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  • Information Pack

  • Smartfix uk Ltd

    Smartfix uk Ltd design and produce specialist equipment and materials for same-day alloy wheel refinishingand SMART repairs. Our unique products form the core elements in our System and are also available asindividual items.

    Our customers include Car Dealership Groups, Approved Bodyshops, Auto Service Centres, Tyre Retailersand new Business Start-ups in the UK and around the world.

    A Smartfix System offers the ideal start point for companies and individuals looking to exploit this lucrativeand growing market by taking advantage of an established model.

    Health & SafetyCompliance with current legislation is of paramount importance.

    The patented features of our SMARTbooth allow spraying to becarried out in practically any chosen location without the need forexpensive ductwork.

    In addition, our mobile System controls dust and fumes so efficiently,the entire process can be carried out inside the van with the doorsshut. A key feature that separates us from our competitors.

    Smartfix were the first company to introduce revolutionary UVcuring to Alloy Wheels providing high speed, energy efficient curingprocess.

    We continue to lead the way in research and design ensuring thatyour investment always provides the latest equipment andtechnology.

    Back Up & SupportThanks to our wealth of experience we are able to provide thevery highest level of technical support to our customers.

    From guidance and advice with new colours and finishes to rapidresponse on-site maintenence....our service is exemplary.

    If additional training is required, we are happy to provide thison- site or off-site depending on your preference.

    Market Leaders in Innovation

  • Alloy Wheel Repair

    OpportunitySo what exactly is Same Day Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refinishing? The Alloy Wheel Repair Industry covers allaspects of repairscracked, bent, corroded, scratched etc. Our System is focused on the largest and mostprofitable sector of the industryscratched and kerbed alloys. To put the opportunity in context, imagine abusy retail car parkthe vast majority of the cars parked will have alloy wheels; the vast majority of those willhave some cosmetic damage. Now, a large number of those vehicle owners will be unaware of the serviceswe can offera genuinely untapped market.

    A typical operator can repair 8 wheels per day using our System with many averaging between 12-16 wheelsper day.

    MarketThe Alloy Wheel Repair Industry has grown steadily over the past 20 years as vehicle manufacturers haveincreased the provision of alloy wheels on their cars. However, the service has been mainly limited to thetrade and insurance companies. Over the past few years a new sector within the industry has emergedSameDay Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refinishing. There are a number of key benefits here for those looking for anew and lucrative business opportunity:

    Low start-up costs Gross margin of 90% Very simple to use System Rapidly growing market with very little competition

  • Typical Process time: 4 hoursAverage invoice total: 200.00

    Typical margin: 90%

  • CustomisingOur unique equipment, materials and process allow these specialist finishes to be achieved with basic skilllevels. Most operators are fully competent in our process (including custom finishes) after only a few days ofour tailored training programme.

    From a simple colour change to special effects such as the examples opposite, our System allows you to offeryour customer whatever they want. Often a colour change can be a simpler and quicker process as the alloysmay not be damaged.

    Changing the colour of a vehicles wheels can drastically improve the overall appearance of a car. Being able tooffer your customers this service adds a whole new market for your business to exploit.

  • Examples of Custom finishes created by technicians using our System for theircustomers

    Typical Process time: 3 hoursAverage invoice total: 300.00

    Typical margin: 90%

    OEM BMWIn Shadow Chrome

    Gloss Black basewith Electric Blueblend and Sparkle

    Silver detail

    Power Silver rimwith Electric Orangespoke faded to Black

    Sparkle Silver facewith Electric Blue


    Shadow Chromefaded to Gloss Black


    Gloss Black face withSilver rim and


  • Our Systems

    Mobile installation

    Workshop installation

  • Our approach has always been to understand what you, the customer, needto achieve your goals and then to tailor a proposal to help you get there.

    We are not a franchise and we are not in the business of selling as much aspossible up front and moving on to the next customer, we believe thisbusiness is about creating long term relationships built on trust.

    We can include any of the following services as part of your System:

    Bespoke van installation service

    On-site or off-site tailored training programmes

    Business branding including vehicle livery, stationery, clothing etc.

    Marketing advice and support

    On-going consumables supply including on-line shop

    Access to finance options (subject to status)

    To get things started we will typically have a discussion with you about yourplans. The key topics would include:

    Is this a new business or an addition to an existing business?

    Are you planning to offer a mobile or fixed site serviceor both?

    Do you have any previous experience?

    What is your timeframe for getting things started?

    Do you have a budget you need to work to?

    With this information, we can begin to build a System for you.

    The following pages show examples of available packages that are at oppositeends of the scale in terms of cost.

    These may or may not be right for you which is why we can also create aunique System if required.

