly divided Christian world un-

    der a version of Islamic law. For the next hundred years, the Turks expanded their em-

    pire westward on land, and asserted their naval power in the Mediterranean. In 1565 they

    attacked Malta, envisioning an eventual invasion of Rome. Though repelled at Malta, the

    Turks captured Cyprus in the fall of 1570.

    The next year, three Catholic powers on the continent Genoa, Spain, and the

    Papal States - formed an alliance called the Holy League, to defend their Christian civili-

    zation against Turkish invasion. Its fleets sailed to confront the Turks near the west coast

    of Greece on October 7, 1571.

    Crew members on more than 200 ships prayed the Rosary in preparation for the

    battle - as did Christians throughout Europe, encouraged by the Pope to gather in their

    churches to invoke the Virgin Mary against the daunting Turkish forces.

    Some accounts say that Pope Pius V was granted a miraculous vision of the

    Holy League's stunning victory. Without a doubt, the Pope understood the significance of

    the day's events, when he was eventually informed that all but 13 of the nearly 300 Turk-

    ish ships had been captured or sunk. He was moved to institute the feast now celebrated

    universally as Our Lady of the Rosary.

    Turkish victory at Lepanto would have been a catastrophe of the first magni-

    tude for Christendom, wrote military historian John F. Guilmartin, Jr., and Europe

    would have followed a historical trajectory strikingly different from that which ob-


    Daily Masses from Tuesday to Friday at 12.10 this week.

    Feast of St. Francis of Assisi is celebrated on Oct. 4. Let us pray for our Pope Francis on

    that day as he meets with the leaders of all religions in Assisi to pray for peace.

    On September 30, 2001, after the morning Mass opening the Synod of Bishops,

    Pope John Paul II asked people to pray the Rosary. Here is his message:

    October is the month in which Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Holy Rosary, is venerat-

    ed. Within the current international context, I invite all individuals, families, commu-

    nities to pray this Marian prayer, possibly every day, for peace, so that the world can

    be preserved from the wicked scourge of terrorism.


    Fr. Stan


    Delta Junction, Alaska 99737(907) 895-5232

    (email: olsdelta@wildak.net)

    Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time/Year C

    October 6, 2013

    Fr. Stan Jaszek, PastorReadings for the Week

    Monday: Our Lady of the Rosary (Memorial)Jonah 1:12:2; Luke 10:25-37

    Tuesday: Jonah 3:1-10; Luke 10:38-42Wednesday: Jonah 4:1-11; Luke 11:1-4Thursday: Malachi 3:13-20b; Luke 11:5-13Friday: Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2; Luke 11:15-26Saturday: Joel 4:12-21; Luke 11:27-28

    Sunday: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time2 Kings 5:14-17; 2 Timothy 2:8-13; Luke 17:11-19

    In the Service of the Lord

    Communion Service led by Pat Krepel

    October 6, 2013 (Sunday, 10 am)Readers: 1st Reading & Response: Lori Cassidy

    2nd Reading: Laural Jackson Alternate: Eula Nistler

    Mass celebrated by Fr. Stan Jaszek

    October 12, 2013 (Saturday, 5:30 pm)Eucharistic Minister: Cathie McCollum

    Readers: Tracy Blais Alternate: Rick Vanden Boom

    Altar Server: VolunteerOctober 13, 2013 (Sunday, 10 am)

    Eucharistic Ministers: Phil Kaspari & Claire WingfieldReaders: 1st Reading & Response: Valerie Krepel

    2nd Reading: Becky Wilburn Alternate: Michelle TrainorAltar Servers: Volunteers

    TODAYS READINGS:Habakkuk 1:2-3; 2-4. The just one, because of his faith, shall live.2 Timothy 1:6-8, 13-14. Bear your share of hardship for the Gospel.Luke 17:5-10. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed....

    Join us in the Social Hall for coffee and goodies!

  • 7/27/2019 Our Lady of Sorrows Bulletin 13-10-06


    LET THE CHURCH PRAY:That we as citizens of a land of plenty may open our hearts to welcome

    all unborn children,

    We pray to the Lord.

    Quote about Life

    Father Frank Pavone has observed, One of the most striking and effective state-

    ments over the years by the pro-life movement has been Abortion stops a beating

    Heart. ~The Southern Cross, March 2013

    Stewardship: A strong, resolute soul can live in the world without beinginfected by any of its moods, find sweet springs of piety amid its salty waves,

    and fly through flames of earthly lusts without burning the wings of its holy

    desires for a devout life. ~St. Francis de Sales

    Collection: September 29, 2013 $807.95

    Regular Collection Needed each week: $1,250.00

    Online transfer information: Wells Fargo Bank

    Rt. No. 125200057 Acct no. 0067012655

    CLEANING SCHEDULE. Thank you, Sloan/VandenBoom family for cleaning

    the month of September. Laurie Franks has signed up to clean in October and the

    Flynns have volunteered for November..thank you all so very much!

    ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION classes will start on Tuesday evening at

    6:30 pm. The topic this year is the Acts of the Apostles. For more information see

    Laural Jackson.


    Hear ye, all men seeking personal spiritual growth and insights into the Catholic way

    of life! The Spirituality For Men group will begin meeting again on the first two Mon-

    days of every month at 7 pm at the House of Prayer on the grounds of Sacred Heart

    Cathedral. Each session includes a presentation of interest to men, quiet time and op-

    portunity for questions and discussion. No fees or obligations. The topic for October 7

    and 14 will be how to get more out of the Mass. For more information call Fr. Gerald

    Ornowski, MIC, at 374-9938 or 374-9551.

    RETROUVAILLE (pronounced retro-vii) Saves Marriages.At the weekend, a series of presentations are given by a team of three married cou-ples and a priest dealing with communication and relationship building that enablescouples to look at troubled areas in their own relationship. Couples then have timein the privacy of their own room to discuss the subject of each presentation. Forinformation about or to register for the program beginning with a Weekend on Oct.18-20, 2013 or log on to http://www.HelpOurMarriage.com

    HELP FOR THOSE HARMED As part of the Diocese of Fairbanks efforts to produce a safe,

    healthy and nurturing environment for our children and youth, we urge anyone who has

    suffered abuse from a volunteer, employee or minister to seek help.

    Report abuse to lawenforcement officials, and to the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator Barbara Tol-

    liver. We can help you receive treatment and counseling. For more information call: (907)

    374-9500, ext 116


    January 12 - Saturday, 5:30 pm, Mass

    January 13 - Sunday, 10 am, Mass

    January 19 - Saturday, 5:30 pm, Mass

    January 20 - Sunday, 10 am, Mass

    January 22 - Tuesday, 7 pm, Parish Council Meeting

    January 27 - Sunday, 10 am, Communion Service led by Russ Pinkelman

    ~Rosary the First Sunday of the Month at 9:20am; Religious Ed for K-7

    every Sunday after Mass.

    From Fr. John:Peace,Fr. John


    October 12 - Saturday, 5:30 pm, Mass

    October 13 - Sunday, 10 am, Mass

    October 15 - Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Adult Religious Education Class

    October 16 - Wednesday, 7 pm, Confirmation Class

    October 19 - Saturday, 5:30 pm, Mass, followed by Oktoberfest!

    October 20 - Sunday, 10 am, Mass

    October 22 - Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Adult Religious Education Class

    October 23 - Wednesday, 7 pm, All High School Religious Ed

    ~Rosary the First Sunday of the Month at 9:20am; for the month of Octo-

    ber it will EVERY Sunday in honor of Holy Rosary month.

    Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time:Habakkuk 1:2-3; 2:2-4God's Own Time

    God is good, but God is slow. We trust in Gods plan. We believe that virtue will be

    rewarded and evil will be punished. But we get tired of waiting for it to happen.

    The prophet Habakkuk says God has given a vision that we can easily read. But the

    vision may not be fulfilled soon. It works on its own time. Still, it will press on to its fulfillment

    and it will not disappoint those who hope in it. If it delays, the prophet says, wait for it, it will

    surely come. But it can take a while.Faith is what happens while we wait on a slow God. We believe because we have expe-

    rienced Gods love and mercy throughout our lives. We rely on the One who alone can fulfill ourdesires. We trust that God wants goodness as much as we do. But the waiting is still hard. How long, O LORD? I cry for help but you do not l isten! says Habakkuk. Actually,

    God does listen. God longs to hear our prayers. God wants righteousness even more than we do.

    God will deliver, but the vision has its own time. God asks only one thing of us: patience, a pa-

    tience born from faith.Written by Paul Turner. Copyright 2009, Resource Publications, Inc., 888-273-7782, www.rpinet.com. All rights reserved. Reprinted with

    permission fromLectionary Bulletin Inserts, Year C: First and Second Readings.

    Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: 2 Timothy 1:6-8, 13-14

    Stirring the Flames

    We do not use all the tools we have. A computer can do much more than a

    typical user understands. Cell phones have more bells and whistles than people know

    about. Many of us do not know what to do with all the tools in the garage we bought,

    inherited, or that were left behind. We have more clothes than we can wear, more books

    and magazines than we can read, more television stations than we can watch. Our lives

    are filled with opportunity.

    So are our hearts. God has given each of us a wealth of tools at our disposal.

    We have cleverness and concern, ingenuity and compassion, bravery and confidence

    but we do not always use them.

    The Second Letter to Timothy speaks of our spiritual gifts as something wait-ing to be stirred into flame. I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you

    have through the imposition of my hands. The Holy Spirit came to each one of us in

    baptism and confirmation, implanting the gifts of divine life in us like seeds. Or like

    sparks. They are ready to do the work that God intended them to do.

    Those gifts lack only one thing. They need to be stirred. That is up to each of

    us. If we are moved by the needs of the world, we will move for the needs of the world.Stir your gifts into flame!Written by Paul Turner. Copyright 2009, Resource Publications, Inc., 888-273-7782, www.rpinet.com. All rights reserved. Reprinted with

    permission fromLectionary Bulletin Inserts, Year C: First and Second Readings.


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