  • Mobile Systems

    Economy System SMARTsukker Spraybooth SMARTprep Workstation Bead Breaker Compressor Vehicle ply lining and equipment installation Infra red curing lamp Mirka repair system HVLP Spray guns Trolley jacks, axle stands & sockets Start up consumables kit

    Premium System

    Including UV cure

    SMARTsukker Spraybooth SMARTprep Workstation SMARTcure mobile Bead Breaker Premium Compressor Premium Van lining and equipment installation Infra red curing lamp Premium Mirka repair system Premium HVLP Spray guns Premium Trolley jacks, axle stands & sockets Premium consumables kit

    Prices are subject to vat, delivery & installation where applicable

  • Workshop Systems

    Prices are subject to vat & delivery where applicable

    Economy System SMARTsukker Spraybooth SMARTprep Workstation Infra red curing lamp Mirka repair system HVLP Spray guns Start up consumables kit

    Premium System

    Including UV cure

    SMARTbooth Spraybooth SMARTprep Workstation SMARTcure workshop Infra red curing lamp Premium Mirka repair system Premium HVLP Spray guns Premium consumables kit

  • Training

    We prefer to create a tailored training programme for each customerbased upon their previous experience and the equipment supplied bySmartfix.

    Our training can be completed at our location or on-site at your premisesif required.

    Rates for training start from 300 per day. To become proficient with aSmartfix System, an operator with little or no experience will typicallyrequire a minimum of 3 days training .

    For the business looking to attract new and profitable additional sales from this service, the required skilllevel for a Smartfix System is very low. This helps keep labour overhead to a minimum and makes skilltransferability much easier.

    For the individual embarking on a new career in Alloy Wheel Refinishing, our system offers the fastest routeto producing a profitable retail quality service whilst still allowing some time to focus on running &developing the business.

  • www.smartfixuk.com

    [email protected]



    +44 (0) 1442 241 498

    Your next step

    We would expect you to have a number of questions at this stage which we would welcome the opportunityto discuss with you.

    You can email us, call us or contact us through our website.

    However, if you would prefer, we would like nothing more than talking through your plans at our officesover a cup of coffee

    The following pages contain more detailed information about the products and services we offer.

  • There is only one way to repair all of the damage on the face of an alloy wheel and that is with a hand heldsander. There are numerous types and sizes available on the market and we supply the most user-friendlymodel with patented abrasive material and .

    The repair process is carried on our SMARTprep Alloy Wheel Repair Workstation which holds 2 wheels(with or without a tyre) at the optimum inclined working position. It allows the wheels to freely rotate so allangles of the alloy can be accessed and repaired easily.

    Repair Equipment


    The grinding machine(pictured right) is often promoted by other companiesas a complete alloy wheel repair tool.. it is not. .

    This is basically an adapted tyre changing machine, with an arm and motorattached to which grinding stones and polishing heads can be fitted.

    It can only be used on the outer rim of some wheels so for any spoke damageand the entire face and rim of most modern design wheels, a hand tool muststill be used....rendering the machine useless for the vast majority of wheels.

    Common misconceptions:

    The machine can replicate a Diamond Cut Finish - Not true The machine will produce a more even repair - Not true The machine is quicker at repairing wheels - Not true

    This suction feed blast cabinet can aid in the preparation of alloywheels by using an aluminium oxide medium to key the surface ofthe wheel.It is particularly suited to high volume customers processing around20 wheels per day with at least two operators.For customers with a single operator processing less than 20 wheelsper day this unit would be considered a luxury item that would notnecessarily improve their production abilities.Many customers view this unit as a possible add-on that they mayconsider at a later date if there is enough demand to prove it isrequired.

    Single 695.00Double 995.00

    From 3995.00

  • Spray Booths

    SMART sukker has many of the SMARTbooths features andcapabilities but is designed with space saving in mind.

    The Alloy Wheel support rack is removable allowing other items tobe sprayed within the large booth enclosure.

    Still capable of handling a , it is compact enoughto be installed in any high roof van or small room.

    It has the same as the SMARTbooth and powerfuldowndraught extraction.

    is manufactured in the UK andspecifically designed by Smartfix as afreestanding plug & go mini spraybooth - idealfor alloy wheel repairs or the refinish of any smallitems & components.


    Single 3495.00Double 3795.00

  • . There are a number ofdifferent lacquers or clear coats you can use which fall into two categories single pack and 2 pack.

    Single pack lacquers are often supplied in aerosols and are suitable for alloy wheels. They are typically usedby SMART repairers and despite producing an acceptable finish initially, are not durable enough for aprofessional repair on an alloy wheel.

    2 pack lacquers work by mixing two components together before application the lacquer and a hardener oractivator. 2 pack products are used by bodyshops and car manufacturers and produce a tough, durable, highgloss finish.

    Paint Curing

    Smartfix uk have produced compliant UV cured lacquers andprimer specifically for use on alloy wheels that can be

    by Ultra Violet Light in This is achievedwithin a clean controlled environment by using our ownunique fully automated SMARTcure UV cabinets, available inboth workshop and mobile models.

    Tests have shown that following the 8 minute curing cycle, ourUV lacquer has far greater scratch and chemical resistancecompared to conventional 2 pack lacquer following its initialrecommended bake time.

    With conventional 2 pak products, once the lacquer hasbeen applied the wheel is cured under an infra red heatlamp for 20-30 minutes during which time the finish isvulnerable to contamination from dust and particles in thesurrounding environment.

    It will then be touch dry but will continue to cure for severaldays so must be handled carefully when fitted back to thecar . During this time the wheel must be protected fromcommon abrasives and chemicals (i.e car wash) to preventdamage to the finish.

    Despite the lower initial investment, many feel that the highskill level required and the compromise to the speed andquality of their service,



  • To begin, any existing linings areremoved.

    All the services - air and electrical -arerun behind the wall coveringsproducing creating a clean work areafor the equipment to be installed.

    The walls are then lined with 7mmMultiwall. The surface is chemicalresistant, easy to clean and available ina choice of colours.

    The floor is a 12mm Multifloor with achemical resistant anti slip coating.

    The end result is a clean, bright andsafe working environment that is easyto maintain and promotes a quality,professional image.

    Partitions are routinely installed toseparate the work area from, forexample, the compressor and otherequipment.

    18mm Multiwall is used for this (thesame product fitted in Police vansthroughout the country due to itsstrength and durability).

    Van Installation


    This allows the entire Alloy WheelRepair Process to be carried outwithin the work area with the doorclosed. This is important whenconsidering the quality of repairfinishes and Health & Safety andEnvironmental regulations.

    We can also supply and fit newPowder coated steel bulkheads,custom made for your vehicle.

    At Smartfix we have a wealth of experience when it comes to the installation of our equipment inyour chosen vehicle.We can complete a full bespoke installation including new floors, walls, electrics, lighting, air supplies andequipment or simpler options to suit your budget.

  • SMART repair

    A SMART repair to a cars paintwork would typicallyinvolve an area no larger than an A4 size piece of paperand is usually carried out to the vehicles bumpers, doormirror casings, wheel arches etc.

    As with the Alloy Wheel System from Smartfix,provided good quality products are used, these types ofrepairs are achievable with high quality results uponcompletion of our comprehensive training programme.

    The most important factor to consider, when assessing what is achievable with a SMART repair system, is theskill level required and how quickly an operator can produce a . With any SMART repairsystem, provided the are used, certain aspects of SMART repair can belearnt relatively quickly.For example, an operator using the Smartfix Alloy Wheel Repair System can produce very high qualityprofessional repairs after only . Whereas, e.g. upon completion of a professional trainingprogramme for Paintless Dent Removal, an operator may have only the basic skills and it could be severalmonths, before they become conversant with the numerous techniques.

    In October 2007, The Health & Safety Executive (HSE)published the Good Practice Guide for SMART repairs.

    The guide explains what is, and is not, permitted inSMART repairs.

    It is aimed at franchisees, managers and operators inmotor vehicle dealership or repair that manage, carryout or commission SMART repair. It describes how toadequately control risks to health, safety and theenvironment when undertaking SMART repairs.

  • When assessing training for a new operator, previous experience will need to be considered. For example,the Smartfix Alloy Wheel Repair System requires previous experience prior to a 3-5 day training course.Whereas, with SMART paint repairs, previous bodywork experience can often be an advantage in quicklygrasping the techniques.

    There are many paint systems on the market. Our emphasis is on compliancy, ease of use & cost per repair.Our SMARTpaint waterbourne system is fully compliant, has excellent coverage and colour match producingfast, quality repairs first time.

    When assessing what equipment will be required, thefollowing factors will need to considered:

    Once these questions have been addressed, we canadvise you how the system will work and what equipmentyou will need to to meet H&S recommendations.

    For example, if the process is to be done outdoors,you may need to consider exclusion zones (see fig1). However, if the process is to be done indoors,you may need to consider a spray enclosure or booth(see fig 2).

    Fig 2.


    Fig 1.

    HSE publication MR5 details the equipment andprocedures required for SMART repairs

  • Smartfix uk Ltd4 Heron Business Park, Eastman Way,Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom HP2 7DUPhone: +44 (0) 1442 241 498

    [email protected]